A Thorough Rapid Profit Ninja Review

The Rapid Profit Ninja Program – Rip-Off?

When it comes to making money or earning a living online, you have to have your wits about you. This Rapid Ninja Profit program offers a small insight for you to digest by explaining how (and in very little time) you can start earning between $80 & $100 each day for approximately 30 minutes a day in effort.

Offering you all this for free, I thought it was time to dive in a little further and expose some of the underlying secrets.

Is this offer legitimate? Or is it another one of those ‘bargain of a lifetime offers’ that takes your money and leaves you hanging dry?

Please read through this before you take any action on the Rapid Profit Ninja offer. Also do not forget to check out the successful approach to building a business online that offers me a very healthy monthly income!

Rapid Profit Ninja

  • Product Name : Rapid Profit Ninja
  • Product Owner : Art Flair
  • Product Price : $8.66 with up sells to just under $250
  • My Overall Score : 1/10


If you click the link above for the Product Website, you will see you are presented with a video to watch from Rapid Profit Ninja. This smooth talking guy will guide you through what he thinks you should know in a very clever and confident way in order to tempt you to take up this so called free offer.

Art Flair - A Thorough Rapid Profit Ninja Review
Art Flair – The Owner Of Rapid Profit Ninja

The offer involved basically tells you that with little effort (only 30 minutes a day) you can go on to earn between $80 and $100 on a daily basis and more if you are willing to put in the extra time.

From my experience, many offers like this are presented in such a way that they seem completely genuine and people are happy to spend their money to see what they are all about. Of course, many people are looking to make a living off the internet and those doing so are not always well-off when it comes to their financial status. Programs such as these prey on those that are willing to sign up to something for free only to have a hidden agenda later!

This program basically offers you a PDF (e-book) with a little under 30 pages and a few online videos. They all explain how you can be involved in selling graphic designs using online programs such as Canva and Fiverr which are free to use anyway – I have Free accounts with both.

This program IS legitimate, but does it really offer what is promised? Can you really earn these kinds of numbers for only half an hour’s work a day? Keep reading!!

Who Is Rapid Ninja For?

Like I say, this offer is a legitimate one, and I would say it is relatively good for people looking to make small amounts. If you are happy with a few bucks here and there only now and again, this is maybe good for you. However, you will not be earning the promised amounts you see advertised. I would say at best maybe between $5 and $10 each day.

If you are looking to actually build a substantial business online with regular customers which offers a solid and regular income, then I would say this product is not for you.

If you want to see the way I built my business and achieved a comfortable monthly income. See my recommendation here.

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Pros & Cons


  • It Is Cheap To Start – Start For Under $10 (NOT FREE like it is stated in the video)
  • Very Easy To Follow And Understand The E-Book and Video Tutorials
  • Money Back Guarantee (So It Says)


  • With other expert graphic designers out there, this training will not get you ahead of them
  • The 30 Minutes A Day that is promised is all hype and is not practical
  • The level of earnings are not possible especially if you are new to graphic design
  • Expensive up sells that do not really offer any value
  • Great introduction video on the sales page, but little going on beyond that

The Ebook - A Thorough Rapid Profit Ninja Review

A Course Breakdown

The E-Book that is provided for download once you sign up is pretty basic. The first pages are about Art Flair (the owner) and this takes up a good percentage of the book. In actual fact there are only around 20 pages of tuition within the document itself.

It is a beginners guide and I guess it does a relatively good job of introducing you to Canva (The Graphic Design Platform) but it is far from in depth. I personally use Canva.com to build graphics for my websites and I do so quite comfortably. I have never needed a PDF such as this to show me how to do it. It is a simple process and you can easily gain the experience you need on your own.

The videos provided simply walk you through how to build your personal profile on Fiverr.com and details how to advertise your work. On Fiverr, you need to create what is called a GIG, which is basically a service that you are offering.

Other videos go on to explain how to market your GIG on other social platforms and get positive feedback so you get a better presence and image across Fiverr..

Again, all of this activity on Canva and Fiverr is self-explanatory and I learned to use them alone and with ease.

For me, the E-Book and the tuition videos were a Waste Of Money. I was happy to purchase it simply to make this review, and NO, I did not get conned into buying the up sells!!


Too Expensive - A Thorough Rapid Profit Ninja Review
An Unnecessary Expense

Like I have mentioned, there are up sells involved with this package, and in my opinion they are not worth the money. They reach into the hundreds of dollars, but they do not provide the training and tuition you need to be successful online. Lots of hype only. Yes it is all convincing, but it is hype only nonetheless!

  • The Price to Start is $8.66 – I personally love the counter giving you only 10 minutes to buy as the offer is down to the last 5 copies available. It is an E-Book and online video package. They are always available and unlimited as they are electronic. Besides, refresh the page, and you will see the counter reset to 10 minutes! All a hype to get you to buy!
  • Once you Sign Up you are then hit with the up sells. There is another $19 dollars to pay for an advanced training package that will tell you how to increase your earnings by double (and even triple). Tempted? errr NO!!
  • If that is not enough there is another $27 to pay so you can learn different ways to make money. What? The Rapid Profit Ninja can’t be that good then can it?
  • Get ready for it, another $197 to get into the Mastermind Group with personal coaching. Hmm, I don’t think so!
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So tell me, are you tempted? Or are you starting to see your way around this?


In my opinion, those that are looking to earn a living online can easily fall for programs like this.

Graphic Design is a very competitive field however, and to be up there with the best of them and to get attention, you need to be damn good at what you are doing. This Rapid Profit Ninja does NOT offer what is needed to be successful in this area of expertise. Far from it in fact.

Yes, you can earn some money if you follow this (to a point) but it will require a lot of hard work and many hours of your time. It does not provide a passive income like you would get with your own website and online business. Many hours for little in return with this Rapid Profit Ninja offer to be honest.

Personally, I prefer to have my own website and see my income grow each month. The work I have put in months and even years ago still pays today, and you cannot have that without your own internet space (IE a website).

If you look at this chart for example you can see the power of the program I use as opposed to this one.

My Final Advice To You

If you are interested in doing something for yourself and becoming successful online, then you need to be willing to undertake the correct practical training and tuition and build your own business.

Come and see where I got started and learn all the skills required to practically build your own business step by step!

If you are serious and want to know more, come and see my number one go to place for everything you need. Stop wasting your time and money on cheap offers that do not deliver.

Thanks, and reach out to me in the comments below if you have any questions or you want to share your thoughts.

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Rapid Profit Ninja Review


Free Trial









  • Step By Step Training
  • Work At Your Own Pace
  • Private Coaching Available (Up Sell)
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Not Easy to Obtain Help
  • Initial Payment Required To Start (No Free Trial)
  • No Affiliate Program
  • Expensive Up Sells
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30 thoughts on “A Thorough Rapid Profit Ninja Review”

  1. I have a little experience on something like this, you know people will always want something that has less stress, they wouldn’t want to waste their time trying to make something then at the end the result will remain pending. That is the reason why you have to throw more light and use convincing words to make people believe your creativity.

  2. If you are paying attention to programs similar to this for some time you start to understand what is legitimate and what not. Working only 30 minutes per day and make 80-100 dollars is a big red flag. Anyone having worked online knows that something like this needs lots and lots of work so it should give you a hint of the whereabouts of this program.

    • Yes i agree. Once you start to understand how business works then programs like this start to reveal the red flags. The more knowledge you have, the less likely you will find yourself being tempted by offers such as this.

      Huge amounts of money with little time are a dead giveaway in my opinion!



  3. Hi Chris, thank you for calling a spade a spade. One thing with all these programs that promise one of making money within 30 minutes a day without hard work is their penchant for preying on gullible or newbies in the online business. To start with I hate up-sells, it doesn’t matter that the price is cheap in the beginning, with time it will escalate, in this one, the up-sell is almost $250.

    I love the fact that you stated in the cons that the training can’t help one to compete favourably well with other experts in graphic designs.

    Your review is great and will save some folks from spending money on what they are not sure of.

    • Thanks Gracen, I appreciate your comment. Thanks for reading.

      I agree with you too, Up Sells are something I despise. Even the ones I like I hate lol! A lot of money gets thrown to these offers by people who are not in the know and this is how they capitalize.

      I am happy you found the review thorough and useful!



  4. Thanks for writing this review on the Rapid Profit Ninja program. I must commend you for taking your time to write this review on this program. One of the things I noticed that makes me see it as not worthy of buying is the fact that it promises up to $100 per day with a few hours work online which is not realistic in anyways online. Because to earn money online is not a day job as most of this program claim with their hype. 

    i have been a member of wealthy affiliate for some months now and I can say it has been great so far .i just hope many newbie follow this recommendation and don’t go fall all this less important programs on the internet 

    • Hey there and thanks for getting in touch!

      Yes, always be on the lookout for promises of huge amounts of money for little time needed. Usually they are only taking you in one direction and it is not a successful one.

      Totally with you too about Wealthy Affiliate, as this is a genuine educational platform to work from.



  5. Online business is something almost everyone wants to get involved with but the problem is no one knows the legit platforms from the fake. I have always been skeptical about some platforms that promise a lot because most times they fail to deliver and for me, the Rapid Profit Ninja program is part of those platforms.

    • It is hard these days to understand good platforms from bad and it is very easy to get scammed if you are not careful.

      I have recently added some new material on How To Spot A Scam Online which I hope helps the people out that want to do research before jumping into big offers.

      Thanks Linus, nice to hear from you


  6. Hello Chris. 

    What a great exhaustive review on Rapid Profit Ninja!  Rapid Profit Ninja just opens your eyes to the possibility of making money as a freelancer and shows you some basic online tools to get started. The training is very basic, and you will have to work very hard to achieve $80-$100/day as a freelancer. The reality is that you will compete with thousands of REAL and highly skilled graphic designers. So, it’s not as easy as it seems!

    What I can say is that there is no shortcut to becoming a successful freelancer. You need to work hard and market yourself very well to climb the ranks and become a freelancer that people can trust. Only then you can think about the rewards for offering an excellent service! 

    Is Rapid Profit Ninja a Scam Then? No, it’s not a scam because you can actually learn a few things and make money with this method. The problem is the way this training has been promoted. But I can also say, I see Wealth Affiliate as more helpful program than them. 

    Thanks for sharing this Chris.

    • Hey there and thanks for your comment.

      To be a Graphic Designer of course does take a lot of time to learn and for me I would say it is something you need to have in you. It like being a painter or a great guitarist, you either have it or you don’t.

      While this offer does teach you the basics of what is needed, for me it is far from thorough. To compete with the Graphic Design giants out there you will need a lot more than the simple training offered here.



  7. I must say I am tempted, but that is mostly because I am easily tempted by online scammers and this one looks like it holds a good deal for me. Because, I opened a free account with fiverr a few months ago, I have also put out a gig, but I’ve not received any jobs yet. 

    And that’s mostly because I don’t know how to make my gig attractive enough. I’ve even read a few books, yet I am not getting the hang of it. 

    Anyway, The Rapid Profit Ninja Program is very tempting, but I know better than to get roped. 

    • Hey there.

      Like I say in this review, I do not actually think product is a scam as such. You can learn some things to get you started it is just the earning potential is not what it seems in my opinion.

      Although this programs offers Fiverr.com as a resource, there are many others out there. If you are struggling with making your Gigs attractive on Fiverr.com then once you log in go to the option on the menu for “become a seller’. Form there you will find the instructions on what you need to be doing.



  8. Hi Chris,

    This is an excellent informative review of the Rapid Profit Ninja program. After reading your review, I have understood the product’s feature and comparative discussion between this product and the Wealthy Affiliate program. Though this product is not a scam, it is not worthy enough to gain everything what it promises. 

    Moreover, it has so many up-sells later. So I believe that this product will not be a perfect choice for those who want to earn while they learn. I would rather prefer the Wealthy Affiliate program. 

    Thanks for writing this awesome review.

    • Thanks for reading and for your comment.

      Although Graphic Design and Affiliate Marketing are not directly related, I would agree that Affiliate Marketing is the better road to go down when it comes to building a successful online business!

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to do this on.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  9. Hi Chris, 

    Thanks for this brief but in-depth review of the Rapid Profit Ninja program. I really love that you were able to get me acquainted with the program without using too much word space. Although I have known Art Flair for some time on the warrior forum, I am a little disappointed that he brings out this kind of product that is surrounded by so much hype. 

    I am a freelancer and I know how competitive it is to get hired on platforms like upwork, fiverr and a host of others. Promising newbies that they can make a decent living online by offering graphic design, sounds like clever marketing gimmicks to me. 

    Another downside I see with this program is that it has too many up-sells. If the front-end product is as good as it is portrayed, then there should be no need for multiple up-sells. They are only designed to get unsuspecting newbies trapped and left hanging. 

    Thanks for the heads-up. I will highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates above any other program out there.

    • Thanks for reading sir.

      Yes, maybe a few tempting gimmicks here to get you on board with a few up-sells later on. I must admit, building a business online will be much easier for people going into affiliate marketing. 

      Graphic design is something you can either do well or not. You know, I can design logos etc but badly. I think graphics, artists, musicians etc are born with a gift for it. You can get extremely good with practice don’t get me wrong but you need that something extra to be the best of the best.

      Appreciate you getting in touch!



  10. Someone nearly introduced me to this program called Profit Ninja. I checked out on their money making claims and realized that it was all full of hypes. It is not possible to make such money they claim so easily as a beginner in the online world and even within 30minutes. It is good the way you made a review on it so that people won’t fall for it too.

  11. Thanks for sharing this. In my opinion Rapid Profit Ninja may pretend to have something to offer potential members but in reality it has nothing. Reading between the lines in this article it seems immediately when you register, then the gradual ripping off of people begins and at the end nothing to offer and money paid cannot be refunded. 

    A good affiliate marketing platform will only give members its price for training right before registering. This doesn’t interest me. Thanks for sharing this article though.

    • You are most welcome. It is important to highlight areas of different programs so people know if they are for them or not. In your case you are not which i fully appreciate.

      Thanks for your honesty.


  12. Great review and I’m glad it’s not a scam. Actually, for the $8.66 bucks you initially outlay, you actually get a lot of value. Sure, you’ve got to navigate the up-sells and choose the value there wisely, but overall ok. Some of the in – depth training details surprised me and I would recommend it for a good freelancing ground. Thumbs up. 

  13. A lot of the information been sold in some programs are pretty basic stuff. They are information just about anyone can lay their hands on if they are just willing to put in some work to search for them. I might say that the $8 for this product is justified as they at the very list have been able to gather some information and put them into one place which I feel some people would benefit from but what I don’t really like about this is the hype they create about the product. Making money on fiverr selling graphic designs might not be that profitable at least for a beginner. 

    This needs to be made clear to anyone purchasing the product so they know exactly what they are getting into. 

    If the initial price of $8 cannot deliver I don’t see why I would go for the up-sells. People need to be wise to not fall for things like this.

    • Yes Jay I think if anyone is interested enough in Graphic Design there is a wealth of information online that you can access for free. While there is a fee for this product, maybe you can find the information you need by looking yourself. As you say though, if you pay the $8 it will save you time? Maybe? I can see what you are saying yes.

      If you are serious though and want to be successful in your ventures, you will need training a lot more in depth to what this covers though in my honest opinion. Graphic Design is a cut throat business and to get anywhere you do need to be up there with the best of them. 

      I am not sure a simple course like this cuts the mustard!


  14. A lot of make-money-online products like to associate their name to Ninja-related stuff and I think it gives a very misleading impression to people who are consumer savvy. Every single word with this product – Rapid, Profit, Ninja – is so wrong and it just makes it look more scammish than intended. I wonder when this kind of marketing tactic is going to stop. Plus, an eBook? 

    I don’t even remember when was the last time I bought something like that. For better education value, I think it’s more important to invest in a training platform that’s engaging and up-to-date because too many people can create eBooks nowadays. A dynamic program, on the other hand, will require more effort and expertise to maintain and I think that serves better value for the money spent.

    • Well said Cathy.

      Thousands of E=Books have been put out there and a lot of offers use them simply to make a few bucks despite them offering little to no value.

      I always remember paying for one E-Book years ago, and OK it was not expensive. When I received it though, it was only 4 pages and the offer was to learn how to build a business on the internet. In 4 pages?

      I was an idiot back then of course and I was caught off guard. A real eye opener though.

      Just like you say, you need a correct and updated platform to make headway online. Nothing less will suffice.

      Nice to hear from you Cathy.



  15. Hi Chris

    I’m inspired by reading your review about this Ninja Program. It is notable in many ways to earn online. One of my friends works in graphic design and earns a lot of money online. But I don’t know what kind of platform he uses. After learning about the Ninja program, I think, maybe this is the site he has. I would like to know more about the legitimate Ninja program. Thank you very much for the excellent article.



    • Do me a favor if you do not mind. Find out if your friend is indeed using this program to earn his revenue online. I would love to hear how it happened and how he found success so I can add the criteria to this post.

      I would love to know if he used only the initial purchase offer or he made use of the up-sells too.

      Thanks and I look forward to your reply.



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