Adding Comments On A Website

In this section, I want to discuss with you the dilemma of adding comments on a website or blog. It is worth it? Do they work?

When you talk to the experts out there, some will shout that comments are an essential part of your business and will help you achieve success, while others will make their point saying they are not so important.

So who do we believe? They are either good or not right?

If you are wondering just how effective comments are and whether you should spend your time addressing them or not, then read on and I will shed some light on the subject for you and hopefully guide you in the right direction.

Consider Your Visitors

For me, one of the most important aspects of comments is the ability to give your visitors their say. Let’s face it, their opinions are important too wouldn’t youEncourage Engagement - Adding Comments On A Website

agree? If they have spent the time to read through your content and want to share an experience with you, or they have a question or concern, they should be able to share it.

When you hear people talking about the importance of comments on a website or blog, they (most of the time) will start to talk about the SEO and technical side of things. As with a lot of people, they think for the search engines and not for the actual people visiting the website.

Whether you agree or not, real people in the real world are coming to the internet to read content. These people like to offer a point of view and with that comes dialogue and engagement. This is helpful for your audience and it goes a long way!

How annoying is it when you are searching for information and you come to a website with absolutely no way to contact or speak to anyone? Very frustrating. So do not be one of them!

Enhancing Your Content!

Having people comment on your website is also a great way to enhance your own content. You will find a lot of the time, people will ask you a question as they did not get the information they wanted within the post. This could offer you the chance to go over your text again and make additions and improvements to it.

Have you been thorough enough the first time around? Maybe things have changed since you wrote and published the material and updates are needed to keep the content fresh!

This is another great reason to allow people to comment on your website. It can really open more doors and give you ideas to create more helpful and engaging content.

Content Is King

If you have visited other sections on this website, you will have heard me talking about content and just how important it is. Quality content is crucial to the success of a website or blog and this should never be overlooked.

Comments also make up content. It is seen as additional content on your website and it goes onto the overall page or post length. Not only this, but the comments keep your content fresh as they are always coming to offer additional information.

This is a wonderful asset to have. Besides helping and engaging with your audience, they are also writing content for you.

It is always important to write for your readers and during their visit they get the information they are looking for. If you can engage them to communicate with you then this is a great way to improve your rankings within the search engines. Empires such as Google love to see you helping people and offering quality. Do that, and you will certainly be rewarded.

The Use Experience Of Your Website

This is another phrase you will come across and it is with good reason too.

It is important to offer your readers a good experience on your website and the more they are satisfied, the better your site will become. If people enjoy what you have to say then they will take action in some way. Maybe they will opt in to your mailing list, watch a video, leave a comment and maybe even purchase something.

Getting people to comment on your material shows that it is engaging and people have something to say or have an opinion. Dialogue is so important and it shows Google and other search engines that the content has something to offer.

Remember too that if you have comments already, other people are more likely to comment too. Nobody likes to be the first one to put themselves in the limelight. Once you have a flow of comments and opinions, it is more than likely other people will add their points of view within the comments too. Very often a dialogue can be created between your visitors and guess what, this is all content going onto your website.

All of this engagement keeps visitors on your website. The longer they are on the site is a ranking metric for the search engines. People spending time on your site to engage and be active is complete gold for your rankings and trust.

Leave A Comment - Adding Comments On A Website

The Readers Come First, But What About The SEO?

As I say, for me the comments are vital for the readers. I would never not have comments on my blog. That being said though, do they really increase your chances of being ranked higher in the search engines? Are they important for SEO the same as Keyword Use and Keyword Research are for example?

Some will argue for and against this, but I want to offer you my take on it.

We all know that you base your content around keywords. The relevant content is then published and the search engines crawl it and rank it appropriately. Within your content, you will also get ranked for other related keywords known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords. These are other keywords that are relevant to the subject.

In other words, you can write a post targeting the main keyword, but you can actually get indexed and ranked for many other keywords within the same piece of content.

Now, add comments to that content. More comments equals more content and more keywords that will get indexed and ranked. More comments will improve the overall ranking of your page or post within the search engines.

Note: Always ensure that you approve good quality and relevant comments only. Comments that filter through that are not relevant or are spam can do more damage than good. Always make sure the comments are good quality and relevant for your website and answer them all thoroughly.

For example, very often I get comments like the following:

Great Site, Thanks!

While I find the comment very nice and I learn someone enjoyed their visit, the comment itself does not add value or dialogue to the content. With this, I take the No Comment - Adding Comments On A Website

email address and mail them privately to say thank you, but I do not approve the comment onto my website.

Be careful with comments and only approve the ones that add value to your content.


To summarize this with you, I personally feel having good quality comments on your website/blog (and thorough replies) will drastically improve your chances of success.

Yes, quality comments will be picked up by the search engines and all of this extra content will be indexed and ranked, but your visitors and their actions are important too.

If your readers love what you are doing, they will stick around and they will keep coming back. Comments are only one aspect of building a good reader trust, but if you can encourage readers to involve themselves, engage and share your hard work, then you will enjoy better rankings, more visitors and a great overall successful website.

My Final Advice

There are numerous areas of training needed to build a successful business. Laying the foundations correctly is vital and attracting genuine readers is critical to your success. Comments though are so important and there is a right and a wrong way to manage them!

If you want to build a business which reaches out to a solid audience that will engage within your content then come and let me know. Please reach out to me in the comments with your questions and thoughts and i will get back to you.

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10 thoughts on “Adding Comments On A Website”

  1. Hey Chris,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information on Adding Comments. I’m a guy who has written 1000’s and 1000’s of words because I believe that Content Is King! In my opinion, I tend to think that an individual must be able to write at least 1000 words per article, and must maintain the quality of the content just like you had mentioned in this blog. I’ll definitely share this with my friends so that they can learn something new.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this blog post. Keep up the good work Chris!

    • Thanks for your comment and absolutely, the more effort you put into your content the more people will happily engage with you. The more engagement you get back the better your website and online business will be!


  2. I can relate to this as a blogger. To me comments are important, after all your posts are for your audience and not for yourself. Definitely, it looks weird to expect your audience to agree with you on every issue. Comments should be allowed on blogs and they show that your posts make an impact. People would either express their appreciation or their misgivings if the post is somehow controversial.  

    • Controversial is absolutely fine Tolu and everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Comments can really offer diversity in this way and can help you later down the road.

      You are correct, you write your content for your readers, not for yourself or the Search Engines. Always have the readers in the forefront of your mind when it comes to content and allow them to express their views.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Hi, I could not agree more with you, comments are important on a website but as you mentioned as well, sometimes even myself I have comments that I often question if they are actually worth put up or not.  I will say thank you for the idea of emailing these people privately, I actually did not think about that at all. I very rarely like to disapprove a comment and mainly this is because I don’t want the person to be upset but this could actually be a good idea. Thank you anyway

    • Your welcome Barbara.

      I do not think all comments are worth adding to a blog or website such as the one I showed in the example. On saying that, manners cost nothing. 

      I always found sending a fast email saying thank you to them helps even if you do not feel the comment is worth publishing. It goes a long way and the readers efforts are appreciated!



  4. I really want to send my appreciation to you for taking out time to write this article on Adding Comments On A Website. It’s really annoying when you have finally finished reading an article and have a question to ask but can’t ask, or you want to throw more light on the subject matter, and you can’t, 

    I will just no longer visit that site or blog anymore. Comment keeps your audience, it makes them want to visit again Especially when you try making it a conversation 

    • Absolutely Barry, I think it is important to leave the field open for other points of view. When you cannot do that it can be very frustrating.

      I am the same, I like to see comments on a blog or a website. I think they offer a lot more information and when a dialogue starts you can learn some really important things on the content of the material.

      Without comments, the text does not deliver when it comes to interest and engagement. They play a critical role in my opinion.

      Thanks for your thoughts!


  5. Comments are really good for sites as it gives the owner more insight about his creativity which allows the chance to put forth further amendments. It also allows customers/viewers to air their view. I have a site and I love it when I see people’s ideas. I can tell site comments play a vital role.

    • They do play a vital role I agree and it is a very rewarding experience when people read your content and feel inclined to leave their thoughts and opinions. 

      I tend to agree with you too when you mention making amendments to your original content. Some really great ideas and insights can come from comments that you have the opportunity then to re-look at your content and make important additions.

      Thanks Destiny



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