How Often Should You Post On A Blog

This is a very common question which is asked especially by people who are new to blogging. How often should you post on a blog? Some say daily, others say twice per week, others will advise you a couple of times per month! So which one do you go with?

First of all let me tell you, it all depends on the individual and the amount of time you have on your hands. Some people may have the time and inspiration to blog daily, but this can also become tiring and a little bit of a chore.

You have to find your comfort zone and understand what your limitations are. Maybe you work full time? It is possible you have a partner and/or children? We all have to take our lives into consideration too I’m sure you will agree.

Here I want to talk to you about blogging routines and help you find the best one for you.

Before we start!

There is a myth that search engines such as Google want to see plenty of content on a regular basis. Yes, they want content from you to put into their results pages, but they want content that is of quality.

Long gone are the days when you could write page after page of complete crap and expect it to achieve good results in the search engines. It is better to spend a few days writing one post of really good quality than submitting 5 pieces of garbage that nobody would want to read.

So Quality over Quantity is the best practice here!

How Often Can You Write?

First of all, when it comes to your blogging frequency it really does depend on how much time you have on your hands to develop quality content. Also, it depends on the niche which you have chosen to work with and if there is a demand for this content.

Develop Quality - How Often Should You Post On A Blog
Quality Attracts Visitors And Interest

For example, I personally try to blog 3 times a week. Sometimes I can do it, other times not. The important thing here is, I do it when I can and as often as time will allow. I do not work with huge news networks where new topics are needed to be covered all the time. I try for twice a week, and if I can only manage once, that is good for me too.

Just make sure you spend the time you have developing content that people want to read. This is really important, as Google will not rank your efforts very high if your content is low in quality.

There is no use in slogging away and publishing material daily when it is lacking quality. You will burn out and your efforts will be a waste of time.

What Frequency Satisfies The Search Engines?

One of the elements to blogging that often eluded me when I started out was to be consistent. I remember setting up my first blog and I was really excited to get things moving. I wanted my name in lights so people could see it.

I would write and write as much as possible and I was publishing new content almost every day. It was great for me and I could see my website taking shape fast and I was really confident that things were going to work out.

After around 6 weeks though, I burned out. I was exhausted and I stopped. I could not find my zone and I got hacked off as very little was happening. There were no visitors although there were over 60 posts on my blog. I was confused and of course was left asking, ‘all that work and nothing?’

Well, yes. This is the way it works.

The problem was, I stopped. I did too much too soon and then I fell by the wayside. A new blog/website needs time to mature. The search engines need time to see what you are all about.

I like to think of it like this

Your relationship with Google and other search engines is like a romance. You have to work at it. You can’t expect to get lucky on the first date. You have to go on a date or few, drink a wine and have a dance. Slowly you get to know each other. Once that trust and friendship is there, that is when the magic happens.

You cannot expect to get fast results. To publish day after day for 4 weeks and then do nothing for 2 weeks is not as good as simply publishing once or twice per week over a long period of time. So, be consistent!

Make A Plan - How Often Should You Post On A Blog
Make A Plan For Publishing

Have A Strategy

Since I made that mistake, I took some free time and I asked myself if this blogging game was really for me! I reached out and made contact with people in the online world and joined a company called Wealthy Affiliate under advice from many people I spoke to. Here I learned what was needed and applied the techniques taught to be successful at blogging.

I made a plan. I developed a strategy that would work for me and I stuck to it.

Before I did anything further, I grabbed a diary and listed all the essential things there were to do on a weekly basis. I had a full time job then and there are things that life demands from you that need attention a lot of the time. I developed a time frame around all of this which would suit me working on my website without interruption.

There was a plan in place which allowed me to write content and take care of other website matters and I could find time to publish twice per week. I stuck to that. After a while things started to come together. I was relaxed, I enjoyed what I was doing and I was working at a pace that was extremely comfortable for me.

This was the key for me working towards success. So, make sure you take the time to formulate a good working pattern for yourself.

Publish Between 1 And 3 Times A Week

Like I have mentioned, unless you are operating a news based blog or website which needs constant new material, then you do not need to publish material every day. It is tiring especially if your blog is a personal one. The choice is of course yours, just be sure you do not burn out.

2 or 3 posts added to your blog each week is a great publishing frequency. It is great for the search engines and over some time you will see your rankings start to rise up. Just ensure the content is of a good quality. Do not write fluff! This is really good for new sites too. Publishing 2 or 3 times on a weekly basis will get you some good traction over a nice period of time.

If you can only manage to publish a new post once per week, this is fine too. Personally I prefer this frequency now as it allows me good time to develop the content correctly and thoroughly. Initially I did publish 2 and 3 times a week but I do not like to rush my work and I personally feel if I was trying to get 3 posts out every week now, it would not be a quality effort. Once per week is fine for me.

Write Quality Content - How Often Should You Post On A Blog
Publish Between 1 & 3 Times Per Week With Quality Content

Hit Social Media

Aside from your blog publishing strategy, also ensure you develop a plan to publish to your social media accounts too. Once you publish a new piece of content on your website/blog, share it on your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts.

This will create interest and people will come to read what you have to say. They may even share it and things can gain good traction this way. Link back to your post so they visit your website.

A good social following and engagement from social media can really take your blog to new heights. So do not overlook this.

My Final Advice

If you are new to blogging I can understand if you find things frustrating. I know what it is like trying to post new material in your attempt to get noticed and appreciated. It can be a hard slog.

Just be sure to have a good plan to follow. Write good content and publish it when you can. Try to follow the guidelines I have offered and if you need more information, feel free to let me know.

Learning how to develop content and follow good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices is important for your success. Do not take shortcuts. Do things correctly and follow a good tuition package. This will enhance your chances of being successful online.

I hope this helps you out and please leave your questions or thoughts in the comments below. I will get right back to you.

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22 thoughts on “How Often Should You Post On A Blog”

  1. Hello Chris, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I struggled to write content for my blog because some marketers were telling me that as a new blogger I should publish new content every single day which was nearly impossible for me. You made me things much easier now when I see it is enough to publish 2 times per week.

    • Again Danijel, publishing everyday takes some going. Unless you are the owner of a news blog or something that actually requires rolling up to date information, then publishing everyday can be damn tiring. With this you will find you take your foot off the gas after a while.

      Take your time. 2 times per week is great. Ensure it is quality and keep consistent. You will do great 🙂



  2. Hi, I write a lot for my blog and I find it is almost like making a painting or some kind of artwork.

    If I am in a bad mood, or I am not interested in what I am writing in, then it will effect the quality of my writing. I find I write best when I am in a good mood, and just focusing on helping people with my time.

    As long as that is your intention (helping people) then writing will come pretty easy. Do not focus on making money, but instead focus on serving your customer, then you should find it easier.   

    • That is a great way to look at it Jake. Helping people should always be in the forefront of our minds and with this will come great content to satisfy your readers needs.

      Understanding your readers and their needs will always help you to producing great content. Publish great content with your readers in mind on a frequent regular basis, and you cannot go wrong.

      Nice to hear from you Jake!



  3. First of all thank you so much for giving us a very nice article. In fact, I’m a blogger myself. After reading your article I have learned many techniques on how to write a blog. When I write a blog, I first define a niche. Then I do a little research on it and then I do keyword research. Then I write the blog. 

    When I first started writing blogs, I could not do it so well, but I did regular exercises. When I first started writing blogs, I completed a blog in seven days. But now I can write one blog every day because I keep practicing

  4. I’m also building a blog website too but because of work, sometimes I have to work overtime on weekends, and my time is always occupied. 

    I very much agree with publishing posts between 1 and 3 times a week. If I don’t do that, I think the ranking of the website will soon disappear.

    • Hi there!

      Rankings are the result of many factors and publishing (being consistent is only one of them). If your content is of high quality then you will see results.

      It is better to publish a blog post once per week than not at all. It is also better to post once per week then 3 times per week for a month and then nothing after.

      You will get good rankings and interest from quality content. If you can only post once per week, make it a really good once. You will not fall by the wayside with your rankings!


  5. Thanks for summarizing such amazing content for a beginner who wants to have a blog.

    I was really trying to make a blog but I was always stuck because I didn’t know how to attract people to read my content. Reading what you have written here I realize that I did not give much time to write something with good quality. The niche I chose I think will need to be changed because it seems that it is not suitable for what I do. I will try to post 3 quality blogs weekly but I need to choose the perfect niche.
    How do you think we should choose the right niche?

    Best wishes and keep in touch ! 

  6. Hello there, I think everyone should post accordingly to their preferences and abilities. If writing and posting every day is something that comes naturally to you and it feels like you have enough worthwhile content to put out at that rate, I say do it. 

    I also am in the relationship/self-help niche geared towards woman but I was thinking there’s no way I have enough juice in me to post on that frequently of a level. I wanted to post weekly. So I really think it’s up to you, especially since there’s so much contrasting opinions on the subject.

    • Totally agree David. Work to a schedule that is good for you. I will be honest though, I do not know of anyone with a personal blog that has that kind of time or ability to commit to that level of productivity. However yes, I will go with you on that, if you can do it, do it!


  7. Hi there thanks for this awesome article. Although I thoroughly enjoyed writing and posting to my blog everyday for 6 months, it would have been far more enjoyable had I not expected it to boost traffic to my blog.
    Now I post once or twice a week and traffic is starting to pick up nicely and as you mentioned the quality of my writing is improving.

    • Nice to hear from you David.

      Just because you post everyday on your blog does not mean you are going to hit large traffic records. The content needs to be of quality. It is important not to write content simply to write content. 

      Have a point to make, keep it interesting and produce high quality material that people want to read. With this you will find you will obtain a lot more traffic that constantly writing simply to write.


  8. I agree with you, I try to write 3 blog posts per week, which I have been successful for the last couple of months, but with Thanksgiving this week and lots of traveling I have only been able to produce one. 

    I hope to get back on track next week, since I have only been on this blog for 2 months I know how important it is to be consistent as you have said. Thank you for all of the advice, it is very helpful!

    • Your welcome Travis. Keep at it, and be as consistent as you can. If you need anything along the way just let me know!



  9. Hi and thank you very much for publishing a great article with a nice title “How Often Should You Post On A Blog”

    Normally I try to publish 2-3 times a week. Can you give me suggestion the best content calendar to schedule my blog posts as this will give me a great view of what I have done and where I am going. 

    I hope to get more great articles from you in the future.

    • To be honest Abul, having a publishing schedule can be a very personal thing.

      The most important is to be consistent. Keep publishing at a rate that you are comfortable with and you can manage over a long period of time.

      2 – 3 times per week like you are doing now is great, just be sure you can maintain this pace.

      It also depends on your own life and time allowances. Full-time employment, children and partners will all effect how you can fit your content creation in. 

      Do what feels good for you and just keep going at a regular pace.

      Hope this helps!


  10. Very informative and a good review of many basics! I am spending time training and writing, maybe 50 – 50. The writing comes naturally and I tend to prefer this over the lessons – trying now to avoid the tendency to allow my preferences to influence my schedule.

    Great analogy of “courtship” of Google and the romantic kind!

    There is a lot of solid information in this article and I want to refer back to it often. Thanks!


  11. Hi Chris, 

    Good article, blog publishing frequency is something that we often discuss. I personally aim to post at least once a week so the search engines are crawling my site on a weekly basis. 

    I agree with you though, the more frequently that you can publish quality content better it is, obviously people need to do a volume that is manageable. 

    • Absolutely Nate, it is important to find a schedule that is suitable to yourself which allows you to be consistent. Publishing 50 blog posts in 4 weeks and then doing nothing at all for 3 weeks will not benefit you down the road.

      A nice steady manageable pace is what is needed here.



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