How To Be A Good Content Writer

If you are serious about doing anything worthwhile online these days (certainly with website/blog creation) you need to hone in on your writing skills and learn how to be a good content writer. Now do not panic, nobody is asking you (or expecting you) to be a novelist here, far from it in fact. That being said, it is important you are able to communicate effectively with your website audience and keep them engaged so they read your content.

What is the point of spending hours each day writing content that nobody will read? No point at all.

There are some steps you can take to ensure you capture your readers attention and get them to take action on what you are talking about. These steps will prove crucial to the success of your content.

Are you struggling with your content creation? Do you consider writing good content one of your weaknesses? Keep reading and I will uncover some important points to get you moving in a good direction.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes I know, it is an old saying but it still stands. If you practice at something you will get better at it. When I first started writing content for my websites I dreaded the procedure. I could not think what to write about and I was often faced with a blank canvas and writer’s block!Practice Makes Perfect - How To Be A Good Content Writer

Once I did start writing, it seemed like hours would pass and little progress was being made. It was a chore for me I admit it, but I was determined to be successful, so my secret was just to never give up. I kept at it (and followed some tuition and advice on writing) and I practiced until I had it down.

After remaining focused and being determined to conquer this issue, I can now write freely and without worrying. Never give in and know that the more effort and practice you put into it, the easier it will become for you.

Of course there is more to know when it comes to developing website content, but if you can get your ideas down easily then this is a great start!

Understanding Your Visitors

While creating your content it is absolutely essential that you keep your readers/visitors in the forefront of your mind. What you have to remember is that you are writing for real people who are going to visit your website or blog and read your content. Yes, there are rules to follow when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but your readers have to come first.

When I create my content I always try to vision myself talking to one person as if they were in the same room as me. I want to be friendly and give them that personal attention, just like I am doing for you now. I want to be thorough and helpful and when I finish talking to you, there is a sense of comfort and you have the information you came looking for. If not, you will feel extremely comfortable to ask me any questions if you need to.

It is vital that you create a bond with your visitors and show them that you care. If you cannot connect with your audience they will leave and your content writing will be in vain.

On the subject of understanding your visitors, there is one mistake I see many people making. It is important you keep your content on topic and in relation with your website. You for example, have come to this website as you may be interested in making a business of your own online, content writing or Affiliate Marketing Principles! You have not come here looking to book a vacation or to learn to play the guitar. If I was to start talking to you about the nicest places to visit in Greece and/or Guitar Chord Principles, you will probably leave and I would not blame you.

Keep your content relevant and do not start to branch out into other topics that have nothing to do with your website niche! It sounds straight forward but you will be surprised how many people fall into this trap!

Be Thorough - How To Be A Good Content Writer
Be Thorough And Stay On Track

Stay On Your Point

Always try to stay with the point you are trying to make when it comes to composing your content. Again, many people fall into the trap of starting to waffle about something completely off topic and they lose sight of what their post was originally supposed to be about.

Here I am talking to you about important points you need to keep in mind for you to be able to become a better content writer. I am staying with the points I wish to make and I am not diverting away from this by talking to you about something else. If I was to do that, I would lose your attention, you would not be getting the information you came here looking for and yes, you would leave!

Know what you need to say, know what your readers are there to read about, and get your point across. There is no need for fancy ideas and blabbering on about something else completely irrelevant.

Watch The Video Discussion Above On How To Be A Good Content Writer

A Very Important Point To Bear In Mind

Unlike many years ago, computers have really become part of our every day lives. Most of us even walk around with one in out pocket in the form of a Cell Phone. Have you noticed our behavioral patterns on these devices?

It is very rare in these modern times that you will see people initially reading something thoroughly. We browse don’t we? We flick through posts on Facebook and Twitter and we are grabbing at snippets of information that people have created.

We are living in a world of Tweets and Posts that are very small and take seconds to digest. People by nature these days (in my opinion) are extremely lazy and to get someone to read a full piece of content can be somewhat of a struggle. A large percentage of the time people will even choose to watch a YouTube video over reading a full piece of content.

When people visit website pages such as this one, you will see that the first natural reaction is to scroll down and try to get an overall view of what the post contains. They will look at the headings and an image or two and see if there is a video. They will decide if they like the look post or not before they even start to read it.

This is why it is absolutely critical you stay on subject, get to the point and understand who it is you are talking to. If you can create that feeling of ease and understanding from the start, you will have a better chance of keeping people on your website reading what you have to say!

Be Friendly - How To Be A Good Content Writer
Be Friendly & Stay On Topic

Be Original And Creative

Never be one of those that copies other people’s material. Always try and be creative and keep your ideas your own. Put your own stamp on your content and be your own person.

Plagiarism is not allowed and simply copying other people ideas and information will see you in a lot of hot water. In fact, it will see you banned and your information will be potentially deleted from the Search Engines.

People come to websites for information and ideas. They want to hear different points of view and see things from different angles and perspectives. If you are simply copying other peoples ideas then you are not being original and you are not putting anything out there that people have not already read via another source!

Putting your own thoughts and opinions down will lead to a lot more engagement and interest and you will stand a far better chance of being successful with it.

Do not cut corners by trying to be a smart ass. Be your own person!

Make Use Of Relevant Visuals

There is nothing worse than trying to fight your way through content when it is just a sea of words. Always ensure you add relevant images to ‘show’ what you are talking about. It will create more interest and it will be easier on the eyes of your visitors.

People will not sit and read pages of text. Remember what I said above when I said we live in a world of Tweets?

Good images, graphs and charts within your content will make your content a lot more enjoyable to read and digest. Also, make sure you make use of small paragraphs and regular headings to keep it simple to get through.

SEO - How To Be A Good Content Writer

A Mention On SEO!

While I have said that your focus should be on your website visitors, it is also important to know that you have to follow some rules so the Search Engines can find and deliver your content to those people searching for it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complete subject all of its own and I am not going to go off topic here remember 🙂

Just know that SEO plays a role within the content you create and you can read a lot more about the rules and what is needed on the Search Engine Optimization And Why It Is Important post.

There is also a section on Keyword Research which you will find beneficial for writing your content.


I want you to know that creating content is not as hard as you think it may be. Like I said from the outset, it takes some practice. The most important thing is to get your message across in a friendly and personal way!

People do not want to be confronted by text that looks like it came out of a science book. Keep things simple, direct and to the point. It is important you create a friendship with your readers and this in turn will lead to a great deal of trust.

If you share your visitors concerns and offer them the information they are looking for you will be well on your way! Always make sure that you are available to them too. If they have questions and concerns, be ready to offer your hand of friendship to help them out!

My Final Advice

If you are struggling with getting the concept of creating good content down, then there is help out there.

I too struggled at the start but with some good training and information I was able to tap into my hidden talents. Come and see where I learned to create good content and obtained the knowledge and skills to build my own online business.

You can do it too with some practice, effort and solid guidance.

If you have any questions or need help on creation of content feel free to get in touch with me. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and I will get right back to you.

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24 thoughts on “How To Be A Good Content Writer”

  1. Writing reasonable and valuable content is very detrimental to determining how successful your business will be because it will ensure you have a free flow of traffic on your website. This is one thing most people don’t know. 

    I had this same problem when I started my affiliate marketing business, I made extensive research about how to and I was able to learn. These ups you gave are the most important, I believe I followed properly, it will help a lot.

    • I agree with you here, but getting visitors to your website is only part of the challenge. Once they land on your pages it is important to engage with them and offer them value. It is no good to simply get traffic for them to leave dissatisfied.

      Always be thorough with your content and be sure to make yourself available to help out when the requirement is there.

      So, while achieving traffic is of course important, it is also in your best interest to make them want to stick around!


  2. Wow! I believe this is what I have been looking for, personally I am am an affiliate marketer and writing content is the key to my website and something I really have problems with. Lately I have been looking for reviews on how to write better content and I must say that coming across this article is the best thing that will change my content writing skills. I will have to go through the attached files on your site to learn more , also I have to subscribe to your news feed to learn more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you Joy. I appreciate you taking the time to read through my material here and if you need any assistance moving forward don’t hesitate in reaching out to me.



  3. Writing is in fact a skill that can be learned and a lot of people have learned all the rudiments of writing just like you.

    For me, I had to take an online course but along the line I figured that it wasn’t even needed. You can easily learn to write. Your tips here are very accurately written and they reflect what a good write up should contain. One point I always love to stretch on is that people should be original and creative. Nice post!

    • Absolutely Henderson. Being creative and having your own take on things is a must. Simply copying other peoples ideas and hoping to get visitors is a lazy road. If you have your own thoughts and opinions it will stand you in far better stead than simply jazzing up others peoples ideas.



  4. Quality content on sites happens to be one very important aspect of having a business and over time I have come to understand that having quality content breeds more traffic and helps in Google Rankings. 

    Practicing can be a very helpful aspect and like the saying goes “practice makes perfect” that is the case here. 

    There have been lots of things mentioned here are some that must be taken seriously .

    • Hey Benson and thanks for passing by.

      Content is a serious element to a successful online business and you are quite right, it needs to be taken very seriously. Without good and engaging content you will not achieve great levels of success.

      Google and other Search Engines reward good content with higher rankings. Higher rankings means more visitors and a better overall business for you. Why would Google want to send its users to a website that is not offering very much? They will not do it.

      It is paramount that the effort is put in to make great and helpful content that people will want to digest.

      Great to have you here Benson.



  5. It is truly overwhelming because I am just about to start my own journey into the online business space and I am finding it a bit too hard to get the relevant information that I really need to do the thing I need to do right.

    Sometimes, I just get stuck and I feel like I am not cut out for this. I am going to make use of your information and hopefully. I will be able to deal with the situation and also write very well. Thanks!

  6. Chris, I feel as though I have reached a plateau when it comes to content creation. It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas, more that I’ve lost my way when it comes to making good content that I know the reader will enjoy. I am currently going back to basics, as it were. Your article has provided me with a great template that I can use to try and rekindle that engaging content I had at the beginning.

    The more articles I read like yours, the better understanding I am getting of how to move forward in this highly competitive arena.  Two areas that I know I will need to improve upon are headings and graphics. When I think of how I might read a newspaper, it’s obvious that I am drawn to the headline and then might just skim the first paragraph or two, then move on.

    Adding some decent and relevant graphics is one place I definitely fall short. Images are one thing but creating an informative chart or graph could be far more beneficial. Staying on point and being able to keep the reader entertained all the way through the article is key. Hopefully your post will enable me to do just that.

    • Glad to be of help.

      Content is king without a doubt, but content also needs to be readable and easily digested.

      People are by nature very graphic and we all love to see images and photos relating to what we are reading about. From a very early age we get on board with this and it never leaves us. We like to be shown things as opposed to simply reading.

      Making your content visually appealing is important for your visitors and if you are lacking in this area, you will lose out.

      I hope you come back with a good strong second wind with your content. I am here if you need anything.



  7. Hi Chris,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and insightful article.

    Being a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer I purely depend on organic traffic. So you know very well producing quality content on my site is the main part of my work. I always look for advice on content writing and everyone is afraid of writing content. I got great insights from your article.

    Indeed, practice makes perfect and also practice makes permanent! Not only winning is a habit, writing is also a habit.

    I do agree with you. In the beginning to write one blog post it took 8+ hours and now I write quality and better blog posts in around 4 hours.

    Also, I struggled to write one blog post for a month. Now I am writing one post per day it’s all about practice and never give up attitude.

    The ultimate aim is to give great value via our blog post to our visitors. It’s all about content!

    YES! “Content Is King”… Good content writing can change our lives.

    • Thanks Paul. It is great to hear from someone with experience in this area and it only serves to prove my points.

      It is indeed about practice and effort. With this things will become easier. There is no way around a successful business, the content needs to be there.

      Learning how to achieve these skills is important for a successful online venture.

      Thanks for your thoughts Paul!


  8. Wow, I did learn a lot from this post.

    I am struggling to write good content, mainly because English is not my first language. I am learning every day and hopefully my writing skills will improve. You have great writing skills and your structure flows very well. I really learned a lot from this article and in fact, I will implement some of your suggestions.

    • It is great to know I have managed to help you out Jon. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need something further.

      All the best to you.


  9. It’s my own believe that what we do over and over again will soon be a perfect part of us, this means that it is very factual that practice makes perfect. It is a good idea to perfect one’s skill of writing good and quality content for your website. Good content will make your website rank higher and will definitely have more traffic. One thing that makes people not productive when it comes to content is not considering who your audience is and what they want to hear. 

    This lesson you have here is a useful one and I’ll share to some others too.

    • Thanks Wildecoll.

      This is why it is so important to stay on topic. People land on the pages of your website as they have entered a keyword and are searching for information in that area.

      They will not want to come to you and be presented by content that has little to do with their search. It wastes their time and they will leave.

      Be creative, engaging and give the people what they come for. It is as simple as that.

      Thanks for your thoughts.


  10. Having this article in front of me is a very big blessing to me, it is very understandable and straight forward and it treats one of the most important topics of online marketing which is writing good content. Content can determine the success as well as the failure of an online business, and also some considerations like your audience, originality and most importantly, being honest in what you write. It’s a lovely article you have here.

  11. Hi Chris. Thank you so much for taking your time to put this piece together on how to be a good content writer. It is very comprehensive, informative, straight to the point and helpful.

    As an upcoming blogger, I have learned so much from this. One of my favourite lessons is putting my reader at the forefront of my mind. A reader is as valuable as a sale!

  12. The skill of content writing is one of the greatest skills a blogger or an affiliate marketer should possess and if he/she manages to master this skill, then the sky will be the limit. I have read some articles like this before and they gave some similar information too. But this one beats them all. Thanks for sharing… Best regards!


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