How To Build A Free Website In 30 Seconds

More often than not, people looking to build an online business initially know very little (or nothing at all) about building websites. Here I will show you just how easy it is and I will demonstrate how to build a free website in 30 seconds.

Long gone are the days when you needed to be an expert at coding and programming. With this simple software, I can actually show you how straight forward it is. Are you looking to build a business online or start your own blog? Have you been wondering and researching how to actually build a website and been left confused?

Let’s get started and I will show you just how simple stress free it is to do.

Please Note: Before you go ahead and build a website you need to have your niche ready. What is your website about and what will be the name of your website? If you need more information on this then see the post I dedicated to niche selection here!

Once you are done, you are ready to build your website.

Website Building Requirements


  • Your Niche / Website Name (as mentioned above – you will decide on this)
  • Good Hosting (provided here)
  • Website Building Tools (provided here)

Not Required

During this tutorial, you will not be asked to part with any money. This is a free website platform that will get you up and running quickly and without the need for you to study computer coding or programming. If you decide you want to really build your business up, you can read more on the University and the training offered here.

It is also important for you to know that you do not need to go looking for services elsewhere. Should you be serious about setting up a business and using a website to do so, all of the services you will need can be found here. Hosting, Domain Names, Tuition, Help and Support and so on – all here under the one roof!

A Little On WordPress

If you have little knowledge on websites and website development, then this small section will put you at ease.

The WordPress Dashboard - How To Build A Free Website In 30 Seconds
The WordPress Dashboard

Here, you will be developing your website on a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress. There are of course plenty of Content Management Systems to choose from such as Wix, Joomla, SquareSpace, Magnolia and many others.

The WordPress CMS however, is the first choice for millions of business owners and bloggers (including myself) due to its powerful features. There are thousands of plugins and themes available which can enhance and personalize your site and you can feature videos and images with ease. This website you are on here has also been developed using WordPress.

I have personally used other software to build websites in the past and believe me, WordPress is by far the easiest and most robust platform to use. You will find the tools and dashboard easy to navigate and the support is there should you need it.

So, you do not have to worry. Build your site using WordPress and you will have a more enjoyable and easier experience building your business and website out.

There are of course lots of things to know when it comes to navigating and working on WordPress, but you do not need to worry about all that here. Step by Step.

So let’s set up your website shall we?

There Are 6 Steps Here – So, One At A Time!

Step 1

The first step is to enter the name of your website into the box below. The name of course is up to you and it should be relevant to your niche (website topic).

So, if your topic or chosen interest is selling houses, a suitable website name would be something like:

  • House Sales
  • Property Management
  • House Sales Leads
  • Land And Homes

Something like these anyway. These ideas are from the top of my head, but keep it relevant to what your site is going to be about!

Enter Your Website Name!

Ensure The green box highlights the name is available. If a red box appears that says it is taken, you will need to select another name.

Step 2

One you complete step 1 you will be taken to the Wealthy Affiliate University where you need only fill in the required details to create your account. By creating this account, you will be given access to the Website Building Tools and you will be entitled to the Free Hosting package.

Just enter the details which it asks for. Your Email Address and Name plus select your Username And Password. Once done, click the green button that says ‘Create Account And Continue‘ and you will be taken to the tools to build your website.

Enter Domain Name - How To Build A Free Website In 30 Seconds


Step 3

From here you will be offered 3 choices as shown below.

Here you will be selecting the ‘On a Free Domain’ option. The other two options are ‘On A Domain I Own’ and ‘Register A Domain’. These will come later when your business starts to build out and you undertake the training modules.

Select ‘On A Free Domain’

Select Kind Of Website - How To Build A Free Website In 30 Seconds

Step 4

From here you will enter the domain name of the website you are going to build. Remember, this is a free website so if you choose to upgrade later, you can change this. Keep it relevant for now though.

Enter the domain name (no spaces) and then enter the Name Of Your Website. These can be the same!

Note: You will be alerted if the domain name is already taken. If you get a green message saying ‘Awesome, It’s Available, then you are good to continue. If not, try another name!

Enter Details - How To Build A Free Website In 30 Seconds

Step 5

Here you just need to select a theme (A Design) that you would like to use. There are a few available as a free starter member so you can choose from the options given to you. If you become a premium member of the university, there are thousands of themes to choose from.

Select whichever one you like for now though, again this can be changed later should you wish to do so!

Choose A Design - How To Build A Free Website In 30 Seconds

Step 6

Once you have submitted the required information, then you simply click the green button that says ‘Click Here To Build This Site.’

Wait 30 Seconds and the website will be ready for you to use.

It sets up everything in the background and you need do nothing else. Watch the magic happen, and you will be presented with your brand new website and internet space.

Website Building - How To Build A Free Website In 30 Seconds

See This Video

As you follow these steps you are heading in the right direction. Make sure you watch this video too from the owner of the university which will display to you the exact steps in motion.

WA Video - How To Build A Free Website In 30 Seconds

Next Stages

From here your website is ready for your use and you will see the details to log in and out of your wordpress website.

It is important you undertake the training modules at this stage which can be located on the left menu under ‘Training’.

Should you wish to create your website with your own niche (subject) in mind, select the Entrepreneur Certification Training. If on the other hand you are not sure what you want to do, then you can select the Boot Camp Training to get started. The choice is yours.

Both of these training modules will get you to grips with WordPress in no time and in a very short period you will see your website start to fill out. Before you know it, you will have a great online business on your hands.

Well done to you.

My Final Advice

So, as you can see the actual building is a lot more simple than what you may have feared. The essentials are now in place for you to build your business. All of the code has been taken care of and your site is waiting for your attention.

Just remember, these are the early stages and there are things that you need to be now doing. You have made a great start and with the training available there is no reason why you cannot become successful and have your own business online.

All of the training is inside the university. You can read my full information on that here!

I am here if you need anything along the way. You can reach me inside the university and you are also welcome to leave your questions and thoughts in the comments below. I will get right back to you.

I hope this has helped you out!

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  1. Hello Chris. Good to see you share this guide on how to build a free website in 30 seconds. Long before now building a website was not easy as it required one to develop a new skill of coding. I was learning coding when I discovered WordPress and I actually stopped the learning because I had so many stuff to attend to. Well, learning coding is an added advantage anyways.

    The guide you are sharing right now is the same process I used to build my website and I love it sincerely. Good to see you share this for others to benefit.


    • Thank you Sir… nice to hear from you and glad this website builder worked for you. It is always good to know i am not alone on my train if thought!


  2. Wow, building a website has never been that easy before. I must tell you that I am happy to see that you can explain all about how WordPress works. I feel like this is something that I should give a try myself. I will also make sure that I go on to read the remaining posts that you have here on the next stages. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the awesome post!  Most people don’t realize that you can build a website and can even generate money based off any passion you have almost!  SiteRubix is a very good site to start a website on, and the training that comes with it is invaluable!  Thank you for sharing and I urge your readers to check it out!

  4. Hey Chris, 

    Very useful article, I’d like to create a new website on biohacking; but following this free method will allow me to test the size of the market place without having to risk any real capital first. 

    So I can see that the system you are suggesting people use to do this is Wealthy Affiliate, from what I’ve seen they have a number of training & other resources as well, are these free to?

  5. Hello admin and thanks very much for this great and helpful article about how to build a free website in 30 minutes for really you have made it easy for me because all along I have been confused on how to start my business website since I had nowhere to start from, but with these steps you have provided am ready to start off with my website. Thanks very much in advance. 

  6. I love the elegant walkthrough of creating a website in 30 seconds when you have no idea about computer technology.

    This is the excitement I still carry in my mind after two years here at WA. It is just a superb feeling when I am not an IT person.

    The instructions are so easy to follow when Kyle walks you through.

    It is free on the top with two websites given to you with the world based hosting.

    The whole world should take advantage of it.

    Thank you for the post.


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