How To Create Good Content For A Website

Getting to grips with how to create good content for a website is vital if you want to become successful online with your home business.

When it comes to writing and organizing content for blog posts a lot of people fall into a state of despair.

  • What do I write about?
  • How long does the content need to be?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I make it interesting enough?

These are very common questions which are asked (and more), and in the end no progress is made due to panic and worry and a lot of people finally end up not writing their material out at all!

I think it is safe to say that a lot of people out there working on the internet are NOT professional writers. This is not a problem though as it is not actually a requirement. You do not need to be Shakespeare or Tolkien to write your website content. You simply need to be able to communicate your thoughts as if you were speaking to a friend or a member of your family. Keeping things simple enough and organized is all that you need to master to get ahead in the online world.

Are you struggling with content ideas and having hindered progress because of it?

Read on and I will shed some light on what it is you need to be looking out for to create successful and engaging content.

Keep Things Relevant

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is going off course. For example, if you create a website around a niche that you love, why write about something completely irrelevant within that chosen niche?

I see people falling victim to this all of the time. They make a website about cooking and recipes and slap bang in the middle is a long post about making money or setting up a business online. These are not relevant at all.

For those out there who come to your site looking for a great recipe to make a chocolate cake are not coming to read about how to set up an online business, or vice versa.

Relevance is very important. Keeping a nice flow with your material is critical for your readers and for the search engines. If you stray away from this you will leave readers confused as to what you are about and there is every chance they will simply click away from your website and go elsewhere!

So, keep your content inline with what your website or blog is about!

Forward Planning

If you just sit in front of your keyboard and try to compose a piece of content from scratch on your computer, you will more than likely fail (or it will be a time-consuming headache at the very least). First off, take a pen and a piece of paper and jot some of your ideas down.Forward Planning - How To Create Good Content For A Website

  • What is it you want to say?
  • What points do you need to make?

It is always good to look more into your chosen niche too. Look around on the internet for other websites relevant to your own and take some inspiration on what others have had to say. Do not copy and paste other peoples hard work. This is plagiarism and it will not be accepted. However, there is not harm in reading other peoples opinions and ideas as very often this can lead to some fresh thoughts and inspiration of your own.

It is always a good to follow other people within your niche on Social Media too. Platforms such as Facebook can connect you with a wide audience and you will always be in the loop for fresh and creative ideas.

Look in your website comments too (you should have them). Again, people can often share an experience or a piece of knowledge with you that you can work into a good post.

Create Bullet Points / Headers

It is always a really good idea to break down the chosen subject for your posts into bullet points. Having headers highlighting the points you need to cover will enable you to follow a flow rather than just writing blind.

In the chocolate cake example I could break things down as follows.

  • Introduction
  • Ingredients Needed
  • Equipment Needed
  • Instructions for Preparation
  • Instructions For Baking
  • How To Serve
  • Final Overall Thoughts

I am a man and I will confess i am useless when it comes to being in the kitchen, so these points are from the top of my head. However, if I wanted to write an informative and helpful post on how to make a chocolate cake, I feel I could do it simply by following the bullet points above.

I have a direction, it is organized and I know in advance the points I need to cover. OK, I will need to do a little research to learn a few tricks, but I have a good platform to follow and it will take me half of the time as opposed to me writing on a blank canvas with no ideas at all.

Find A Good Keyword

It is important you find a good keyword that you can focus your content on. The keyword essentially will be the title of your post (or it will at least be in the title) and all of your content will be based on this keyword.

For example in our case, How To Make A Chocolate Cake At Home would describe what we are talking about quite nicely here.

Keywords are an essential part of your post (website development) and they are a key element when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can read more on Keyword Research Here!

Writing Your Content - How To Create Good Content For A Website

Write Out Your Content

Once you have your foundations in place, it is a case of writing your post out as thoroughly as possible. Cover all of the areas that you created as bullet points.

Personally when I write, I just write and write. I do not stop to check spelling or grammatical errors (this can be done later) and I just keep going until I have covered the points I want to make. This way I can throw a couple of thousand words together in about an hour, then later I can go back and edit it as I feel is necessary. It is important to get everything in your head onto paper (or onto a document) while you are in the zone.

I like to create my website content starting with the introduction first as this starts my flow of writing off quite naturally. Depending how my content develops I can come back and make changes to it later on. Other people prefer to leave the introduction until the end so they know what needs to be said depending on the content they have written. Each person is different, and you should do things the way you feel most comfortable.

Do not worry about perfecting your content as you write it. Later when you come to make the edits and proofread it all, there will be sections you delete, sections you add and grammatical errors you will address. These things should not hinder your initial writing and progress.

Have a CoffeeHave A Coffee Break - How To Create Good Content For A Website

Once you have finished fighting your way through all of your writing and coming out with your thoughts and ideas, it is important to take a break. Have a coffee (and some of that cake), relax and take your eyes and mind away from it all for a while.

The next stage is to go back over what you have done and make the required edits to ensure it is good to be published live on your website. You cannot go over your work straight away as you will make mistakes. You need to take a little down time.

Editing Your Hard Work

I have found that a lot of people do not take this process too seriously. Many throw their content together, give it a quick glance over and then publish it directly live onto their websites. Do not do this.

It is important you go over your content again with a fine eye and make it appealing for your potential readers. Spelling and Grammar issues are of course important and they need to be checked and corrected, but this is not the end of it.

Read all of the content you have written and make sure it covers everything you want it to cover. Maybe you need another paragraph to clarify a point? Maybe a paragraph you have written could be deleted completely as it does not really fit? Make sure it is all in place and in a good flowing order.

Ensure your paragraphs are in small bite sized chunks and not lengthy pieces of text that most people will shy away from reading. It is important to capture the attention of your audience and you will not do that using huge rivers of never ending text. People will leave your website, plain and simple.

Add relevant images to show what you are talking about. If you feel so inclined, a video never hurts either. Having relevant imagery to SHOW what you are talking about is excellent for readers and it helps them digest your material. Images, graphs and charts are an excellent way to engage your visitors. Use them!!!

Do Your Research - How To Create Good Content For A Website

A Final Proof Read Of Your Content

Once you have your content edited, some nice (and relevant) images in place and it is all looking clean and tidy, give your content another look over. You never know, there is still a chance of spotting something wrong or something you feel needs further attention.

While reading it over, have in your mind that if you were visiting a website and it was someone else’s content, would you read it? If the answer is no, then why would you expect others to take the time to read through it all?

Make sure it flows, make sure it is attractive and engaging and you are 100% happy with it.

Only then will it be ready to go live. Ensure your SEO is taken care of before you publish the post.

I always try to get someone to read over my work too before I publish it onto my website. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can highlight important areas that you can be often blinded to!

My Final Advice

Obtaining your ideas and creating that all important content can be a real hindrance to some people. I understand it too, as when I first started working online, it was something I also struggled with.

Like anything though, the more you practice the easier it becomes. If you give yourself enough time and have a quiet place to work, things will come together. There is no use in rushing as you will make mistakes and I have known many people throw in the towel because of this as they cannot get to grips with it.

It is not that hard, and I am here if you need any help or advice.

If you want to build a successful business online and are keen to learn more about great content creation then hit the button below.

If you have any questions or want to share something just reach out to me in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “How To Create Good Content For A Website”

  1. Very good guide with with some nice advice in there. I get that when you are new to writing it can be extremely difficult to come up with engaging content. But from my experience this one year I understood that it’s all about practice. The more you write the easier it becomes. In the beginning I was struggling to write 1,000 word articles while now I can go up to 3-4,000 words easily. When it’s hard to write push yourself to do so even if the end result is so and so because practice is everything. At least this is what I saw from my experience.

    • Sometimes it is important to crash through that barrier and just keep writing until you have made the points you want to make. 

      If the content is so and so at the end of your efforts, it is always good to take a break and come back to it to see if you can make improvements. You have to remember that there is a lot of content out there, so depending on your chosen niche, your content needs to be effective to stand any chance of competing.

      Just make sure you do not produce content simply to produce content. Really make an effort to make it stand out over your competitors 🙂



  2. Some great advice here. I loved your point on relevance. I see it happening all the time online and also I myself have made this mistake a few times as you get carried away with a completely different topic as you write.

    Proofreading is also important and not just once but three times. I found reading my work aloud to myself helps, as then I can’t just skim over the words and miss something.

    • A great point Michel.

      I also have seen people trying to be so thorough with their content that they actually end up going off subject. It is important to keep your content relevant and inline with your targeted keyword. 

      Also when it comes to proofreading it is essential. A break and a fresh set of eyes really helps and it is important to make sure it is correct before you publish it.

      Sometimes it can be good to get a family member or friend to take a look at it too as they can often spot something you have missed.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. Really a great article, I learned a lot of information from this article and I also struggled a lot in writing the content and I think now I have a clear idea on writing content and I hope by following your tips and information I can write better content. 

    I enjoyed reading this article. This article can be more helpful for beginners like me.

    Thank you for sharing such useful information.

  4. Reading your article felt like going back to high school when my English Teacher pointed out necessary things to make a good essay. Writing content for your niche or chosen topic is never easy but with good practice I think any person may be able to keep up. Following tips such as yours is a great help too.

    As a reader what really turns me off is really bad grammar and wrong spelling. I mean it’s always better to keep it simple because it is more understandable. Also, you don’t have to complicate things by putting a lot of intricate words just to make an article fancy. Writers should also remember that readers come from all parts of the world, meaning English is not their mother tongue. I guess they should also consider reaching out to people like us by making understandable content.

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s inspiring to know that even non pros can be equipped with knowledge to make a good writing content. You should write more tips similar to this.

    • Hey and thanks for getting in touch with your take on hings. 

      I agree that the more simple and to the point you content is the more effective it will be. It is a good point that you make when it comes to content being accessible worldwide and English is not always the first language of some visitors. The more straight forward and easy to understand the content is, the better!!

      Creating good content is not as hard as people initially think. Armed with some tools and knowledge it can actually become something enjoyable. I am happy you like the information here there is lots more to come on creating content.

      Thanks for reading.



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