How To Find A Domain Name For A Website

Understanding how to find a domain name for a website is extremely important and is one of the first tasks you will need to undertake when setting up your own online business.

I often find that people put a lot of thought into this area and can spend a lot of time going over different variables. Some even select the domain name they think they want, only to find the need to change it later thus causing delays and problems therefore needing to go over the matter again.

It is worth putting a good deal of initial thought and effort into choosing your domain name as it is an essential part of your business. Here I want to go over some of the important points to consider when choosing a domain name so you can get off to the best start!

Making the right choice now is better than facing issues later on!

Selecting The Domain Name Type

When you look at the Top Level Domains out there (TLD’s) the most common one you see is the .com would you agree with me?Do Your Research - How To Find A Domain Name For A Website

Yes there are many other such as .net and .org, but the most widely known and used is the .com. Just think, when you are looking for something directly on the internet, what are you most likely to search for? More often than not people will go with as opposed to, or

There are actually thousands of Top Level Domains out there (including country domains) but by far you will have more success with a .com. In fact, it is more likely that people will assume a website or blog is a .com as opposed to the others mentioned.

Always try to go for a domain name that is available as a .com. I know sometimes it can be frustrating when you think you have had the best idea for a domain name only to find out it is already taken. In this case, I would try to research another name as opposed to keeping the name and checking on the other Top Level Domains for availability.

Think Simple

Always have simplicity at the forefront of your mind when choosing a domain name. Too many people over complicate the matter and try to be clever and over creative.

A good domain name needs to be simple, to the point and easy to remember.

As an example, if you were creating a website or blog around disco music, what is better here? or

Fine, these ideas are from the top of my head, but you get the idea right? is far more to the point and easy to remember. Far more so than the first example, point made?

Refrain From Using Hyphens and Numbers

This is a very common question that I am confronted with and I am always approached and asked if using numbers, hyphens or other symbols within a domain name is a good idea?

First of all, when creating a domain name only certain characters are permitted. Letters, numbers and hyphens can all be used, other characters cannot. Also, you cannot begin or end a domain name with a hyphen character.

In my experience, it is always better to keep it simple with letters only. The problem is, if you are talking to people (or other people are talking to each other for that matter) there is always the chance that a domain name can be confused or misunderstood.

If I was talking to you and asked you to visit a website called, in spoken terms you would not know if it was 5by5 or fivebyfive. It could also be 5byfive or fiveby5. Always use letters only to avoid any misunderstandings. Another point I want to make, is if you are searching for a domain name and you cannot find availability, never add numbers to make the name unique and available. Remember letters only, so try another name.

A Thousand Top Level Domains - How To Find A Domain Name For A Website

Grab The Other Top Level Domains

If possible, try and get your hands on the other Top Level Domains relevant to your domain name.

If you were to purchase a domain name of, that is great. However, you do not want to run the risk of other people out there purchasing, and so on and then attempting to infringe on your good name and hard work.

I know that you will tell me this is extra money to buy all these other domains that you will not directly use, but a little spent now is better than a heavy price later.

This issue also runs the risk of visitors not knowing what site is what and finding themselves on competitor sites as opposed to yours.

If your pocket allows, always try and capture these other TLD’s too. If not, keep it on your to do list and get them as soon as possible if they are still available. This way you you can always direct them all to your .com domain!

Do Not Infringe On Copyrights

Always have in the back of your mind that you do not want to tread on other peoples toes. This can be highly upsetting for some and could lead to problems for you later.

If you are a passionate football fan (as an example) and have decided to set up a website about the NFL, then you would be wise to choose a domain name relevant to the niche, but not to have ‘NFL’ within the domain name. NFL is a trademark and is copyrighted.

Do your research first. You do not want to have a lawsuit coming at you later.

Choose A .Com - How To Find A Domain Name For A Website

Use Of Keywords

This is open to suggestion and you will always have conflicting information on this. Personally, I do not see the need to target a good keyword as a domain name.

The domain name I have used for this website (Cash On Your Hip) is from a saying my parents told me as a kid when they took their salary on a monthly basis and it also was widely used in the community where I was from. I always liked it and it kind of suits what I am doing here.

It is to the point, straight forward, easy to remember and a little of a smart ass phrase. I did not target a keyword and in actual fact, if I plug this phrase into my Keyword Research Tool, nobody is even searching for this term.

Choose a domain name that is relevant to what your website is about and one that will tell customers/visitors what the website they are about to land on is for. There is no need to find competitve keywords here.

Make It Stand Out

When choosing a domain name, try and be creative and make it unique and something that people will remember. It is very easy to find simple domain names

Stand Out - How To Find A Domain Name For A Website
Stand Out On The World Wide Web

but they do not really have anything that reaches out with a sucker punch.

I could have done the same here and found a domain name for my website such as, build a business online, how to make extra cash, creating a website etc. OK. BORING!! Yes it is boring and not only that, everyone else is already doing it.

I wanted to be a little different and those that choose to visit my site are far more likely to remember the name over those others that are all doing the same endless boring thing.

So, be a little creative, make it a .com and get ready to give that sucker punch so people remember you.


Choosing a good and effective domain name for your website or blog is an important step and one you should take seriously. All too often I see people that have rushed into it with little thought only later to regret their choice. Things from there can get derailed and they start to look at alternatives and this often leads to them restarting projects all over again from scratch.

Do some research and follow the points listed here. This way you will get off to a good start.

Be creative and find a domain name that delivers well. Easy to remember, effective and catchy and always try and make it a .com.

My Final Advice

Of course, getting your hands on the best domain name for your website is important but there is much more to do.

Your domain name needs registering, you need hosting and a website/blog building platform.

Come and see all of the training and tuition you will need to get a successful business up and running. Full domain name training along with included hosting and website tools will ensure you get the best possible start.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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6 thoughts on “How To Find A Domain Name For A Website”

  1. I found this post very useful as I was searching for a domain name for my website. Some people advised me to go with myname dot com, but it was not available and I was planning to get .edu domain instead. At the right time, I get to see this article. 

    You have covered all the important point well in-depth. I just have one query:

  2. Hi bro, The article “How To Find A Domain Name For A Website” is helpful, I just started a Wealthy Affiliate project 2 weeks ago and it gave me a good impression about the websites on seeing your article here. It gives some additional information about choosing a right domain. I think choosing a domain is tough but after seeing your article it makes things easy. Keep creating more articles for the viewer’s use.


  3. Well done Chris!  This is such an informative article. I found myself reading it several times just to make sure I had picked up all the great tips on choosing a domain name.  I totally agree with your point on securing the .net and .org versions of your chosen domain name as well as the all-important .com address to prevent those less scrupulous persons from leveraging off your hard work.  

    In the online world, your domain name is an important component of your brand and it is critical you take steps to protect it. 

    I would be quite interested in hearing your thoughts on the ideal registration period for a domain name – 1, 2, 3 or 5 years – and what are some considerations to take into account when choosing the registration period.

    • Hey and thanks for getting in touch.

      Your question is a great one and when it comes to the answers I guess you will hear a lot of varying opinions.

      Some people will say the longer it is registered the better it looks. Google (and other Search Engines) as well as other parties could potentially take you more seriously and can see you are in this for the long term should your domain name be registered for 5 years instead of only 1 for example.

      Others will tell you it is not important at all and has no benefits when it comes to website rankings and so forth.

      My overall opinion is this. When first starting out take it for the 1 year period and see how your business develops. Should you be satisfied you can always extend it later on.

      Personally I always register mine for 3 years and I add another year on an annual basis. This way I always have it always registered for 3 years. With this my website is doing just fine!

      I hope this helps you 🙂



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