How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche

Before you go down the road of building a website or blog, you must do your research and is it important you know how to find an affiliate marketing niche that you will be comfortable working with. There is no point going in blind with little or no direction and hoping to be successful.

Successful websites and online businesses are doing well simply because they have been thought about and a plan has been put in place ahead of time and before the building and hard work started.

The word ‘niche’ can often be a scary one for people and people are sometimes hesitant and do not know which way to turn. Are you struggling to address the issue of a niche for your online business? If so, this will clear up some of the confusion and get you moving in the direction you need to be going in with a niche you will be happy working in.

Exciting times ahead. So, let’s find your niche for your online adventure.

What The Hell Is A Niche?

This is a really common question, and very often when you say the word ‘niche’ in the online world, many people actually don’t know what it is.Choose A Niche You Enjoy - How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche

I always remember talking to one person that contacted me when she was starting out, and I told her that she needed to research a niche before she started rolling with her online business. She asked me ‘what is a niche’? She thought I was taking to her about the French language, as niche in French means ‘recess’.

Although we laughed together (because actually she was quite correct), I did explain it to her in simple form so she understood what she needed to be doing.

So, in a nutshell, a niche is basically a group of people who are looking for things or information as they have a want or a need. In your case, it will also be a chosen subject for your website.

Now, these groups of people can be in huge or small numbers and they can target millions of areas on the world market.

As an example, people are looking for ways to lose weight right? that is a niche. People are searching for help and information on learning how to drive, that is also a niche. Looking on a smaller scale, someone looking to buy dog food or baby diapers is also a niche.

Of course these are example from the top of my head, but there are millions of niches out there which can be turned into full time businesses by engaging with these groups of people that are looking for information.

Is that clear?

OK Yes, But How Do I Choose A Niche For My Website?

It is important that you choose the right niche for you. A general rule that I follow and advise people to do, is to choose something you enjoy. While there are millions upon millions of niches out there, you do not want to be going down the road of developing a business that you know nothing about.

Of course, this is my thought process and it does not mean you cannot learn things along the way, but for sure you need to be looking at a niche that you will at least enjoy and be comfortable working with.

I know many people who have started building websites on a niche simply because they thought there was a lot of money in it for them. Unfortunately they knew very little about the niche they chose, and eventual they fell by the wayside. Why? Because in actual fact, they were not interested in the niche, and it became a chore and was boring for them to continue working on it.

Finally, there was no money or a business in it for them in the end!

By doing something you enjoy, you will have motivation every day to build more and more. Being involved with your niche pays dividends. Being able to communicate with people about your niche will benefit you greatly and you will not be bored or see things as hard work. Just like me here, I am talking to you about finding a niche, building an online business, writing content, engaging with people etc. Why? Because I love it, and I am good at it and I enjoy communicating my thoughts.

If I despised what I was doing, I would have given up long ago.

Doing something that is of interest to you will lead you to be far more productive, and in turn this will result in success with your readers plus better and higher rankings in the search engines.

What Niche? - How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche

Before Deciding On A Niche, Consider These Points

  • You will be producing content on your chosen niche – Content is important and it is the bread and butter of your business. Writing engaging and interesting content for your readers is the root to your success.
  • You will be talking to others within your niche – Your website will attract visitors who are looking for information. They will naturally reach out to you and ask your opinions and/or advice.
  • You will be helping people – People are coming to niche websites for help or information. It is important you know your niche well so you can offer solid help and guidance to those who come asking.
  • You will be promoting helpful niche products – Reviewing different products that will offer assistance to your readers is an important aspect of building your business.
  • You will gradually build up a full time business – By doing things correctly and being helpful to your visitors you will gain trust and respect. With this, things will develop into a full time online business and income for you.

Avoid Being To Broad With Your Niche

If I was to say to you that I have a niche in music, would you consider that a good niche?

OK music is music. Millions of people love music, they listen to it non-stop and they go out and spend lots of money buying their music CD’s and so on. It’s a good niche right?


It is not a good niche at all. Why?

First of all, the niche is extremely broad. It is so big, you will have a very tough time writing content and marketing it. There are millions of bands, musicians and singers out there and it would be an impossible task to make your niche targeted.

So instead, if I was to say I had a niche website aimed at Rock Music. Would this be good?

Better, But Still Too Broad

Rock music still spans thousands of bands, singers and artists over many decades and from all over the world. We need to be a little more specific.

So, how about The Best British Rock Bands Of The 1970s?

YES, This Is The Type Of Thing You Are Looking For

The more you narrow it down and the more targeted you are, the better off you will be.

You see, people come to the internet and they use the search engines to find what they are looking for. So, if someone is a Pink Floyd fan as an example, they might do a search using the following search term. “What is the best-selling Pink Floyd album of all time?’ They are not going to search for ‘Music or Rock Music”. Are we agreed?

So a website targeting the best British rock bands of the 1970s would be a better choice of niche and you could target specific bands from the 1970s within this genre. I hope that makes sense to you.

This is of course just an example and you must select a niche you are happy with.Incidentally, the best-selling album by Pink Floyd is The Dark Side Of The Moon, in case you were wondering!

See The Video For Guidance On Choosing A Niche

Some Profitable And Popular Niches

When choosing a niche, always bear in mind whether or not it is (or can be adapted to) evergreen. Wait, I hear you shout, what do you mean by evergreen?

An evergreen niche is a niche that is always changing and is always kept recent and up to date, If I can offer you an example here it might make it more clear.

If you were to make a niche website on NFL Football Team Jerseys, this would be what is called a micro niche. You are talking about and promoting NFL Football Jerseys. Is this evergreen? No it is not. There are only so many teams, and once you have them covered you are pretty much done!

If however, you wanted to widen that niche and make it evergreen, do you think you could add different merchandise? Maybe some T-Shirts, Helmets, Bedding Sets etc? Of course you could, and this would allow you to make your business evergreen. There are thousands of products out there for NFL fans spanning all the teams.

Let’s face it too, football team supporters are passionate, and if they come to look at jerseys, there is every chance they will check out some other items too. Agreed?

It is also important to see if the niche is profitable. Take a look around the online stores (amazon for example) and see what is hot and what is selling. There is nothing worse than developing a website and putting all of your heart and soul into the content, only later to find you are struggling to find available products within your niche marketing strategy that will monetize all of your hard work.

Do Your Research - How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche
Amazon Is A Great Place To Research Your Niche Markey

Here are some of the more popular niches that are profitable and popular at the moment!

  • Relationships – Marriage, Divorce and other issues
  • Making Money Online – Building businesses, Websites and Blogs
  • Financial Help – Loans, Getting out of Debt
  • Dieting and Weight Loss – Helping people to lose weight and/or eat better
  • Technology – the Latest Cellphone Information, PlayStation Games and Hardware, the Latest Television Sets etc

This list of course is by no means all of them. There are MANY more.

My First Niche

When I started out, I decided to make a business all about the island of Rhodes in Greece. Why did I do that? I did it because it is one of my favorite places in the world. I holidayed in this location countless times, I love the island, I love Greece and everything that goes with it.

Also, I could offer experience and a practical overview and I knew I could communicate and offer help and guidance to other people that might be interested in visiting the island for their holidays.

I never found it boring or tedious, I enjoyed building the information and communicating to my interested readers. It was a job without feeling like I had a job. Now this targeted niche marketing website provides me with a comfortable income, and it all came from my passion for the island and helping other people.

This is the kind of niche you need to have, something you will love working with and have a knowledge of.

My Final Thoughts

Please do not be frightened when choosing a niche. Just pay attention to what it is you want to do as you progress and do not be too broad with your ideas. Do your research and make sure you dig down and get a targeted niche to a specific audience.

Spending a little time now to get things right will make all the difference.

If you have any concerns about choosing your niche, feel free to leave me a comment and I will happily help you brainstorm some ideas and get you on the right track!

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6 thoughts on “How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche”

  1. This is a great article on finding an affiliate marketing niche, Chris.

    So many people hear about affiliate marketing, think it sounds like a good idea and then jump right in without any sort of plan or any idea of where they should be going.

    Everyone needs to, as you say, find a niche for their online adventure. But how to find it? That’s the number one problem for most budding internet marketing entrepreneurs.

    The best place to start is with understanding exactly what a niche is (and learning to pronounce it as “neesh” not “nitch”. You give a great definition as “a niche is basically a group of people who are looking for things or information as they have a want or a need. In your case, it will also be a chosen subject for your website.” That’s where people should be starting.

    Your point about narrowing your niche is, I think, really important so that the budding entrepreneur doesn’t try to tackle something too broad. And that’s an excellent example.

    Music… Rock Music……Best British Rock Bands of the 1970’s

    You can see by this example that this would be a good niche to be in. Still plenty of material to research and write about, but you’re not going to get lost amongst the millions.

    Some really good pointers and a great place to start. Thanks, Chris.

    • Thanks so much for your input too Phil.

      i think it is important to narrow down your niche so it is more manageable. Too many people look at a huge picture and finally they become swamped and lose direction.

      Finding a very targeted niche is definitely the way to do things, this way you can always expand on it later should you with to do so.

      It is important like you say, to understand what a niche is and know what to look out for when choosing one.

      I hope some of the basic pointers here will help people out as and when they need it.

      Thanks again Phil. Nice to hear from you.


  2. Thanks for this amazing insight. I am a beginner in affiliate marketing and i wanted to find a niche to build my website about. I have been struggling for some days and now your article has helped me understand i need to find a niche that i would love to do everyday and it must be something i am interested in. Thanks for this advice. 

  3. Thank you very much for this great post, I find it really helpful and nice, this to me is the best post I have stumbled on today, Thanks for taking your time to write all this, I really appreciate.

    I have been struggling to find a niche that I like and this has given me some good ideas and how to go about it.


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