How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website

Whether you like it or not, keyword research is of critical importance to the success of your online business and learning how to find the best keywords for your website is a very important skill to have in your arsenal.

A lot of people find keyword research difficult. There is so much going on when it comes to looking at statistics and very often you can be come confused as to what everything means. People are even known to shy away from it completely and just use words they think are best.

Are you struggling with keywords and keyword research? Have you done your research but are finding your website is still failing to hit the mark when it comes to your rankings?

Read on, and I will explain here the best way to approach this task and select great keywords for your website and/or blog.


Before we move on, I have one piece of advice for you and that is SLOW DOWN. I know from personal experience that trying to find good keywords can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. I have been there believe me, going around in circles and spending way too much time analyzing statistics (and my feelings on them) and finally I have said ‘oh to hell with this’ and gone on to write about something else completely.

Thankfully I had the patience to learn about the importance of keywords and I took the time to develop the skills to do keyword research correctly. This is what I want to share with you here.

Be The Customer - How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website

Why Do You Need Keywords?

Well to put it into simple form, all of your website content needs to be targeted around a keyword, one keyword for each page or post. Those keywords are what people will be searching for when they come to the internet looking for information.

Even you as you are reading this, have most likely made a search relevant to the information you have found. So, from my point of view, I have developed content based on a keyword that you have searched for to offer you (hopefully) the information you were in search of.

But how do I know people are searching for this keyword? What if I was to write content that nobody ever searched for?

This is where a good keyword tool comes in. This is not the be and end of it all though. Ideas start with you and you need to be ready to put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for the information. ie Be The Customer to start the ball rolling.

Be In A Customer/Visitor Frame Of Mind

Let me offer you an example here.

Let’s assume that I am searching for the latest iPhone. I want information and prices and I might even consider looking at places to make a purchase. What am I going to be searching for? What will be my keywords that I will use to get the information I need?

I might search for things like the following?

  • the new i phone statisticsExample Of Statistics - How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website
  • I phone cases
  • apple i phones
  • what is the size of the screen on the new i phone?
  • how much does the new i phone cost?
  • where is the best place to buy the new i phone?
  • what is so good about the new i phone?
  • Is the new i phone worth the money?
  • Is the camera good on the new i phone?

All of these represent keywords which people will be searching for in order to obtain the information on the new iPhone (along with thousands of others of course). You see, by becoming the customer I can vision what people would have on their minds to get this information. If you wanted to buy a new iPhone you would be potentially asking questions like this plus many more before you spend your money.

If you can get into the frame of mind of a potential customer, ideas will come to you naturally and you will uncover some really great keywords.

From here, I could go on to write quality pieces of content based around these keywords to assist those people that are searching for this information.

But is all this enough?

Being Creative With Your Keywords

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are very robust and as technology just keeps getting better things will only improve. This gives us the chance to really search deep into our queries and we can ask complete questions as opposed to being limited to a couple of words.

As in the iPhone example, if I was to simply search for ‘iPhones’, there is every chance I would not get the information that I am looking for. It is a huge scope to look through. However, we can really go long tail here and be more targeted and ask something like ‘how much does the new i phone cost to buy without a contract?’ or ‘how do I put my favorite music onto the new i phone?’

These are really targeted long tail keywords which you can come up with to create content. This is really important as you will be getting visitors to your blog who are looking for exactly this information, as opposed to coming to your site and simply leaving again as they could not find what they wanted.

Be Creative - How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website

To Use Or Not To Use?

When you are creating content for your website or blog, it is of course very important to know that the keywords you are using are actually being searched for by people.

The trick here is not to try and target keywords (especially if you are starting out) which have a high level of competition. You have to remember that other websites are out there and you will always have competition in what you are doing regardless of your niche.

If I write a piece of content around the keyword ‘Star Wars’, you know what – forget it. I will be extremely lucky to get anywhere when I look at the competition out there. They will suffocate me and I will not get noticed whatsoever.

If on the other hand I wrote about ‘the correct order to watch the star wars movies’, I would have more chance. It is more targeted and there is a lot less competition. OK my visitors will be less, but that is better than nothing at all! Agreed?

Where To Go To Get This Search Information

Having a solid and reliable keyword search tool is essential to making good headway and maximizing your use of keywords.

There is no sense in writing tons of content with no keyword strategy in place. I will be honest with you here, if you go down this road you will fail. It is as simple

A Search Example - How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website
The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

as that!

There are some good keyword tools out there on the market and some you can even find for free. I have used the free ones but I personally found the information offered from them was limited and not really effective. Like all things, you get what you pay for.

Google has its own keyword tool and the last time I used it I can say it was not too bad. Personally though, I use Jaaxy and I have always been more than satisfied with the simplicity of the tool and the excellent results it generates. It allows me to be really creative and get my hands on low competition keywords that rank in the search engines. Overall I am really happy with the service I get from this software.

If you want to have really good statistics to work with and keep on top of trends in the Keyword Research field, then you need to invest a little money. I know a lot of people look for the free ways and refrain from spending their money, but the best things in life do not come free unfortunately.

My Final Advice

Do not underestimate the importance of Keywords and Keyword Research and Keyword Placement. This can be the make or break of your online venture. Keywords are vital and if you do not take them seriously, you will not be around very long.

Like I say, slow down and take your time. Put yourself in the mind of a customer (or person looking for information) and try to be creative. Be targeted with your ideas and gather a few keywords together. From there, check your collection in a good keyword tool to ensure they meet the criteria and you will be in a better position to write your content.

Be sure to check out the section on how to get a higher ranking in Google as I discuss Keyword Criteria and Keyword Placement there. All important stuff for those of you wanting to get the most out of building your online business.

I hope this helps you out and if you have any questions or you have something to share on keywords and keyword research please let me know in the comments. I will get right back to you.

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4 thoughts on “How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website”

  1. Hi Chris

    I didn’t know the importance of keywords in online business until I discovered that keywords can help your post rank fast in the search engines. I also use Jaaxy and it’s very helpful to find great keywords for my blog posts. The key is really to put yourself in the place of your clients or visitors, as you said. Because, only then you can create a post which will be helpful to your visitors.

    I have enjoyed reading your post with great interest.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Chris,

    I’m in total agreement that keywords and keyword research can be a challenging process. The average newcomer might get lost in the maze of tools and information available for getting to the best keywords. One small lesson that I have learned is that the keywords I “target” are not necessarily the words that Google thinks my posts are about, similar but not exact.

    Do you think that researching keywords is a kind of trial and error process or would you suggest doing more to rank for the exact keywords I target?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    • Hey Glenn.

      One of the most important things to consider when creating your content is relevance. Your Keyword in essence is what your post should be about, so it is important that your content reflects your keyword.

      To target this keyword, ensure that it is placed in all the important places for SEO. You can see more on this here.

      Where To Put Keywords On A Website

      Naturally, you will be ranked for other Keywords within the search engines (LSI Keywords) but it is important you target ony one. 

      Following the correct guidelines will see you get ranked for your chosen keywords and as long as that are not up against fierce competition you should find you do quite well.

      I do not really see it as a trial and error process. If you are following the rules, you will do just fine!

      I hope this helps you. If you need something more just let me know.




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