How To Get Organic Traffic For Your Website

Learning the systems and educating yourself on how to get organic traffic for your website is critical for the success of your business. You will hear some people disagree with this and very often you will see them creating PPC campaigns to drive traffic. This costs money however and for those of you just getting started, maybe there is not a lot of that to spare.

Organic Traffic is essentially free traffic that is offered to the websites at the top of the search engine results pages (SERP’s) and they are placed there for one reason, they are of quality!!!

Do you want to know how to get organic traffic? have you started off and are struggling to get this important organic traffic to your website?

Read on, and I will give you some pointers on what you need to be doing!

First Off – I Understand The Frustration

I will be the first to admit that when I started, I found the whole waiting game extremely annoying and frustrating. I was doing all the things I thought I should be doing, yet everyday nobody was coming to see my website. Drips of people here and there and 90% of those were bouncing away again.

Let me tell you, there were days I was ready to throw in the towel (and throw my computer through the window) as nothing at all seemed to be happening. Was I doing all of this work for no reason? Why was I not being picked up in the search engines? Why were people not coming to read my content and buy my products?

Believe me, I have been there.

What I found out later was that you need a solid structure to follow. There are rules and regulations and a lot of work is needed for good search engine results. Writing a few pieces of content and sitting waiting for the magic to happen will lead to nothing but disappointment.

So. let’s talk about what is really needed!

You Need To Create High Quality Content

At the risk of sounding like a broken and leaking tap, high quality content is the foundation and the most important aspect of your website or blog. I know IYou Need To Be Productive - How To Get Organic Traffic For Your Website

mention it over and over throughout this website and this is because it is IMPORTANT!!

I know it can be deflating for some people on occasion as it is a task that takes a lot of time and you need to be in a good zone to create quality content. We are not always in the mood though, or we are sometimes simply too busy to spend time writing. Have you found this yourself? Well, there is only one answer for it – FIND TIME!!

With this issue, you start to see people publishing content simply to publish content, whether it is quality or not. You have the sneaky approach come to the surface and very often content is put out there that is not up to scratch and then people sit and wait to see the results, which are often not good.

Writing a good piece of unique quality content will rank better in the search engines and it will also encourage people to like it, share it etc. People will not do that with your content if they see it as poor quality. Let’s be honest here, if you were reading something that you thought was pure garbage, would you read and share it? Of course you wouldn’t and neither would I.

Also, be sure to find a nice time frame to work with. Make a plan in your diary and try to post a new piece of content on a regular basis. Publishing 10 new pieces of content in 1 week and then nothing for 4 months is not the way to do it. Spread it out and have a frequent publishing strategy in place. Having consistency is important too.

For me, I think to publish one post per week is enough. I would love to be able to make it twice per week but i know I cannot without a drop in quality. I would prefer to keep my schedule and do things correctly as opposed to upping the ante and publishing content that is of low value to my readers.

Target Low Competition Keywords

Understanding Keywords and how to implement them will also increase your chances of success. Writing content blind that does not fit around a keyword will lead to you to producing ineffective content which will see you struggle to get any traction.

When doing your keyword research, I recommend you use a quality keyword search tool that gives you the data you need to select effective keywords. Without good tools and research, again you will struggle.

Low competition keywords are advisable when it comes to your selection too, as you will stand a much greater chance of getting good rankings in the search engines and getting traffic as a result.

So, try to avoid these really competitive keywords (which you will stand no chance of ranking for especially when starting out) and take smaller bites of the pie. A thousand small bites is better than trying to take one big piece than you cannot chew on.

Have Persistence And Do Not Get Distracted

Like I have mentioned, it is important to develop a plan and have a regular publishing schedule. Make a diary of the things that you need to do and stick to it.

Very often I see people getting distracted and they become more concerned as to why they do not have visitors as opposed to doing the work required to get those said visitors.

Changing the theme on your website will not give you better rankings. Adding widgets to your sidebars will also not offer you more traffic. Checking your statistics on Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console frequently is also another major distraction and when you do not see the results you want, it can very often make you angry and unproductive.

Consistently producing good content that people want to read and share will see your rankings increase and all of your worries will diminish later, but you need to put the effort in if you want to get there. Stay focused and follow a set schedule.

Of course, there is more to building a business than writing content. Other areas need to be addressed don’t they? Yes they do but again, put all of your tasks in a diary and complete them on a daily basis without getting distracted.

When you need to write content, write it until you have finished. Do not be checking your Facebook Account and eating a piece of cheesecake. When you need to do your Social Media, do that and not writing content. Step by step and with a good plan will see you being far more productive.

Struggling With Content - How To Get Organic Traffic For Your Website
Start Being Productive

Make Use Of Social Media To Drive Traffic

Reaching out on social media is also a great way to slowly build up your rankings which will lead to more organic traffic later on.

Create a Facebook Page and reach out to people in the same niche as you. Get followings and offer your advice when you can. There is no need to SPAM other people though. Avoid dropping affiliate links everywhere as you will find yourself getting banned.

There is absolutely no harm answering questions with your ideas and concepts, then offering a link back to one of your blog posts for further reading. Getting a good social following across various social media platforms can be very powerful and you can get your face out there as an expert within your chosen subject.

Also consider making your own videos for YouTube. Getting your face and voice out there is a great way to communicate and people love watching videos. In fact, I personally see this being the future when it comes to content. People are more likely to watch a video than they are to read pages of text. We are lazy arn’t we? But it is true.

Get some videos produced and link back to your website with them, this is a very powerful strategy that will see your rankings flourish over time.

Also consider forums where people hang out and discuss various subjects. Asking and answering questions is a great way to increase your own knowledge as well as sharing the knowledge you already have. Being active in these forums (Quora for example) is another way to get good exposure. Remember though, no Spamming, or your time there will be short.

Do Not Break The Rules

Do not get yourself into a frustrating dilemma and start looking for shortcuts. I see this a lot:Follow The Rules - How To Get Organic Traffic For Your Website

  • This is not working, I will start buying backlinks
  • I will start to copy other peoples content
  • I will make use of software to spin my content
  • I will stuff my keywords into my content
  • I will get involved with link farms
  • Etc Etc Etc

STOP!!! These are all considered Black Hat SEO Techniques and it will not be long before your website or blog is massacred within the search engines. Any success you hoped to have had will be gone! Do not cut corners.

I know the slow process can take its toll and there will be times when you get frustrated, but follow the rules and you will see good results as you keep developing.

Take my advice and follow the Google Guidelines For SEO and website development and you will not go far wrong!


Nothing in life is free and anything worth achieving takes time and effort. If you are looking to build an online business in 2 weeks with little or no effort then you need to have a rethink.

Like any business, it takes time. You need to lay foundations and build it up brick by brick. You need to learn what to do and how to do it. Carrying out minimal work and waiting for the money to come rolling in will only lead to your disappointment.

Following a strategy, staying organized and putting in the effort will see you have success. Cutting corners will see you fail. It is that simple!

My Final Advice

If you are trying to set up an online business, website or personal blog and are struggling to get traffic then you need to take action to fix it.

By following a well presented step by step course you can reach the heights you are hoping for. Learning how to write content, how to build your website and market it correctly from the beginning will bring success.

If you need help with any aspect of your online venture please let me know. Feel free to grab my attention in the comments below and I will get back to you!

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12 thoughts on “How To Get Organic Traffic For Your Website”

  1. Thanks for sharing this insightful article on how to get organic traffic to my website. I agree with you that it is really frustrating posting articles on a site with little or no traffic to view my content. I think your article is right on time and I agree that creating high quality content, targeting low competition keywords, not being distracted and other vital points you made will really help me generate traffic into my blog. 

    Thanks for this informative article. 

  2. I couldn’t have agreed with you more on the consistency part Chris.

    The most important part of any website is content and since we’re in the business of content, that’s all we need to think about actually. I was guilty of being one of those perfectionists who focus more on how the website looks instead of content so I wasted so many days just tweaking the site. 

    In the end, I wasted time and when it was nearing the end of the month where I would evaluate my site, I realised that my growth was slow because of that so I just lost valuable time for nothing. Content may be king but consistency is key to website’s growth.

    • Great to hear from you Riaz and thanks for sharing your own experience to highlight my points here.

      Too many people worry about aesthetics and do not put enough time into content because of it. I personally think it is great to have a nice looking website but this does not do anything for your rankings. Only content matters. The rest of your site can be awesome but if your content sucks, you are not going anywhere!

      Thanks Riaz


  3. I am so grateful for your article. I have been blogging for a short while now and my greatest challenge is getting to publish posts. 

    I read somewhere that the ideal number of posts per month should be 30. Meaning, I have to do 1 a day. That got me completely stumped! I came so much under pressure that I couldn’t do anything. 

    But you just mentioned that one post a week is fine. That information is such a relief. 

    • it is all about being consistent. I personally think posting every day for the foreseeable future would test the best writers out there. I would never go down that path as I know I could not maintain the pace long term.

      You need to be able to work and publish at a pace that is good for you. Just keep it consistent and you will be fine! I publish once per week because I KNOW that is my comfort zone. Others will tell you it is fine, others will not.

      The point is, I do not intend to satisfy peoples opinions by posting more frequently if the content is not up to scratch!


  4. Hi there. I have just finished reading your article about getting organic traffic and thought I would just offer my opinion. Getting traffic is really important, but one thing that I have learned over the years of running a website is that Google doesn’t just start to give you their organic traffic for nothing. You really need to prove to Google that you are worthy of their traffic. Getting a big social media following is very important. 

    The warning about not getting involved with black hat techniques is great on this review. Years ago when I first got started, I tried all of those bad methods! At the time some of it actually worked, but not now! Buying Backlinks and spinning other peoples content are a big no, no these days!

    Thanks for the article, I enjoyed reading it. 

    • Thanks Andrew. You are absolutely right in what you say too, Google will not just offer you good rankings from the kindness of its heart. You do need to put in the effort and you need to prove your worth.

      The rules and guidelines are important too and I myself made the mistake in the past on one of my first website efforts. I tried to cut corners and I paid the price. For me, I go nowhere fast. At least you got something initially. I got an immediate slap.

      Looking back I am glad it happened to me. I learned the hard way but I learned damn fast!!

      Nice to hear from you Andrew and I appreciate you reading!


  5. Like every enterprise in life, it takes patience and consistency to achieve success. I am also at that stage where you are anxious and looking for results, however I’m also aware that it requires dedication to my website and patience for me to get sufficient traffic. 

    I am willing to sit it out and keep doing the right things as you’ve listed and in no time, I’ll be reaping the dividends.

    • Indeed you will Louis. Keep working hard and following the rules and you will get your due rewards. Let me know if you need anything along the way!


  6. This is a topic that for some time has lingered on my mind. Trying to find answers I want to hear or read rather than put in the hard long hours of quality work but it looks like there’s no running away from the truth. Common to what I’ve come across is quality content, consistency and low hanging fruits keywords which have proven to yield results when I started to put it to test. In fact, I agree with you that no good results come on a silver platter. 

    What I’ve not put much effort into is Social Media. I guess it’s time for me to get the ball rolling. I’m looking to creating YouTube videos like you suggested but wouldn’t want to be on camera. Do you know of ways to do that without my face? However, I want the videos to be captivating. Thanks for the information. 

    • Hey there. You can make use of some free software packages that will allow you to produce your own videos which you can then upload to YouTube.

      When I started off with video I used a program called Screencasomatic. There is a paid service but you will find the free tools more than adequate to get the ball rolling. I used this one endless times and it proved to be a great tool for me.

      You will also be pleased to know that you can record yourself on camera, the screen only or both. You can mix and match, so if you prefer not to have your face on the video, you can record only the screen easily.

      I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any help as you move forward!



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