How To Get Ranked On The First Page Of Google

It is extremely important to know how to get ranked on the first page of Google with a website or blog as this will determine whether or not you will be successful with it in the long run.

How many of you have developed your own online business (or are in the process of doing so) yet you are failing to hit the first page in the Search Engine Results for your targeted keywords?

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I want to he honest with you here, even if you manage to get second page rankings it is still not quite good enough! Unfortunately people are not inclined to start browsing through all of the search results to find what they are looking for and if they cannot find something on the first page, they will search again using a different keyword. Only a very small percentage of people will look at the second page of the results and an even smaller percentage will click through to page 3.

It is vital you develop your content and carry out good SEO in order to get page 1 rankings otherwise all of your efforts are going to be wasted.

Here I want to talk about some important points with you about how you can develop in such a way that leads to a better opportunity to ranking your content on the first page of the SERPS for your chosen keywords. So, let’s get you seeing some page 1 rankings! Are you ready?

Let’s Get Started.

You Need To Be Consistent

One of the most common questions i am asked is ‘how long does it take before I get on the first page of Google and start getting traffic?’ Well, how long it is a piece of string? This answer to this question of course depends on many factors and one of those is how much effort you are willing to put in.

The key to developing an authority website is to be consistent and to give it time. I understand when you first get started there is excitement in the air and you are writing content and publishing it every day sometimes for a month or two so you can get the ball rolling.

Come month three though you start to burn out and get fed up. There is something in the back of your mind that niggles at you and you cannot understand for the life of you why you are not getting anywhere.

Let me put your mind at rest here because you will have a lot of conflicting opinions on this.

Some people will tell you to publish content every day, some will say publish between 8 & 10 new posts every month and some will tell you once a week is enough! My view is this – YOU NEED TO BE CONSISTENT!

There is absolutely no point in publishing once per day in my opinion, as you are never going to be able to keep that going for the foreseeable future. By doing this you will burn out and to meet the demands you have set on yourself will lead you to producing content that is of little or no value. Unless you are a corporation and/or you have a team of writers (or you are operating a news blog), I would avoid this option of daily publishing.

You need to choose a schedule which you know you can maintain for the long term. It is far better to publish 50 posts over the year rather than publish them all in the first 2 months and then do nothing after. Consistency is key here.

You will always have people tell you that the more you publish the better. This is actually very true but it is only beneficial if you are consistent and your content is of quality. Publishing for the hell of publishing will only do you harm later on if your content is not up to scratch!

Work to a schedule that you know you can stick to while producing content that is worthy of publishing. Over time your website will become an authority so make sure you do not burn yourself out too soon. Check out the How Often Should You Post On A Blog post for more on this!

Google Search - How To Get Ranked On The First Page Of Google
It All Starts With A Keyword Search

Do Your Keyword Research

It is important (certainly when you are starting out) to target keywords that do not have a lot of competition. Long tail keywords are ideal for this and most of the time you can find relevant ones to use which you will stand a good chance of getting good rankings for.

As an example, if you look at the title of this post you are reading you will see I have titled it as : How To Get Ranked On The First Page Of Google. This is a long-tailed keyword and it is very specific to what I am talking about. Now I will be honest, not so many people are searching the internet using that exact search term but there are some. The competition is low and not too many other websites are out there are targeting the same long tail keyword. I know I have an extremely realistic chance of ranking this post in the search engines on the first page!

If on the other hand I was to title this post Website Rankings things would be much different. First of all this is not a long tail keyword. It is very short and it is not specific at all. What aspect of website rankings could I be talking about? Also, the competition for this keyword is extremely tough and there are hundreds of competing (and more established) websites out there that are saturating the Search Engines with their quality content. Personally I would never dream to target a keyword like this as initially I would never get ranked for it.

If you want to be successful with your content you need to make use of a good keyword research tool. Keyword research is an essential part of your online business and you can read more about it on the post I wrote called How To Get A Higher Ranking On Google.

Even though long-tailed low competition keywords will not send masses of traffic to your site, it is better than not having any traffic at all. These small amounts build up as you keep posting new content and you also need to bear in mind you will be ranked for other keywords naturally from within your content called LSI Keywords.

Create Thorough And Engaging Content

While I have already touched on the subject of content when it comes to a publishing frequency, here I really need to stress to you how important it is to make your content really good quality.

One of the metrics to good rankings is the amount of time people spend on your website. If your content is crap people will leave, it is pretty much as simple as that. If people leave (or bounce) from your site this is not a good metric for you to have on your side.

Try to make your content engaging and interesting and encourage your readers to have a look around. Use of internal links so people can navigate around easily

Page One Rankings - How To Get Ranked On The First Page Of Google
Page One Rankings Come From Having Quality Content

are an excellent way of guiding your audience through your site. Offer them a video to watch, encourage them to leave a comment or ask them to sign up to your mail opt in. Activity on your site by visitors is really important for rankings and if Search Engines see you are offering good quality and a pleasant user experience (UX) you will be rewarded for it.

If your content is not of good quality people will not want to look further, they will not share your content nor leave you a comment. In fact, the only action they will take is to click away and leave!

Another common question I get is ‘how long do my blog posts need to be?’. I know these days we are living in a mobile world and most of the time we are digesting small snippets of information such as a Tweet or a Facebook Post from our cell phones. With this, many people are in the frame of mind that their website content needs to be short and to the point as people will not take time to read it all anyway!

This is actually not true and you will find that most website posts that are worth anything are approximately 1500 words. It is always advisable to try and aim for 1000 words as a minimum when writing your blog posts. Of course this is a guideline and it need not be set in stone. It is important to get your message across and to be thorough. If it takes 1200 or 1400 words then so be it. The important thing here is not to stuff your content full of garbage simply to achieve a good word count. Remember, quality content is king here.

Most pieces of content that you will find on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are often 2000 words and more. It gives you an idea of what you need to be aiming for. If you are publishing material with only 300 – 500 words, I would personally say you need to up the stakes a little.

Be Helpful

Content as I have already said is King and I hope you understand the importance of it. What if other people though were also adding content to your site? Well they actually do it all the time in the form of comments.

Although comments are not directly within the text of your content, they are considered as content and they do count as the overall page or post length. This is great for you as people are coming and adding content to your site.

It is important though to answer and engage with the people leaving comments on your website. Be helpful and try to answer their concerns. Engagement with your audience is something the Search Engines love to see. They can understand from there that you are offering a good user experience and people are getting what they came for.

Do not overlook the importance of comments and answer all of them! Very often they can lead to new ideas too and you can go on to create some really awesome content from them.

Get You Rankings - How To Get Ranked On The First Page Of Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To have a successful business online you can not escape good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although your content needs to be written to engage and supply information to your audience, you do need to follow the rules so the search engines are able to index your content correctly thus making it easier to rank and find.

SEO is a subject all of its own and it is covered in the Search Engine Optimization And Why It Is Important post.


I want you to know from me that it is not impossible to get your content ranked on the first page of Google. There is no secret science to it and you do not need to be a computer whiz.

Producing quality content that people want to read on a regular basis is the key to your success. Keep a schedule and be consistent with your content output. Always do your keyword research to ensure you are targeting good keywords that you can rank for and do not try to bite off too much too soon.

As you gain authority with time you will find your rankings will naturally climb up and all of your effort will be worth it. Do not get impatient but just keep hacking away at it. First page rankings and success will follow!

My Final Advice

Content writing, SEO and keyword research are essential skills to have in your arsenal. If you can master these areas then you have a very good chance of achieving online success.

Luckily, it is not difficult to learn and all you need is guidance. Come and see where I learned all the skills needed to build my own online business and of course if you have any questions or thoughts just leave them for me below in the comments. I will get right back to you. Hit the green button below to get started!

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  1. HI,

    An excellent, well-written article with good advice and information. I enjoyed reading and the refresher course of how important each point that you made is when trying to rank higher in the search engines. The little people are having to compete with impossible odds yet it is still possible to create good quality content and set our targets on the low hanging fruit that many of them are not concerned with. 

    Thanks for the information and insight. 


    • Thanks Michael.

      You know, the biggest and most successful websites and blogs out there had to start somewhere. They were little once too.

      The most important is to get off to a good and correct start and know what is expected. If you follow the guidelines and create content that people want to read, we can all become giants too!

      Thanks for getting in touch!


  2. By this post I have acquired a wealth of knowledge. I know that it’s not easy to rank high in Google but it’s not impossible. I have gone from not having any idea what to do to rank high from now having a clear view of what Google is after. 

    Being consistent and creating thorough content takes a lot of work. But I’ll do it! Thanks for this thorough post!

    • Absolutely Ann. Thorough and engaging content is one of the most important factors.

      I find a lot of people miss out on the personal element of their content and they write like robots often forgetting that real people will be potentially visiting their website/blog.

      Always try and offer the information that people are looking for, stay on subject and be friendly while offering your readers the best experience you can.

      With this, you will not go far wrong.

      Thanks Ann, nice to hear from you.


  3. This article is very useful especially since a few days ago I decided to create my first website through an affiliate marketing program.

    I know that the success of an online business is also based on being ranked on the largest online search engine, Google, and I’m glad I found this useful article where I can learn how to do it.

    I have read many posts about keywords which is the most important factor in the success of an online business. I saw you recommend the Jaaxy Keyword Research Platform where I could find the best solutions. 

    I would really like to try the first version of Jaaxy Starter and if I am satisfied, I will definitely go for the Pro version.

    Wish you all the best and keep in touch!

    • Hey, no problem at all.. Glad to be of help.

      Jaaxy is a great Keyword Tool for sure and is my ‘go to’ when it comes to my research. Check out the information I wrote about Jaaxy here and if you need anything along the way just holler at me.



  4. This is a valuable article that could not have come for me at a better time quite frankly. Only today I got top spot page 1 ranking on both Google and Bing for one of my websites and top spot page 1 ranking for another on Google.

    This was all 82 days into kicking off the 3 websites that I now run. The question for me, that popped into my head as this happened, was what now? How do I sustain that and what do I need to be thinking about to make sure that I stay there? Then you came along with this.  It is now in my research and resource folder.

    Thanks for the work that you have done here I appreciate it and you may have just kept me going longer….


    • Thanks Hamish and thanks.

      It is really great to hear about your success too when it comes to your rankings. Just keep doing what you are doing. Kudos to you sir.

      All the best!


  5. Hi, Dear Chris!

    Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I appreciated this post very much.

    You have very nicely distinguished between the First Page Of Google and the Second Page Of Google. Here all of the discussion is of importance. It is an amazing Website Ranking guide. I’m so impressed. I think this article is useful for everyone.

  6. Wow I really want to appreciate the publisher of this article its a very lovely write-up but the most important thing here is not to stuff your content full of garbage simply to achieve a good word count.

    Remember, quality content is king here.The contents needs to be helpful and also interactive in order to engage the audience..

    • Thanks Wilson .. I am here.. Appreciate away 🙂

      Thanks for reading and I am most happy you found the points made here of interest.


  7. Thank you for writing on this article, I found it very informative.

    So many people often make the mistake by assuming it’s impossible to get ranked on the first page of google. It is very much possible and with all these steps/points on this article ranging from the first to the last if well followed I think ranking first place will be very much possible. 


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