How To Get Traffic To A New Website

When you are first starting out online it can be very frustrating writing lots of content and spending many hours building things up with little happening when it comes to visitors. Learning how to get traffic to a new website is important and you will be pleased to know it takes only a few steps that need to be followed and adhered to in order to get this traffic flow.

Are you building a new website and having trouble obtaining traffic (visitors)? Maybe you have been in the game a while and have not mastered how to get traffic? I know there is nothing worse than looking at your Google Analytics and seeing that Big Fat Zero when checking how many people are on your website.

Please read on and I will uncover some important tips that will see you head in the right direction to getting some initial traffic to your project.

Compose Quality Content

Nowadays content is king, and the more you absorb yourself into the online world and build a successful business on the internet, the more you will hear this phrase. Content really is king and without it, you will not get very far on your endevour!

When people come to the internet to make a search for something, they are looking for information. They want to learn something, increase their knowledge on something or resolve an issue they may be having. If they land on your information and you are not providing what they are looking for they will simply click away and go elsewhere. It is brutal, but it is the truth.

You only have a few seconds to obtain the full attention of you readers and if you fail, you will lose them!

Do your research before you write your content and ensure you prepare it in a way that is engaging and offers them the information they are looking for. Use relevant imagery within your content and a video to show your readers what you are talking about. Watching a video and seeing images that describe the content is a great way to capture the attention of your audience and keep them on your website.

A solid piece of content that is of high quality will be rewarded by Google and you will receive better rankings down the line which will lead you to obtaining a massive flow of organic traffic.

If you just throw your material together and produce crappy content simply to produce content, you will not get much in the way of good results.

Remember, content is king.

Content Is King - How To Get Traffic To A New Website
Creating Great Content Is Vital For Success

Be Helpful To Your Audience

You should always seek to offer good assistance to the people that visit your website. Like I said in the last paragraph, people are coming to your information because they want to learn something or possibly find a solution to a problem they are having.

Help comes in the way of quality well researched content of course, but it also comes into play by you willing to go that extra mile. Be sure to encourage your readers to contact you for further advice and be willing to communicate with them in a helpful and friendly way.

It is important to remember that you are building your website and its helpful content for real people and not robots. Actual people will be visiting your site looking for what you have to say, so always be helpful and ready to offer a friendly hand of support.

Comments are a great way for you to interact with your audience and be sure to make use of a contact form as well. I have personally found that a page with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) can go a long way too.

This all boils down to having a good customer service. People will come to you for advice and maybe even a complaint! It is vital you deal with all of your readers in a professional way. This will lead to repeat visitors and your overall professional approach will see you as a trusted source.

Once you are trusted, you will see your rankings improve and you will have more traffic as a result.

Build With Your Visitors In Mind

It is not uncommon for people to build a website the way they like it and pay little attention to other thoughts and ideas. It is my way or no way, some may say!

What you need to remember here is this, ‘not everyone likes what you might like’. While it is good to design something you personally like (whether it be involving colors and/or layout etc) you have to keep your potential visitors in mind. Something that might be straight forward and easy on the eyes for you may not be seen the same by somebody else.

Ensure the navigation on your website is simple and easy to use. If people cannot find what they are looking for and they are going around in circles, again they will leave and go somewhere else to do their research.

Another important point here is to keep things simple. There is a massive trend that people go after, and that is to produce a website with all the flashing lights and effects to try to impress others. Actually, most of the time this distracts the reader from your content and their visit will be cut short and for nothing.

The idea of building a business online is to get people to read what you have to say and to take you seriously when it comes to recommendations you make. They are not going to get that far if they sit and admire your Christmas lights.

Keep things straight forward, to the point and avoid implementing unnecessary distractions. This way, people will stick around to see what you have to say and maybe take action. This will lead to better results in the search engines and more traffic.

Stay On Topic

Another crime that people commit when building a website/business is trying to cover different topics/subjects/niches.

Offer Help And Support - How To Get Traffic To A New Website
Offer Help And Support

For example, if you had a business online which was talking about cooking and recipes, why would you want to add information about how to fix a computer? They are completely irrelevant to each other and people coming to a website for a recipe are coming for just that, not something else.

This is a trap I see people falling into a lot, and it really can harm your rankings. Hurt rankings depletes traffic to a website, plain and simple.

Of course all niches can be scaled and widened, but always keep the content relevant to your chosen business. Going off subject and posting information that is completely off topic will not do you any good down the road.

Relevance is vital, and if you keep things in a nice flowing relevant order, you will see better results in the search engines.

Offer Your Readers An Incentive

It is very important to make your readers feel special. Do that and they will keep coming back to you. Consider offering them something free for visiting and let them know they can be the first to get the latest updates and information.

Maybe use a sign up box (opt-in) to gather readers email address and in return give them an E-Book with some further helpful information. This way, when you add a new post to your website, you can email them and they will return to your website to read what you have to say.

Aside from getting visitors back to your website, this tactic is a real trust builder. People will come back to read your updates, they will reach out to you for advice and they will take action on what you are telling them.

This is known as Email Marketing and it is crucial for you being successful with an online business.


This list is by no means exhaustive and there are lots more tactics that you can employ to build trust. This trust will lead to traffic and you will see your business thrive because of it.

I personally feel the points I have made here are the bread and butter of your business. Being helpful to your customers is essential online just as it is in the real outside world.

Offering people great information and a friendly and simple user experience will see you race ahead in the online business world and this will lead to a very powerful traffic flow later on down the line.

My Final Advice

It is essential you learn to do things correctly from the outset. Taking shortcuts and doing what you think is best is not always the right way to go.

Learning how to write good content and engage with your audience can take some practice, but with the correct tuition it can be achieved quite easily.

Why take chances and risk making mistakes? My advice is to follow and implement a solid training course that explains everything in step by step detail which will drastically improve your chances of success. Without the correct tuition and tools you will find yourself going off on an unnecessary tangent.

I hope this helps you out and of course, if you have any questions or thoughts just reach out to me in the comments below and I will get right back to you!

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6 thoughts on “How To Get Traffic To A New Website”

  1. Hello there Chris, 

    Thank you very much for offering all this advice.

    I am just starting out within the online business world and I get depressed at times when I look at my google analytics for 3 days in a row and find nothing in terms of traffic.

    I have to admit though, that I have not implemented all what you recommend here. I rarely do enough research and mostly I find myself building content for search engines like google, so that they love my website.

    I will most definitely implement your strategies to my website and see how that goes. Although I already feel it will work because it makes all the sense to keep the visitors or readers in mind while building the website as the main reason behind having a website is to communicate with people.

    Thanks heaps for putting things into perspective for me.

    • I know what you mean. Constantly seeing a lack of attention to your website can hurt your confidence sometimes, but more often than not it is because you are overlooking something.

      Never write for the Search Engines. Make sure your content is for the people that are interested in your niche and be helpful and engaging. This way you will be rewarded for your efforts.

      Let me know how you develop and if you need something just let me know.



  2. Hi Chris, first time I’m seeing your website. 

    Great article you wrote and well summarized. 

    Especially liked the “stay on topic” advice. I am guilty of sometimes violating that which probably hurts my blog engagement, and increases my bounce rates.

    I also found that short paragraphs / sentences and including some images helps so there is no “text overload” to the eye of the visitor.

    • Absolutely Eran, it is really important to make your content visually appealing with lots of white space. If something is hard on the eyes and difficult to read then you are more likely going to see visitors click away for another resource.

      Nice to hear from you.



  3. Good tips here, especially about staying on topic. I’ve come across quite a few websites and articles that go completely off topic. I think when content stays on topic and sticks to the point, then it’s much easier to read.

    Plus, most people are looking for specific info, so it’s good for website owners to stay on point with everything.

    • Yes, spot on Nate.

      I have seen this mistake made so many times when people are starting out. Niches are chosen and a great start is made, but slowly content seems to be added that has nothing to do with the subject of the website.

      It is a common mistake and one that needs to be avoided. People are coming to a website for the information it offers, not for information on various other subjects too.

      It is not to say a niche can not be expanded on as indeed it can, but content always needs to be relevant.




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