How To Make Money Online With No Experience

Now this is a question right? How to make money online with no experience, at all!! Can this really be done?

It is something I am often asked and due to this I wanted to cover it here in more detail. Do you think it is like going for a normal job when you are younger and need the experience to get hired? How can you get hired without experience?

I always remember having this issue when I was younger. ‘Sorry sir, you cannot have the job because you do not have any experience’. Well wait a second, I need the damn job to get the experience! How am I ever going to have experience if nobody offers me a job?

Been there?

Thankfully, the online world is somewhat different and should you wish to gain this experience it is not hard to do. This is the beauty of working for yourself.

So Do You Need Experience Or Not?

Experience comes from trying, making an effort, learning and putting into practice skills you have studied. This goes for all areas of your life in actual fact. The more you practice and try at something, the easier things become and the more experience and knowledge you will acquire as a result.

In short, you do not need to have experience to get started working online. You can start from the very basics and slowly learn the skills needed. Put these skillsWe Are Hiring - How To Make Money Online With No Experience

into practice and slowly you will develop in your abilities. Experience will come naturally and the only one that decides if you have enough of it or not, is you!

Personally when I started working online, I knew very little. Fine I knew how to open a computer and look around and I knew how to browse the internet. I had no idea though how to go about building my own website and creating this full time business. I had to start from the beginning.

My experience came by learning and putting my new found knowledge into practice. Now I am very self-sufficient in this area and I also build websites for other people. My experience came naturally and with some effort.

Believe me, I am no Einstein. If I can do it, you can do it too. I do not possess special skills that are unique. I simply followed a good university package and had the desire to succeed in what I was doing.

So, How Do You Start?

You will need the following components to get started!

  • A Computer/Laptop
  • An Internet Connection
  • Your hobby or an interest (or both)
  • A Website or Blog
  • The Ability to learn the required training

A Computer or Laptop

You will need your own computer or laptop (or at the very least have access to one of them) to get started. When I first got going, I actually started off in my local library and had my own USB stick to save my files. I bought my PC later when I started to make some money and could afford it.

Having your own setup is important as you can really get your teeth into what you are doing within your own comfortable environment. Do not worry, you do not need anything super technical and expensive. A simple windows operated computer or laptop with the ability to browse the internet and watch video tuition is more than acceptable. No need to be spending thousands of bucks here.

You can also make use of a cell phone (smart phone) but I will be honest with you, it is not easy. There are tasks that you need to be doing and on a smart phone you will find them far more difficult. A Desktop or Laptop Computer is best.

You Need A Computer - How To Make Money Online With No Experience
You Only Need A Computer And Internet Connection To Get Started!

An Internet Connection

Naturally you will need access to the internet. Again, you do not need to have a super fast speed and a basic internet connection is more than adequate. Browsing the internet, working from a website and watching tuition videos is the most you will need to be doing. If you have a lower speed connection, this will be fine!

Your Hobby Or Interest

This is important, as you need to be looking at an online business in which you can communicate with others about and have some knowledge and interest of.

There is nothing worse than trying to maintain an online business about something you cannot stand. There are millions of websites out there covering thousands of topics and interests. Have your own and this will help you a great deal as you move forward.

This interest and/or subject is also referred to as a niche! You can read more about How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche here! Of course if you need any help on this just let me know.

A Website Or Blog

To run your own business and to make a living online you will need your own internet space, be it a website or a blog. I do not care what anyone else tells you.

There are many offers out there that will feed you a ton of BS about making money on the internet. You can do it for free and you can make thousands without a website etc. It is not true. To be taken seriously with your business online, you need your own website or blog, end of story. Do not be taken in by so called make money online alternatives.

Note: Do not panic at this point. Setting Up and designing your website is all taken care of in my suggested training package for you!! It is easier than you might think!

The Ability To Learn The Required Training

This will ensure the first points I have made will all come together and you will use them to develop your own business. The training and the tuition is the bread and butter of what you are doing and if you take it seriously and follow the steps it asks you to take, you will do something online.

Build An Online Business - How To Make Money Online With No Experience
Start Building Your Business Today!

This is where your education comes in, your knowledge increases and your experience builds. As you progress, you will see your online business website taking

shape that could potentially lead you to a full time income.

It all depends on the effort and the dedication you are willing to put into it. People can not learn for you, they cannot do things for you. We can help, but the end result has to be your own.

Building a business takes a little time and effort. If you are expecting to rush things through then you will not succeed. Take your time, have patience and use your time to build things up. You will get there.

The Correct Training Resource Is Essential

Following the correct training is of course extremely important if you want to be successful. Having the support of the university and its members is a great way to reach out for help if you need it and the courses are all presented in a step by step format with video tuition.

The training university I used was (and still is) The Wealthy Affiliate University. I found this one the best as it is always updated and the latest additions to information are always there so the tuition is fresh!

Having a solid training foundation to work from is absolutely essential as it will cover EVERYTHING you need to create a successful online business.

Remember – No Experience Required To Start

If you are serious about making money online and you are willing to put in the effort to accomplish it, then you can do it. You do not need to be a computer wiz and you do not need to have technical and/or programming abilities.

Everybody has to start at the beginning, no matter what they choose to do in life. When I was younger, I went to serve as a Firefighter. Yes, I had to be fit and pass some exams, but I did not grow up fighting fires. I had to be taught. I had to learn and put into practice training methods.

People that want to pass their driving test have to learn and practice. Doctors have to train and practice. Nobody is born with the knowledge and ability to do an open heart surgery operation. They have to follow a curriculum and study. At some point they have to perform it for the very first time.

It is the same principle here. You have to start somewhere. Follow the set training and put your new knowledge into practice as explained. Soon you will see yourself achieving goals maybe you cannot vision right now.

If you want something badly enough, you will go out there and get it. Experience comes later.

My Final Advice

I know when it comes to building a business online there are tons of conflicting attitudes. Unfortunately there has been a lot of bad press on the internet when it comes to working online.

There are lots of scams out there that will take your money and offer you little back in the way of education. This is not fair and I do understand why people shy away from trying due to this. However, this is not to say that all of them are the same. You can find good and bad offers.

Where I did my training and practical tuition worked really well for me. This website (and others) are the results of the training, education, skills and experience I acquired. I really wanted it. I always wanted to work for myself and I always wanted to be my own boss. I did it.

Nobody gave it to me, I went out there and tried and followed a good and well respected university package. If you want it as badly as I did, then you can achieve the same.

Well, I will sign off here but if you have any questions or thoughts on what we have discussed here, reach out to me in the comments below and I will be happy to connect with you.

build your online business here no experience required

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Chris Towers
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Hello there, my name is Chris and I am here to assist you in making a successful business online. Come and join me and follow in my footsteps and become a powerful presence on the internet.

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8 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online With No Experience”

  1. hi Chris! Nice article on how to make money online with no experience, what a great topic. I think a barrier to an online business for a lot of people is self-doubt and misplaced skepticism. You lined out step-by-step how to start an online business for beginners and if people reading this follow your advice I think they will be successful as long as they work hard and stay patient and dedicated.

    • Yes I know there is a lot of bad press when it comes to venturing out online and this can naturally cause people to shy away from ever trying.

      There are good and bad opportunities out there of course, but it is a case of doing a little research and pulling out the ones worthy of your time.

      Skepticism is fine and I understand it completely. it is not a reason to shy away from trying to build a business of your own though!

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Hello Chris!

    This autumn, towards the end of September, I started myself to think seriously about making money on the Internet (besides the wage from my full-time job), also with no experience in the working online fields. Having access to computers is not a  problem for me, I am accessing the Internet and writing to you from a Desktop PC.

    As for the methods I chose for making my way to earning online… well, I went through several situations, like starting to play a strategy game, taking surveys (which I had already done several times since the autumn of 2018, discontinuing it after a certain time), thinking also about freelancing (a difficult option for me), walking through PTC sites… and also finding Wealthy Affiliate & deciding to try affiliate marketing too, since I am passionate about computers and I can promote components!

    We need ambition and persistence for improving our life and knowledge, and be able to find and use the right places for us.

    Obviously there is no real shortcut to success (as several scam sites out there are trying to deceive people into thinking). And yes, we can start things we have no experience working with – after all, we also start our lives at birth, with no experience!

    Thanks for writing this article for us.

    Wish you good luck and best regards,


    • Thanks Peter, I appreciate you taking the time to shout out your thoughts here.

      There are a lot of options and I also tried the Survey Opportunities in the past. Personally I found they took up a lot of my time for very little in the way of reward. Another issue I have with them is I found myself waiting a long time (sometimes many days) before surveys became available. It was not a way to make a sustainable income for sure.

      We all need to start somewhere though to get a taste of what it is all about. The world these days is online for most of our activities and Affiliate Marketing is booming now. This is a great way to make a good business online and needs to be taken seriously.

      Thanks Peter, great to hear from you!


  3. First of all thank you for the gift of such a beautiful article.. I completely agree with you, At one time I could not open the computer properly and I didn’t know anything about the online world. Ever since I started using the computer, I’ve started to learn a little bit. 

    There are many ways to earn from online, notable among them are blog writing and affiliate marketing.You must first launch a website for blog writing and affiliate marketing.  This is not a very difficult task to do, If you research online a little better then you can learn a lot.

    • I totally agree. You can not doing anything worthwhile (or be taken seriously) without your own space on the internet. Having your own website or blog is essential to making good headway and it is so simple to set it up and get the ball rolling.

      Without making this small effort you will not get very far. It is worth spending an hour or so laying the foundations and getting your website in place ready for you to start seriously building up!

      Nice to hear from you.



  4. Thank you for your helpful article! I love how you break it down so simply and tell it like it is. I see far too many scams these days promising to make you thousands in minutes without the need to do any actual work. This is just not true – it takes time and effort to create a successful business, even in the online world.

    I found Wealthy Affiliate several months ago and I am so glad I did! In just this short time I have gained an amazing amount of knowledge and I can honestly say I am well on my way to creating a successful online business of my own. Like you, I was a complete beginner to website design, but the training, tools and support at WA was like no other platform I have come across. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone looking to make money online with their own website. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Shan and it is great to know your are happy with the University and its teaching methods. I look forward to seeing you reach the levels of success you deserve.




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