How To Write An About Me Page For A Website

Learning and implementing how to write an about me page for a website can be a daunting task especially if you are new to the online world. I have seen so many people reduced to a state of panic when it comes to writing their material as they simple do not know what to say about themselves that others would find interesting enough to read.

What do I write? Do i need to put a photograph of myself on the internet? How long does the information need to be? Etc.

Have you found yourself confronted with these issues? If so, I am going to help you out here and tell you what the ingredients of a great About Page need to be.

So, let us go over some basics first and we will then get into the meat of what you need to do.

Why Is An About Page So Important?

I have always found it extremely important to have a face behind the scenes of a blog or website. When your visitors come to your online space, knowing there is someone there to communicate with and that will help them is a real trust builder. This is vital when it comes to being successful on the internet.

How many times have you visited a website and wanted to reach out to someone for advice? Maybe you have been looking for a refund or chasing up an order?

Communicate With Your Readers - How To Write An About Me Page For A Website
Communicate With Your Readers

Maybe you wanted to get in touch with someone to find out a little more about a certain subject? With this in mind, how many of them have had no About Me Page or a way to contact them? And if they do, nobody ever replies?

This is a most frustrating feeling, so if you can provide that platform to your readers, it will offer them comfort and they will go ahead and have a little more faith in you.

Not having that backbone to your website or blog leaves a huge empty space, and you will struggle to gain the trust of your visitors without it. The About Page will potentially be the most visited page or post on your website for the reasons I have mentioned, so it is vital you have one, and a good one.

The Ingredients Of An About Page

Here i will explain what the key elements are to a successful About Page. Remember, what you write today in your About Information does not need to be set in stone. As you develop your website and become an authority, you can update your About Page too. Do not be under the impression that what you do today needs to stay forever. It doesn’t.

1. Be Captivating

When someone visits your About Information, it is important to captivate their attention immediately. In all honesty, this goes for all of your content throughout your website too. People today in general have a very short attention span and too many of us are used to reading small snippets of information such as a Tweet or a Facebook Post.

If their full attention is not there within the first few seconds, you will lose the visitor. It really is that simple.

So, rather than just saying ‘Hey, Welcome To My About Me Page’, give them a good and powerful opening line that grabs their attention. Let’s face it, they know they are coming to your about me page as they clicked on the necessary link within your website, so you do not need to reiterate it here!

BOOM, hit them with a great opening line and make sure they are going to stick around to read what you have to say!

Grab Their Attention - How To Write An About Me Page For A Website
Give A Great Headline

2. Be Sincere And Honest With Your Audience

One of the real difficulties I have found people having, is not knowing what to say on their About Page. With this in mind, they then go on to write a lot of drivel which is mostly just not true in order to spice it up a little more and to fill it out for word count purposes.

It is essential you are honest and genuine on your About Page. Do not lie to your readers. You simply need to write about who you are, why you are here and what you want to do to help people within your chosen niche. If you have some examples to show people then great.

It is important not to feed people what you think they want to hear. It will come across as false and you will lose your audience and your credibility.

If you look at My About Me Page on this website, you will see I have kept it very simple and I have been completely honest. I have not jazzed it up and hit people with lies of extravagant earnings, I do not have a photograph of myself with a Ferrari pretending it is mine when it is not, and i am not making false promises to people from my 12 bedroom mansion. (I do not own any of them, and I do not want to).

I tell people a little about my past, what happened to me, what brought me here and how I solved my problems along with how I can help them too. Nothing more.

Honesty is the best policy – trust me.

Watch the Video For A Full Idea Of What Is Needed For An About Me Page

3. Get To The Point And Keep It Simple

I have a lot of inquiries on this subject and this is the reason i wanted to compile this post. Like I have said in the above paragraph, it is important to tell people who you are, why you are here and what you want to do to help your readers.

There is no need to give a full account of your life.  Where you went to school, what your parents do for a living, the name of your dog etc are all things that fill out the post length but offer little value to your visitors.

I see this a lot and only a few days prior to me writing this I had one person send me a message to check out his About Page and to let him know if it was good enough. The page in question was over 7000 words long and it literally ran me through his whole life from his childhood to the present day.

Sometimes you can go overboard and there is no reason for it. Keep it simple and straight forward.

Remember, cover the following.

  • Who You Are
  • Why You Are Here
  • What Your Goal Is (ie To Help People)

4. Apply Relevant Images

It is essential to have an image of yourself on your About Page. Like I mentioned towards the beginning of this post, it is vital you connect with your audience andabout chris

build trust.

Having an image of yourself on your website allows people to see who is behind the scenes and who it is that is going to be helping them.

Again, you do not need a picture of yourself next to a sports car (that is probably not yours) or a picture of your house. A simple photograph of your face that allows people to know who is behind the scenes is more than enough. The more genuine you are with your photographs, the more genuine it will come across.

Note: These photographs that display wealth do not work. I see them a lot, and more often than not people click away from these websites as they see straight through the BS. They are put in place simply to make you feel that you too can have the same wealth if you follow the persons guidance.

It is all crap guys and girls. Keep it simple and keep your images genuine. Again, always be honest.

5. Have Compassion And Show Warmth

People are going to come to your website because they are looking for something. Maybe they need information, maybe they need help and advice. Very often people are looking for solutions to solve problems they might be experiencing.

It is important within your About page that you display warmth, compassion and understanding to your readers needs. You need to offer them the comfort they require to feel encouraged to engage with you.

Once you offer this compassion and show that you care about your readers, they will trust you and in turn you will see success.

I always make the following point. You are building a business to help people, not only to make money. If you are building an online business simply to watch the money roll in, you will more than likely fail. You will not make any business successful if you do not care for your customers (online or offline), simple.

So, make sure you connect with your visitors within your About Information.

6. Acquire Comments and Dialogue

I always enable the comments feature on my About Page and I always encourage my readers to get in touch with me. People that come to read the About Page can then see that I have the full intention of getting back to my audience and it offers proof that someone is there should visitors need someone to talk to.

Once more, this builds a high level of trust as people can see the person behind the scenes is genuine. Should someone have a question or concern, they know they are going to get a response.

Remember, there is nothing worse than trying to contact someone for information and you never get a response. Comments are essential to building your trust levels, so acquire comments and reply to them all!

Speak to your readers as you would speak to a friend in person. Be yourself, you readers are real people not robots.

Some will argue that comments on an About Page are redundant and not needed. In my opinion, it is one more way for people to come and talk to me, so I will not pass up on that!

What To Write - How To Write An About Me Page For A Website
Be Thorough But Keep It Simple

My Final Advice

A lot of people underestimate the true power and value of an honest and well written About page. I have seen a lot of websites and blogs that do not have one at all.

In my opinion, a good and helpful About page which allows readers to see who is talking to them will provide a lot of trust and you will be way ahead of others in your niche if you apply the above points.

If you want some solid training and advice on how to build an About Page and A Successful Online Business, simply click the button below to get started. Also, you can grab me in the comments below if you have any questions or thoughts.

come and build a successful online business here

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6 thoughts on “How To Write An About Me Page For A Website”

  1. Thanks for this article, I really enjoyed it and learned loads from it. I am new to blogging and recently questioning the reason for the About me page. I didn’t get reasonable answers to this this as most even said its not necessary I have one. Your post really shed a good spotlight on the importance and I happy it did. 

  2. I love this post, it is something useful, original and a topic not many people would think about writing but yet something that is so important and needed when you have your own website. Thank you so much for the tips and for the clear explanation; I have an about me page and after seeing your video i definitely need to improve it.

  3. Thanks for that great informative and educative article.My take has always been “Simplicity is the best”. Keep it simple and it will make much more sense. Complicity leads to confusion which in turn lead to less follower ship!

    Learning how to write an about me page for a website is a big deal especially if you are new to the online world. Many newbies have goofed by always creating a wrong impression about themselves.Can you give a form of template on “about me”?  I will love to see one of the best you have used!

    Hope it is not top secret? (winks)

    • Hey and thanks for reading.

      To be honest there is not really a template and so much thought does not need to go into it. Like I say in the post here, keep things simple and cover the who you are, why you are here and how you can help people!

      If you follow this as a simple template, you will not go far wrong.

      I hope this helps




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