Is There A Way To Make Money Online For Free?

Very often I am approached by people and asked ‘is there a way to make money online for free?’ Maybe those asking are short of money and do not have a lot to invest into something, maybe others have money, but would like to build a second income to support their families and homes! Whatever the reasons are here, I want to discuss making money online and if it can be done without paying anything into achieving it.

Are you in a position where you need to make an extra income? Are you short on your financial goals and want to do something about it? If so, then I can steer you in the right direction, but is it all free?

Be On Your Guard

If you ever go onto the internet and look for ways to make money online without any investment, you will be presented with many options.

I will be honest with you here, and say yes, you can make money online without risking any of your hard-earned cash, but whether it is worth it or not will be up to you.

For Example

  • You can sign up to programs that offer surveys. You will make a few bucks on each survey (sometimes cents when surveys are available) for your efforts.

    Online Surveys - Is There A Way To Make Money Online For Free
    In My Opinion, Do Not Waste Your Time

  • You can earn money by browsing the internet. Companies offer different search engines for you to use as opposed to the more popular ones such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for a small gain.
  • You can get paid to test websites as some companies want feedback on how to make websites better for their users. Again, you can earn a few bucks each time you test a site (when the sites are available).
  • You can become a writer, as companies online are looking for experienced writers to write their websites content.
  • You can design websites. Again companies are looking for good designers to build solid well ranking websites across the internet. Here of course, you will need experience.

Look, I will not go through all of the options here as I could be here all day, and I do not want to take you down that road anyways! The point I am making is, yes you can make money online without an investment but your efforts will most likely be in vain!


Simply because, a lot of the services offered require a lot of your time and effort and the monetary gain is not worth the amount of time you invest. Remember, your time is investment too, not only your money!

I always remember when I was starting off, I joined the survey options out there and also other programs that offered me payments to watch commercials. The surveys paid me around $10 per week (while working 50 hours per week) and the latter turned out to be a scam! Worth it? NO!!

Let Me Ask You Something

If you were to come to me, and I offered you the chance to set up a shop (let’s say for example a clothes shop) in your local high street or mall, and I said I would do it for nothing, completely free of charge, what would you think?

I am going to purchase for you all of the products needed and keep them coming, I will pay your start up fees and taxes, I am going to pay all of your rent every month, I will settle all of your bills and I will ask nothing in return. All from the kindness of my dumb old heart!! What would you think really?

Well, in my opinion, and if you were an idiot, I would say you would bite my hand off and ask no questions. Take the deal and stay blind to what is going on behind the scenes!

If you were skeptical, you would say ‘hold on a minute, what is this guys game?‘ And you would be right to do so.

Let me tell you, nobody is going to offer you a way to build a business or make money without taking something in return. Business is business and it is simply how it works.

With the offers I talk about above, would you consider these making money? Me I wouldn’t. Making $10 per week while working hour after hour is a rip off, it is not worth the paper it is written on in my view.

Anything that is worth anything needs investment. Like the famous saying goes, you get what you pay for.

It Is Possible - Is There A Way To Make Money Online For Free

High Presumptions

This is one of the ingredients that causes people to fail when trying to find a path to making an income online. They expect too much too soon, and they expect it all for nothing. Unfortunately there are too many sites out there offering false promises and sadly people get taken up on these offers only to get stung days later.

Again, it comes to my shop example above. Even if I was a complete idiot and I offered you your high street business with all expenses paid, would you expect it to make you $10,000 bucks per day immediately? It would not happen. You need to create trust, offer quality and gather a reputation. It is no different on the internet.

Another question I get all too often is, ‘Chris, I have been building my business online now for a week and nothing has happened, why?’ Well you know, you going to need to give it a lot more than that. Time and Effort is the key.

Be Realistic

If you desire to build your own income online then you need to keep things in perspective. You will need to take small steps at first, establish your foundations and build up from the bottom. Do not run before you can walk (as the famous saying goes).

Nothing is going to be given to you for free and on a silver platter, it is as simple as that. Building an online business takes commitment on your part and the ability to put things into practice. Taking action on what you are learning is important and once you start to gain momentum you will see things start to move. However, this does not happen overnight.

Watch The Video And See My Views On Making Money Online

Why Do People Fail?

You may find what i am going to say here a little contradictory. In the previous paragraphs I suppose I have given you some home truths. Maybe it hurts? I am sorry if it does, but facts are facts.

People fail on the internet for 2 reasons.

  • They look for fast offers that promise lots of money with little (or no) work. These are crap guys and girls, do not fall for them.
  • They find a genuine offer that is the way forward to achieving success, but they are impatient and want it all NOW!. Finally, they give up even though they found the path they needed.

However, Building A Business Online Is Possible

The crazy thing is, underneath all of the skepticism on the internet and the false promises you will find, building a business online of your own and creating a fullBuild A Business - Is There A Way To Make Money Online For Free time income is not that hard if you do it correctly. If you forget all the surveys and other quick money making offers out there and do something of your own, then you can build a sustainable and respectable income and you can develop it into a full time operation.

Let’s face it, you are on my website because I have put effort into building it and it provides the information you are looking for. It did not build itself, I built it with training, effort, time and a small investment.

Just to put things into perspective for you, It took me around 1 week to get all my foundations in place. I then developed the content and the images, and over a few months I made it what it is today and got it ranked in Google. It is a business, and people are coming to me every day for advice and i earn my income.

My Advice To You

My advice to you when it comes to making your source of income from the internet, is to think about the following.

  • In 6 months from now, would you like to be earning up to $1000 per month (and more) with all of your hard efforts? That means 1 year of training, and a good working practice. If this is your mindset, then you can achieve it. You can even start to make an income before this time frame.


  • Would you prefer to be impatient, get hacked off and throw the towel in and carry on with your life as it is now?

Either way is fine, but if you are serious about doing something online, then you need to be focused and you need to be willing to put in the time and effort.

You can make cents for free, but you can make thousands over time with a small investment. I know which one I prefer.

I hope this clears things up for you when it comes to making money online. Thanks for reading, and reach out to me in the comments if you have any questions or thoughts.

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18 thoughts on “Is There A Way To Make Money Online For Free?”

  1. I love the fact that you are able to make people understand from your post not to go after free things, and i really agree with you that to make good money on the internet one must be able to work hard instead of looking for platforms where you do little or no work. 

    Also one must be able to at least invest some cash, because most legitimate and working platforms require cash.

    Thanks so much for this enlightening post. Hope to read more from your subsequent posts

    • Hey and thanks for reading and yes, few things in life are free, and those that are, are not usually worth bothering with.

      If you want quality you have to pay for it. it is that simple.


  2. This is a lovely article and its very realistic; let me commend you for sharing your knowledge with us. I must say its an eye opener for me. There is no free food even in a free town, many people waste their time online because they are not ready to send their money on an errand. I really learnt from your write up, Thanks so much. 

    I appreciate

  3. Nice article and informative post there. I must commend you for that. 

    It is no news that online is full of fake promises and fake programs that appear at the beginning to be legitimate but later turn out to be a scam and this happens on a daily basis 

    Many get scammed because they want to make it fast and try to find free programs which are very seldom legitimate and online businesses just don’t work like that.

    But with steady and consistent hard work success is guaranteed in the long run if you are willing to invest in your business.

    • Yes i agree, if you go  looking for fast get rich quick schemes that offer you free products, most of the time you will be ripped off further down the road. 

      You have to look out for these free offers that ask you for the money upfront but with a money back guarantee. Well hold on, that is not free then is it? Most of the time with these, you never see your money again!

      A correct investment with quality tools, tuition and support are essential to making headway online.



  4. Hello Chris,

    It is a very effective suggestion for Making Money Online without investing a penny. I liked your article very much. Also, loved your recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate. I am beginner at Wealthy Affiliate and I am loving it day by day as well as making money. I started making money from the 5th day of joining.

    Thanks for such a nice post. I remember you from your past posts. I like your site very much. You really guide nicely and very humble to help others. 🙂


  5. Dear Chris,

    Thanks a lot for answering the million dollar question.

    I was trying to make money online since 2008-2016. To be honest I tried many make money online programs without investments. To name a few ptc, gpt, email reading, ad posting, surveys, data entry, captcha typing, etc.,

    Based on my experience the answer to this question is “YES” but as you correctly said, in order to earn $1 I have worked for many days. Even if I work for 12+ hours a day also, its really hard to earn a dollar. And its not worth the effort and time.

    One of my mentors asked me… If you want to become an entrepreneur offline is it possible to achieve it without investment? I said no and he said its the same online as well. If you are not even ready to invest in yourself (learning) and to build your own business how come you expect success? It hit me on my head and things changed.

    I changed my attitude and then I was trying to find the genuine platforms to learn about website building, affiliate marketing etc.,

    I chose Wealthy Affiliate on November 2016.

    To cut it short…

    I am still with WA and since December 2017 I am full-time blogger working from home.

    There is no free lunch in this world!


    • Awesome Paul and thanks for sharing.

      There are tons of offers out there to tempt you in, but little of them ever come to fruition. Like you say, Ptc and Surveys take up a lot of your time and there is little in monetary gain. I found that out too a long time ago.

      Building an online business needs to be taken seriously and yes, you need to invest. Money is one part only though, you need to also be willing to invest in your time to build things up!

      Half efforts and free offers will only lead to failure.

      I agree to with your points on Wealthy Affiliate. A complete University that offers everything you need to be successful starting right at the beginning.

      Thanks Paul.. really great to hear from you.


  6. Before I actually made money online I tried paid surveys and honestly, they weren’t worth it.  Sometimes I can start taking a 40-minute survey and then 30 minutes in I’m told I don’t qualify for the survey which was pretty time consuming and annoying. 

    If I did complete the survey the payout was pathetic, sometimes less than 2 dollars. I gave up on surveys completely and pursued affiliate marketing which is the best decision I ever made!  

    • Thanks for chipping in with your experience Ezra, it only goes to solidify my point that you can waste a lot of time on offers like this with little reward.

      I appreciate you coming in with your say!


  7. Obviously there is no free money anywhere. Some people claim that money can be made so easily on the internet with little or no work but they are all lies and never a true fact. There are some but few reliable ways of earning money online and the very one I am sure about is Affiliates Marketing. 

    • Yeah Kenechi, Affiliate Marketing is the way to go for sure. People are buying online more than ever before and this trend is only going to keep going north.

      People are looking for information, reviews and recommendations too online, so it is good to be helpful to customers and in turn they will listen to your recommendations.

      Nothing is free, and to do something correctly is a lot cheaper than trying to find fast and cheap offers.


  8. This is for real, an article that is very explicit. i do agree with your assertion. Most people have the notion that they can make money online without investing a dime and they end up being swindled. There are those who still do not believe that investing money and time will yield good returns. It is  my believe that nothing good comes free, Every profitable business must entail financial commitment. You spend money to get money.

    It is also a proven fact that any legitimate online business needs time to grow, there are stages to follow- formation-inception-growth-maturity. Anyone searching for a get-rich-quick program may end up in regrets. work comes before success.

    • Totally agree with you sir.

      You need to look at building up a business online the same as you would offline. Why should you be able to build something and earn a living for absolutely free? It is not acceptable to think like that!

      This is not to say it is not good to look for offers and best deals, but nothing worth anything is free. If people want to be serious about building a business, they will be willing to invest. If they are not, they will not progress too far!

      Thanks for reaching out to me. Much Appreciated!


  9. Oh my!. Thanks for the article. I have got a lot of experience on this one. What haven’t I tried online? I’ve tried many referral programs that all ended up as scams. I have almost lost money to some in the process. I believe you when you say I would be an idiot to not question a free business startup. I have sent the link of this article to some friends now. I hope they learn and leave these fake affiliate programs alone. Thanks for this 

    • Thanks for sharing this with people. I hope it gets out to those that need it before they lose money to these get rich quick scams. They do not work!

      Nothing in life is free that is worth anything. if you want something of quality, you have to pay for it!

      Nice meeting you.



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