My Content Constructor Software Review

Welcome to this review of the Content Constructor Software.

During the many times you spend long hours trying to develop content for a website, there will be occasions when it seems like a chore. Let’s face it, it takes a lot of effort to continuously write content and develop it so it stands a good chance of being read, enjoyed and shared by your visitors.

I speak also for myself here, as there are some days when I am simply not in the mood to write. Sometimes I do not feel creative enough and do not have the frame of mind to sit typing for an hour or two. Let’s face it, a lot of us can often think of other important things to be doing right?

Well because of this issue that we all have, it came to my attention that some individuals were looking into potential content assistance tools to take the burden away. Do content creation tools work though? Do they really help us in the long run, or can they do more damage than good?

If you are one of those people that struggles to write content and your progress is hindered because of it, read on. Let’s see if one of these content creation software tools works shall we?

Content Constructor

Problems Writing Content - My Content Constructor Software Review
Problems Writing Content ?
  • Product Name : Content Constructor
  • Product Owner : Andy Black
  • Product Price : $27
  • My Overall Score : 2/10


This content constructor software stands out as very appealing when you first see it. I did do a lot of research on this topic, and out of all of the programs I looked into, this one in my opinion would be the best to choose.

It states that at lightning speed, you can produce high quality articles (in any niche) for your blog or website and you do not really have much typing to do. It also alerts you to the fact that these generated articles are very friendly when it comes to the search engines and you will soon see them indexed in Google.

It offers an easy to use drag and drop method so you are able to select the important keywords you want, and the system in turn will generate lots of random sentences for you to sort through and use in your content.

So, overall it sounds quite good right? You simply enter some keywords that you want to target, and this software will generate all of the content you need and you simply drag and drop what you need into your post.

Tempted? Let’s move on.

Who is The Content Constructor Software For?

This software is for those of you out there that want to generate articles quickly and do not have the time to (or don’t want to) sit writing articles yourself.

I think this is something that needs to be looked at however. Each individual that actually wants to build a website needs to consider if they are doing the right thing by looking for shortcuts.

I for example and like I said at the start, do not always have the mood to write content. I sometimes wait for the inspiration to come and I start writing again. There are some that look for these shortcuts though which lead me to writing this piece of content.


learn more about effective content creation and building a successful online business

Pros & Cons

The Content Constructor Software
The Content Constructor Software


  • Not Too Expensive At $27
  • Quite Straight Forward and Simple to Use
  • Generates Relatively Accurate Results for your Chosen Searches
  • Can Offer some Good Ideas for Niche Content from the Results Generated


  • The Content Generated is Not Unique
  • The Content Created does Not Have a Natural Flow to it and Feels Broken
  • You Will Get Better Results by Writing the Content Yourself (In My Opinion)

A Look At The Workings

I personally purchased this software so I could review it from my own experience and I have to say that overall it is not too bad. It is not perfect either, but let’s just say it works and it does what it says on the tin.


Despite it generating quite good content in the form of separate sentences which you have to drag and drop to create your overall article, it does have its flaws.

Once you enter your keyword and you let the content creation tool do its work, you will be presented with results that have been pulled from across the internet. IE – Other peoples content from other peoples websites and blogs.

Basically, the results offered come in the form of sentences (mostly of a couple of lines each) which you then need to individually select and edit to put your content together. Remember too, that because the results have been pulled from various websites targeting different areas of a niche, the content does not have a flow. You could find yourself trying to put sentences together that were written 3 years apart! (and maybe more).

Even if you fit the sentences together, you will find you need to spend a lot of time to edit all the material to make it appear natural. If you were not to do this, the final draft would not make too much sense and you will find the material would be stuffed with your chosen Keywords.

My biggest issue with the software is this:

Once you make your search and get the generated results, you are confronted with OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT. Yes fine, you have to make various edits for it all to fit together, but in my opinion it comes down to blatant plagiarism. We all know that the search engines do not tolerate this don’t we? So is it worth the risk?

Also, by the time you finish editing all of the sentences and playing around with the grammar to make it all look like your own work, you could easily spend the same amount of time to simply write the content yourself. This way it will be yours, not pulled from another source and you can have some pride in your work.

What The Content Constructor Offers


The price to purchase the Content Constructor is $27. To be fair, this is what is advertised and this is what I payed. I was not offered any up sells or upgrades to take more money from me. For the price i think it is an OK tool.

In all honesty though, you get what you pay for. From my point of view, if a tool like this was truly to work and develop unique quality content that was tested and tried, it would be worth a lot more than the value of this product, and people would pay it too.

$27 for this product is a good price, but it does not offer the true quality it claims even though it does work to a point.

Write Your Own Material - My Content Constructor Software Review
Write Your Own Material


For the ease of finding my way around this software I will say I liked it. After saying that though, once I had a good look around and got to grips with its features and what it was offering, I would be reluctant to put the final created content onto my website.

I think pulling content from other peoples hard work is NOT the way to go if you are looking to get good rankings and build trust as you move your business forward. If you want to be successful, it is my firm belief that you need to be creative and develop unique content that is quality and your own.

Shortcuts only work to a point (and this one does work), but for those that are willing to put in the true effort needed are the ones that will stand out in the long run. If however, you feel you need to have a creation tool, then this one is the one to go for.

If you check out the program I use in comparison, you can see where this one is lacking when it comes to what is needed to be successful online.

My Final Advice

Learning to write original and quality content is not that hard once you get to know the basics of what is needed. Having a plan and structure in mind always helps as there is nothing worse than trying to write blind and with little or no direction.

The correct tuition and a little practice is all that you need to get going. Find that and you will alleviate the need for content creation tools and other shortcuts.

I hope this offers some clarity or you, and if you have any questions please reach out to me in the comments below.

learn more about effective content creation and building a successful online business


Content Constructor


Free Trial









  • Cheap To Start Using
  • Simple To Use
  • Can Generate Ideas With Results


  • Does Not Create Unique Content
  • Content Generated Is Broken And Does Not Flow
  • Time Consuming
  • Easier To Write Content Yourself
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20 thoughts on “My Content Constructor Software Review”

  1. Its really nice to read your review on the Content Constructor Software. To be frank, one really needs this type of software because developing contents without the aid of a software really seems to be a tedious task, as much brain work is needed and off course if its a quality content, it would take much time also. 

    Thanks so much for this eye-opening post. It was really helpful

    • Hi and thanks for reading although personally i would not use software such as this. For me, if something is worth doing it is worth doing correctly. Taking shortcuts and using software such as this will not make your content unique and worthy of the search engines.

      I agree that writing content can be a lengthy process and in some cases tedious like you say. I always ensure I put the full effort in though to make the content my own!

      Thanks for your comment and I appreciate your take on things.


  2. You were so honest to point out the vital pros and cons of this software. I’m a poet, creative writer and copywriter with over 4 years experience so I know more about software such as this. This can only be recommended to beginners who are yet to find their ground on blogging. However, for professional bloggers, I think writing by oneself will be better. 

    • I totally agree Sammy. Doing the work yourself and putting in the effort to make your content unique is far better than using software to do it for you. Very often they do not provide real quality and in the long run you can do more harm to your website or blog than you will do it favors.

      To some extent I could see why a newbie may go for it especially if writing skills are not there thing. I still think it is more important to learn how to do it properly though rather than taking shortcuts.

      Thanks Sammy


  3. I guess in my opinion when you create your own website you want it to be in your own words and written in your own unique way, that’s what sets us aside from everyone else.  Also it takes a good reader to sit through broken text, this day and age people don’t waste much of their time reading anymore so when they come to text that is broken or they have to re read it, chances are they are going to close the window and go somewhere else.

    Plagiarism is not only punishable but also a very low tactic, so be your own voice.  Again this is a perfect example of getting what you paid for…I personally would not waste my time with this product.  You’re not learning anything and in the end I’m sure it won’t get you any further ahead.

    • I absolutely agree with you Amanda. Having your own voice and putting your point across in your own way is far better than utilizing software to create content for you.

      You are quite right too, if content is written really well and from a personal perspective, then people are more likely to enjoy reading it. Anything less than that yes, you risk your visitors leaving.

      Thanks Amanda, it is really nice to hear from you.


  4. Hi there

    This post is really interesting. I have never heard of such a programme that will help develop good content before. It is quite easy.  This ‘My Content Construction’ is a really amazing product. This is a product I will easily subscribe to, to help me out as a newbie that really wants to be successful in building an online business. The pricing is really cheap compared to the value I  will get 

    • I think everyone has their own point of view on this but if you are a newbie you would be far better off learning to write good content yourself from the outset.

      Software such as this, although it can be somewhat appealing to some, will not offer you quality content in return for your money!

      Just my opinion of course.

      Thanks for your thoughts.


  5. Nice one. I have been a freelance writer for over four years. Often I have seen software like the Content Constructor and sites that offer a similar thing. However, I’m not a fan of such things. 

    Just the same way you noted, there is no way software like this can handle plagiarism in content creation.  Plagiarism is a big issue in content creation. The software might not be expensive, but on the long way, it would make me lose my clients

    • Absolutely yes, there is a massive issue online when it comes to plagiarism and to create your own unique quality content will set you up far better later down the road than to start using software.

      I am also not a huge fan of products like this either Tolu!

      Thanks for reading


  6. I just started blogging and I have only posted two blog posts, I know it is poor, but I am not always in the mood. Or I am not a person that loves writing. 

    So, coming across your review on Content Constructor Software, I thought I have found my problem solver but on a second thought, it doesn’t out shine the Wealthy Affiliate Program. I would just have to maximise the opportunities Wealthy Affiliate offers. 

    The Wealthy Affiliate beats Content Constructor Software by far. And I agree with your comparison of the two programs, completely. 

    • Thanks very much and I am also with you on this, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to use when it comes to learning how to create content and building your business up from scratch!

      Although some offers are tempting such as this Content Constructor software, it would be something I would also pass on!

      Thanks and great to hear from you.


  7. One of the major tasks of owning a website or blog is creating genuine content. Creating content can be very tasking and I know this because I have had to quit blogging at some point because I couldn’t generate any original content and it was too tasking for me. Now I know better. 

    In my opinion,this software is not bad at all for days you can’t come up any original content, you can use this software, that way you remain consistent with your website. 

    • Yes I see what you mean with your point of view but do not overlook the importance of writing your own content. If you start to rely on software (even to fill in your bad days) you risk hurting your website.

      Programs such as this do not really offer unique content, so be sure to do your research first before publishing any material!



  8. These done-for-you products never deliver what they promise. It’s a big issue to use other people’s content on your own website or blog. You might get in trouble with search engines and that would ruin your traffic. I would advice couscous toward products like this.

    Thanks for viewing it and sharing. It would be very helpful to any beginners.

    • Much appreciated Wei and I agree with you. Using software such as this could actually harm your rankings as a lot of the content produced is not unique.

      Thanks for reading!


  9. The Content Constructor software does sound like it can help out but I personally think that its best to write out your own content as you will be putting in your knowledge into your content. 

    However this software could be useful for those who are struggling a lot with content. I really like how you have compared it to Wealthy Affiliate and made it obvious that WA can offer more because I personally think WA does offer more in terms of the price you pay for it. Thanks for your review it was a pleasure reading it. 

    • Thanks for getting in touch and for your thoughts. I personally think though, even people struggling with content creation can find alternative ways to improve on their skills as opposed to making use of so called automated software!

      Genuine quality and unique content is essential and these programs do not offer that!



  10. Hi Chris,

    This is an excellent informative review of the Content Constructor software. I have heard about article spinning and automated article writing software. But that software is not perfect for writing unique and high-quality content. 

    I think that Content Constructor software is also like this type of software. I believe that an intelligent person will not choose this type of software for rising their content. After reading your review, I have the same opinion and agree with you that using this software is totally waste of time since we have to correct lot’s of mistake and grammatical error. Thanks for writing a wonderful review.

    • Thanks for reading I really appreciate it. Writing your own quality and unique content is definitely the best way to go here as opposed to using automated systems!


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