Search Engine Optimization And Why It Is Important

If you are just starting out in the online world, or if you have been online for a while and you know your way around, you will have come across the phrase Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. Here I want to discuss with you Search Engine Optimization And Why It Is Important. What is it for and how do we go about tackling it correctly?

If you are struggling with SEO and you need more information then please read on. Here I will cover what SEO is, the importance of it and how it can help you in the search engine results (SERP’s).

Before we start please know that you will hear a lot of conflicting opinions (as seems to be the case in a lot of areas online) so feel free to ask me any questions should you have them.

As years have gone by and technology has improved (and continues to improve) things have changed. Very often you will hear people say what they think is best, but some practices have been long left behind.

So, Let’s get started!

What Exactly Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

When you do a search on the internet, for example using Google, you will be presented with lots of results to choose from. Now, these results that you see at the top of the listings (the first page) are there for a reason. Number one, they are of high quality and the information on them is helpful to people looking for it and they have all been optimized for the search engines.

So the outcome of very good SEO applied to your website and its content can lead you to being at the top of these listings for keywords that people are searching for. By optimizing your website for search engines, you increase the chances of being visible at the top of the search results where you will get free traffic from natural (organic) visitors.

For example, if I type into Google the following keyword – ‘what is the best-selling CD of all time‘, you can see I am presented with the following results.

Search Results - Search Engine Optimization And Why It Is Important

The information offered to me is what Google feels are the most relevant and helpful results from my search. All of these pages also have great SEO and as a result they are displayed at the top of the results relevant to the keyword I searched for. So, they have free traffic to their websites as a result of high quality content and very good SEO!

In layman s terms, SEO is what is needed to make your website and its content understood easily by Google and other search engines such Yahoo and Bing. This way, they are able to crawl around your website, understand its material easily and index it into the search engines. The better optimization you have, the easier it is to be crawled and understood and as a result your website will have a better chance to be offered to visitors looking for the relevant information.

What Is Good SEO?

When it comes to applying SEO to your website and its content there is a lot to understand. Here I want to offer the basics of what is needed, but if you are serious about having a successful business online I recommend you study the full training package and practical tuition here.

To have any chance of competing with the best sites within your chosen niche you have to have the following in place.

Great Content That Engages Your Readers: Long gone are the days when you would be offered crappy websites that deliver no value at the top of the search engines. Old hat techniques that saw bad quality websites dominating the results have been stamped on thanks to Algorithm Changes such as Google Panda, Google Penguin and Hummingbird. You MUST HAVE quality content that is thorough and engaging to your readers. Without this, you will achieve very little.

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Good Use Of Keywords: Writing your content around good and relevant keywords is also important. Using keywords relevant to what your content and niche is about will help you a great deal when it comes to SEO. Making use of a good Keyword Tool is vital here and also studying the importance of keywords and how to apply them to your website and its content is essential.

Searching - Search Engine Optimization And Why It Is Important

On Page SEO

Writing awesome content and delivering it around great keywords is known as on page SEO. It is what you can practically do yourself to ensure you get the best results possible. Like I say there is a lot to learn but it is quite straight forward once you master it.

Creating Internal and External Links within your content is also important, making your site mobile friendly is another one, ensuring your images are compressed, optimized and given Alt Tags is another. These are all things that you can learn and apply to your site which will help you achieve good rankings and they can all be controlled by you.

Off Page SEO

Doing off page SEO is also important and can have extremely positive results too.

Creating a Video Channel on YouTube and linking back to your site is a great way to drive traffic. Guest posting on other peoples sites is another. One of the main avenues people go for is on Social Media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter And Pinterest are a great way to extend your reach and drive traffic back to your website while building lots of trust with your followers.

Some Things Are Out Of Your Control

I use this term loosely as it is true, but indirectly.

For example, how long visitors stay on your website is a metric for good rankings. Do they visit one page and leave (bounce) or do they stick around and visitSEO Techniques - Search Engine Optimization And Why It Is Important different areas of your website? Do they engage with you in the comments? Do they sign up to your opt in form? and so on.

These things, although you have no direct control, can be addressed with a good environment and engaging content. If people like what you are doing, they will stay around to read something else, they will watch a video you have offered and they will be happy to spend more time with you. A good user experience will ensure you captivate your readers attention and this plays a very important role for SEO and rankings.

Also, the more absorbing your content is the more chance you will have of people sharing it with others. With this will come other websites that will link to you as a reference, the higher quality the linking site, the better for you. If you have a high authority website link to you, it shows that your content is worthy and in turn, you will be rewarded. Again, you have no direct control here, but the better your content, the more chance you have of this happening.

What Is Bad SEO?

Of course, for as much as you do to create really good SEO, you can also go the other way and cause a negative effect too.

Here I have been talking about the importance of high quality and engaging content and how crucial it is. On the other hand though, if you were to write a page/post of complete garbage that no one would be really interested in reading, this will have a negative effect. Nobody will want to share it and nobody will link to it from outside sources either. Also, the search engines will not offer it as a piece of helpful content to its users, because it isn’t.

Cramming your keywords into your post at every opportunity is also a big no no. People do not want to read that believe me, and the search engines will see it as Keyword Stuffing and you will not be rewarded. Write naturally and for your readers. Simple!

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Failing to make use of internal linking is also bad for SEO. Internal links will allow a natural flow between your pages and posts which make it easy for search engines to crawl relevant content. It is also really good for users as they can easily navigate around your site to read more relevant material. Do not underestimate the importance of internal linking and good navigation.

What Is Black Hat & White Hat SEO?

For this section I really do have only one piece of advice and that is FOLLOW THE RULES!!

Black Hat techniques that have been in use (and are in some cases still in use) will not benefit you later on. These are techniques designed to cheat the system. Buying back links for example is a thing of the past. Now, it is the importance of good content that matters and the quality of the back links that are coming back to you, NOT the quantity. If you go down the path of trying to cheat the system you will fail. Eventually it will come back to bite you.

Follow the guidelines laid out by Google, Bing and Yahoo and you will not go wrong. The Algorithms today are extremely robust and it is not hard to see when you are going off course and trying to be sneaky.

White Hat means you are playing by the rules. Do this well, and you will be rewarded.

The Importance Of SEO - Search Engine Optimization And Why It Is Important


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not difficult to learn. Many people shy away from it as they think it would be out of their comfort zone as they see it is as too technical. Nobody is born an expert at anything and you need to learn certain skills to progress, the same as you do in all areas of life.

If you want to be successful online then you need to learn and apply good SEO, there is no way around it. It all depends on the effort you are willing to put in. Do it correctly, and your online business will flourish. Do it incorrectly (or not at all) and you will not have the business you were hoping for.

My Final Advice

Like I say, SEO is essential for a good online business and it needs to be applied. If you are struggling with SEO (or you simply want to learn more) then come and reach out to me. A solid course and step by step tuition will see you gather and hone in on your new skills and your online business will skyrocket because of it.

Learning skills like this does not need to be the struggle that many think it is. A little effort now will give you all the rewards later.

If you have any questions or points of view, leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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  1. I’m a newbie in online marketing and I’m having issues with search engine optimization but this article has provided solutions to the questions bothering me on SEO. This is a comprehensive article on SEO , now I know the next step to take . I will keep following you to get more updates from your site. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Hello there, let me say am one of the people that doesn’t really understand what is meant by SEO, all I know is that SEO means SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, even with this I believed it’s too technical and it will be very difficult for me to understand as a newbie into blogging and just learning about affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate. 

    But right now with your lame man definition and uses of SEO, I now have a better understanding of it and of course I will do more research on it. Thanks for this excellent reviews. 

  3. Hi Chris, I love the way you vividly explained the term SEO. With this definition of SEO, I find it very easy to comprehend what it is all about. Although this is not my first time of reading about SEO, it is the most comprehensive of the SEO article I have read.

    High quality content and good SEO surely leads to high rate of traffic. This is because when readers find valuable information in one’s website, they will keep coming back for more, and might even inform friends or colleagues about such sites, thereby leading to more traffic. 

    I have learnt new terminology from this post, especially black hat and what it is all about. A system built on cheating cannot thrive. Thanks for your informative article.

    • I totally agree Gracen.

      If you put in the effort to write quality, helpful and engaging content you will naturally stand out above others. People do want to be engaged and if you can achieve that then yes, they will keep coming back!

      I am happy you learned something here too from the Black Hat techniques mentioned. This is a road not worth going down.

      Thanks for getting in touch Gracen. Nice to hear from you.


  4. I have a new blog and I’ve been struggling with the challenge of optimizing my blog. This article on Search Engine Optimization, is very timely for me. I believe this course on SEO will be able to help me optimize my web page to enable me rank higher on SERPs. If i get this package, how long will it take before I start ranking highly on SERPs

    • The ‘How Long’ question is a popular one Louis and it is difficult to answer it with any degree of accuracy. SEO covers many areas and you also must take into consideration your niche, it’s competition and the age of your website.

      If you are following all of the rules, writing good informative content  and you are being helpful, I would say give it around 6 months before you start seeing results. This is only my opinion of course. It could also be before this time,

      Sorry I cannot provide you with a magic number.

      Thanks Louis 


  5. Hi there.

    This actually is a good informative and educative post. SEO is really crucial when trying to write content for the website. Bad content won’t be valuable to the website and won’t allow Google to index one’s website. I totally support your view on this post that SEO is really essential for the business online. I have to pay for Jaaxy to start learning and take advantage of SEO. 

    • Yes A good keyword tool is essential to get the best out of your research and performance. Go ahead and get it, you will not be sorry.


  6. Good article. As a blogger, Search Engine Optimization is very important to me and to all bloggers in general. This I believe is why many bloggers strive for their websites to appear first on Google search. The content presented and the keywords used are of great importance in getting good SEO. I am fully in support of all the tips listed here. Thanks and good job

  7. Thank you but I really want to understand what you mean by cramming of keywords within the article. I wish to understand more if it is bad to include my keywords two or three times or even more within the content. 

    I was taught about the importance of keywords and you even stated the importance of keywords in this article. So please I need more clarity about cramming of keywords in the content. 


    • Cramming Keywords into your posts with the sole intention of trying to rank for them is known as keyword stuffing. 

      It is not something people want to read and search engines are not a huge fan of this technique either. I have one post on this site called How To Get A Higher Ranking On Google and this will also you more information on keywords and keyword stuffing.

      My advice is target one keyword for each page or post only, then write naturally. Later you will be indexed for a multitude of other keywords known as LSI Keywords. There is no need to overdo it on using keywords.

      I hope this helps you out!



  8. It seems like you had me in when when you said that some people are afraid of SEO, I have taken a course on search engine optimization, I am now undergoing another training and I still seem to be a little bit scared of applying it. 

    It still seems a little bit confusing for me. I was wondering for a new website, how do I go about obtaining back links since I haven’t written enough posts that I can be able to link back to? 

    • Hey there and thanks for getting in touch!

      When it comes to obtaining back links, in my experience it is always best to allow them to build up naturally. Personally I do not go out looking for back links.

      If you publish your post and link through your social media accounts, these are back links and this is a good place to start. Do not go out buying them though!

      If you check out my post on What Is An SEO Backlink, you will get lots more information. 

      I hope this helps



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