Should You Buy A Domain Name?

Are you asking yourself if a domain name for your website is really that important? Should you buy a domain name of your own and personalize it or should you simply have a free one?

If you are building your own website and/or an online business it is very important to appear as professional as possible, so from my point of view you should definitely consider having your own domain name. There are many advantages to investing in this area and there can be limitations if you don’t.

Here I want to talk to you about these benefits and offer you some clarity into domain names and their importance. So, if you are building your own online business and this is an area you are not to sure on, keep reading.

Why I Recommend You Purchase Your Own Domain

If you go down the path of not investing in your own domain name as you develop your business you will have a lot to face in the way of limitations.Do You Need A Domain Name - Should You Buy A Domain Name

Your own domain will offer so much in the way of integrity, trust and plausibility as opposed to taking the free options. People will tend to take you a lot more seriously however, if you do decide to stay with a free domain, it can really stick out like a sore thumb as well.

Let me offer you an example.

Let’s assume you are looking for something online and are trying to dig out information on a Playstation Game! This is from the top of my head, so forgive me 🙂

So, you are browsing the internet and you are looking for a product and you come across a website or two offering you what you need to know. Tell me what you think!

  • One site has a domain name as follows
  • Another has a domain name of

I know which website will take my priority, do you?

Straight away with your own domain name it looks more professional and tidy despite the niche you are in. For this reason alone you should consider your own domain name. There are more points though which I will be covering here.

The Benefits Of Your Own Domain Name

There are a few benefits to having your own domain and it will make things a lot easier for you as you progress with your website or blog.

  • Integrity, Trust & Professionalism – As already mentioned, first impressions really do count online. You need to remember there is a lot of competition out there (in all niches) and you need to be ready to stand out above the rest. Look the part and make sure you have your own domain name in place.
  • Easier To Remember – This sounds like a silly reason to buy your own domain name and you could equally argue that if people cannot remember something, it is their problem. Believe me, when it comes to domain names they are like telephone numbers. You think you can remember one, but when you come to pick up and dial the mind goes a blank. Been there? Choosing your own domain allows you to keep things short and to the point and makes things easier for people to remember.
  • Use Of Your Own Custom Email Address – This is a very important one and again it comes down to professionalism. If you were contacting a website owner and their email address was then it looks far more professional than for example a gmail, yahoo or outlook email address. Do you agree?
  • A Domain Name Grows In Value – If you have your own domain name and work hard to build your business on it, the value of your website will increase in value. You own it, it is yours and if you ever choose to sell it you can make a nice amount of money. If all of your work is on a free domain you do not own it and do not have the benefit of capitalizing later on should you wish to.
  • It Will Lead To Better Rankings – Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing tend to rank websites much better that are on their own domain. This is not to say you cannot get rankings on a free domain as you most certainly can but as a rule, purchased domain names tend to be taken more seriously.
  • You Can Create Your Own Brand and Authority – Having your own domain allows you to move forward and develop your own brand and authority within your internet space. With this people will tend to recognize you and your brand by simply knowing the domain name. Take Facebook Or Amazon for example. Everyone knows these even if they do not use them (unless you live under a rock).
  • You Own And Control The Website & Its Content – On your own domain you own the space on the internet. It also allows you to be creative on your website and you are not limited to the steps you can take in order to be successful. You have full control of development and the direction in which you wish to go.

As you can see, there are many reasons to take buying your own domain name seriously, but I want to make you aware of something here.

You Can Always START On A Free Domain

A situation I see all too often is people jumping in and buying a domain name only to find they are not completely happy with it and start thinking about changing it later. It is much better to start off on a free domain, find your feet and get a clear vision of where it is you want to go, then transfer your work onto your own domain when you are ready. Of course it is better to do this earlier rather than later.

Just be aware that once you purchase a domain name you cannot actually change that name. If you are not happy with it, you will have to purchase another domain name and start the process of moving everything across to it. If you start off on a free domain it alleviates this issue. Something to be aware of.

Domain Name Or Not - Should You Buy A Domain Name

Important Things To Consider

There are many important areas to look at before you go jumping in and buying a domain name. If you read my post on How To Find A Domain Name For A Website, you will find lots of information here to help you.

It is always better to buy a domain name armed with some knowledge. It will save you a lot of time later on.

What About Hosting?

Once you have purchased your domain name of course you should be thinking about a good hosting package. There are places where you can go and get the domain name, hosting, website builder tools and support all as a package and if you are starting out I recommend you look into this. If you have the support at least you can get the assistance if you need it.

Hosting is another subject all together but I will cover it in another section.

A good all in one package that I found extremely robust and reliable is from the Wealthy Affiliate University. Here, and for a small monthly free you can get access to all of the training and tools, website hosting and support, website builder and a place to purchase domain names. I personally felt this was the best path to go down as very often when you are trying to mix and match and play around with Domain Name Servers (DNS), it can be a headache if you are starting out. Try to keep things simple from the start is my opinion on this.


I hope you can understand from this information I have offered you just how important your own domain name can prove to be. It is completely fine to start off with a free option until you find your way and you know where you want to go. Purchasing your own internet space from there is crucial as it really will show you are a serious player and you mean business.

If you choose to stay on a free domain I guess that is fine too but believe me, you will see a lot more success if you invest a few bucks for your own domain name!

My Final Advice

Of course, your domain name is only one segment of being successful online and there is a lot of learning and putting things into practice to be undertaken before success follows.

If you keep things simple from the start and get an all in one package then you will find things a lot easier. Do not complicate things that do not need to be complicated. As my tutor told me, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid!!’ (KISS)

If you want to see where I studied to be successful online then come and let me know. Also, you will get a free website builder, free domain and hosting for starters with some great tuition to get you on the road.

Of course and as always, if you have any questions and/or thoughts on domain names or anything related just reach out to me in the comments below. I will get back to you as soon as!

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10 thoughts on “Should You Buy A Domain Name?”

  1. Hello Chris, the truth is that we cannot undermine the importance of having our own domain name but most people who are just starting off cannot jump into things like that and this is the reason why it is very important to know all about what you want before going to buy a domain name.

    The free version is still very good. Your post is very valuable, keep up the good work.

    • Absolutely Henderson, by all means start off with a free domain name and know which direction you are wanting to go before making the investment.

      It is always worth building out some initial framework and see how things take shape before going ahead.


  2. Having a domain name always come with the advantages of being the real owner and receiving a better recognition on the internet. This is really good to see and well worthy I must say.

    To be honest, this is a good post and I found it worthy of reading. Thank you so much for sharing here. Countless are the benefits attached to a domain name and surely, this is great to see here.

    • Yes, if you have made an investment and you own your own domain on which you can build your business you will have a lot more chance of being considered a real player.

      While free domains are fine initially, it is always worth getting your hands on your own internet space sooner rather than later.


  3. Thanks for the walk through, Chris. These question come into our heads from time to time. On more than one occasion I have purchased a domain name and later wish it were something else.  I agree with your that having a properly thought out domain name presents your brand in a more professional way and having the matching email puts your business in a better light. Thank you for your explanations.

    • Thanks JJ. I too have known people to purchase their own domain only to regret their choice later. A little thought ahead of time is always good and it is nice to know which direction you are heading before making the commitment.


  4. Thanks for the advice you have given here. But I am confused as to what decision I should make. I have read reviews saying that if you want to start your own online business, you should join Wealthy Affiliate, create a website with them and register a domain name through their Site Domains division. It looks like a very attractive deal as I am hearing they’re good at hosting sites until I read another review recommending that I should go for Bluehost which also hosts websites but with a free professional domain name (bundled free with the hosting). Which one should I choose?

    • To be honest Gomer it is pretty much open to your personal choice. Domain names can be purchased from a variety of places and a lot of them do offer good deals.

      If you are with Wealthy Affiliate though, maybe it is a good idea to purchase your domain name from the platform there. If you are with them your website tools and instructional packages are already in place as is your hosting. For me, it makes sense to have everything under one roof!


  5. Hello Chris,

    Very valuable information I found here. I also want a domain for my business but it is not clear to me which domain I have to choose. Now it is more clear and I will start with a free domain and after some time I will go for my own domain.

    During this period I will be able to choose a correct and branded domain which will work fine with my business.

    Thanks for your suggestion we must have your own branded domain.


    • Your welcome Parveen. I am happy you received the information you were looking for. If you need anything else just let me know!




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