The 5000 From Scratch Program By Ewen Chia

In this review I want to talk to you about The 5000 From Scratch program/offer and give you the information you need to decide whether it is something you want to pursue or not.

There are a lot of promotions online (some of them scams) and many of them always seem to possess the same or similar features.

Things like, Start Earning Now and Make Thousands Of Dollars (No Experience Required) are often seen. If you look at some of the other reviews I have compiled on this website, you will soon see the similarities.

I (and many others) have been taken in by scams and it is something I personally despise to see, so is this one a scam too? Does this program simply take your money and leave you in the dark, or does it have something to offer of any value?

Read on for this full review and I will reveal everything you need to know!

5000 From Scratch5000 From Scratch

  • Product Name : 5000 From Scratch
  • Product Owner : Ewen Chia
  • Product Price : $27
  • My Overall Score : 2/10


To be completely honest with you, as soon as this offer loads up onto my screen I can see straight through the hype and the false promises. When you know what to look out for like I do, this has the word ‘SCAM’ written all over it. But is it really all a scam or is it just an average and standard sales page with an underlying value?

This program says it offers you the chance to make $5000 per month with only 15 minutes a day of your time needed. No experience required. You do not need to know anything about Email Marketing, you will not need a website, no SEO (Search Engine Optimization), YouTube is not required etc. So basically, anything that you would think is needed to run a successful business online can be thrown out of the window! Hmm Really?

It also suggests that even if you have absolutely no experience and this is your first day ever to make use of the internet, you can still achieve success with this program!

Wow this is awesome, I can’t wait to get started. This time next month I will have the brand new car that I have always wanted (and been saving up for over the last 3 years) blah blah. Straight away I smell some serious BS here, what about you?

Anyway, as I am reviewing this product, I went ahead and purchased it for the $27 (as I am a nice guy) so I could really reveal what goes on after you part with your money!

Who is 5000 From Scratch For?

Ewen Chia - Owner Of 5000 From Scratch
Ewen Chia

Well, I guess I will have to put my honesty hat on here and be completely upfront with you. This offer is for people who are looking for get-rich-quick schemes (that never work) or people that are in a position where they need money and are making a last ditch attempt to make things right fast without a little research and/or thought.

For those out there that are unaware of the various offers on the internet, you will find tons of them like this one (some of them also by the same owner Ewen Chia), which are there simply to take your money.

If you honestly believe that you can make $5000 in one month with only 15 minutes a day, then feel free to sign up!
On the other hand, if you are looking to make a legitimate and profitable business, then don’t sign up, simple as that!

I have already signed up for you here and I want to tell you about the ins and outs so you do not need to waste your time and money!

Pros & Cons


  • The training information is relatively OK when it comes to setting up Facebook Pages and Marketing Affiliate Products (But Could Be Better)
  • Relatively good information for someone new on the scene (as a starter). It covers the very basics
  • A Couple Of The training modules are well presented in Video Format. (Others Not So Good)Pros And Cons Of 5000 From Scratch
  • It is cheap to start at $27
  • Money Back Guarantee (100% as the product is via Clickbank)


  • The tuition is too basic to be making the money that is offered (if any at all)
  • Promoting products on Facebook is not as easy as it is suggested
  • In most cases, a lot of the training covered you can find out online for free
  • No Support Or Live Help

click here and be serious about affiliate marketing

If you were to go and set up Facebook Fan Pages, Business Pages etc, then you will find it quite straight forward. There are prompts provided for you to set up these accounts correctly and you do not need training from this program (or any other) to help you. Also, be aware that promoting affiliate products on Facebook is not as easy as it seems, and there are stringent rules put in place to monitor your activities.

In most cases, you would need to create a Facebook Ad to get the most exposure, and this will lead to additional costs.

5000 From Scratch Modules

A Breakdown Of The Training Modules

Module 1 – Finding Your Niche

As with all businesses, you need to have a niche and it is always paramount that you select a niche that you are interested in and/or you are good at. This way you will be a lot more competent and comfortable to go about your business.

The training offered here in this opening section is quite thorough and the importance of a niche is outlined. Not overly bad training here to be honest. It is basic but its gets the general idea across.

If you want more information on Niches and how to find one, then check my post here on Finding A Niche!

Module 2 – Finding And Choosing Products

Once you have completed Module 1 and you have your niche, the next stage is to find products to market to an audience relevant to the niche you have selected.

So as an example, if I was to select a niche that I was passionate about (let’s say Rolex Watches) I would then go and search for Affiliate Programs that offer commissions for people who are willing to promote these products for a company.

When somebody looks at my promotion and goes to the company with my recommendation and they purchase something, the company in turn will offer me a payment to say thank you. This is how affiliate marketing works and this is the basic principle.

With this 5000 From Scratch program, it is recommended that you target the more expensive products as opposed to cheap ones. As in my example above, Rolex Watches would make me a lot more in affiliate commissions for me than a fridge freezer would. Yes, fair enough!

This module is well outlined and it explains what affiliate marketing is. This method of creating a business online is becoming more popular so it is not to be laughed out. It is simply how you go about it that will depend on your success.

Module 3 – Starting Out With Facebook

The first 2 modules are informative enough and they are presented reasonably well and it is important to have your niche and to know about affiliate marketing and its principles.

For me though, Module 3 is where the training really starts lacking. Although Facebook is a well organized and a respected place where millions of people hang out, you have to know what you are doing to get the most out of it.

You cannot simply open a Facebook Group and start splattering affiliate links everywhere. At the end of the day, you will get penalized and all of your efforts will be in vain.

I have 4 Facebook groups and let me tell you from experience, you will not get followers, likes, trust etc simply by throwing sales pitches at people. If you do manage to get any followers at all and this is all you are doing, they will simply unfollow you.

Facebook Marketing - 5000 From Scratch
Facebook Marketing

On another note, creating a Facebook following and building trust with your audience takes a lot of time. I know people that have accounts that are still building followings 2 and 3 years on and they are not making anywhere near $5000 per month. They are working a hell of a lot more than 15 minutes a day too.

This Module tells you how to set up your account on Facebook using a targeted and relevant keyword. That is the top and bottom of it. It is not bad but if you are already a Facebook user (which most of us are) the rest of the tuition will not really educate you on something new.

Module 4 – Facebook Promotion

This I would say, should be one of the most important sections of the training. Getting your face out there as an expert in your chosen niche and marketing yourself correctly can lead to an abundance of visitors which are interested in what you have to say!

But this section, although it covers some basics, seriously lacks in information to be able to do that effectively.

If you set up a Facebook Page for a business and you do nothing, then naturally nobody is going to visit. You will not get followers, likes and comments. In actual fact you will fail.

However, marketing yourself on Facebook takes a lot of time and effort. You need to go to other peoples pages who are interested in the same niche as you and you need to communicate with them. You need to comment on what they are doing and like, follow and show interest in their activity. Remember, you need to do this across many other pages. Not just one.

Over time (a lot more than 15 minutes per day) people will possibly come to your page and like yours too. It is only when you start to have activity on your own page that you will be able to up your game. Not too much though, people want to be informed, not pressed into buying something.

Another way to get attention to what you are doing is to create advertisements. This way you can budget an amount of money on a daily basis and run a campaign to get more followers etc. This of course requires additional spending on your part, something that is not really covered here.

Although this Module covers the very basics of marketing your Facebook Page, it is far from thorough and leaves a lot unattended to. I was very disappointed in this section as I was with Module 3.

The 5000 From Scratch Pitch

Modules 5 & 6

I have put these two modules together as they are both very short and I will be honest and say there is little to talk about here.

These sections have little to do with your affiliate marketing products, but offer a slight insight how to monetize your Facebook space and the advantages of having your own products.

While the information here is small in volume, there are small useful sections. All in all though and only in my opinion, there is little to start a riot over. A waste of time overall if I am to be honest.


For me, when I look at the pricing and the techniques used for any product such as this one, it shows me the proof in the pudding.

The starting price here is $27 and please note, you are shown this is a discounted price all the way down from $197.

However, the truth is soon revealed when your are hit with up sells after up sells and there are 9 here in total (at the time of writing) amounting to more than $1000.

Inner Memberships and Autopilot offers start flooding towards you which I personally find really annoying. For a product that says it can make you $5000 per month for a $27 starting fee is scammy enough, but to be confronted with all of these up sells that are ready to rip your wallet completely open is not a cool thing to be doing.

When I paid the $27 in order to make this review and saw these additional costs, I knew straight away the whole thing was not worth it!


If you are looking to build a reliable source of income online I would say choosing this program is not the way to go. If you consider yourself quite comfortable on Facebook and you have a little marketing background then I will say you can make some money. But if you have this knowledge already, then this program will not teach you much more.

If you are new on the scene, I guess I could say the training modules are not completely a waste of time and they do offer some important information. They are far from involved though, and for those who know little about affiliate marketing and how to go about it will not really make any headway using this program alone.

Examine the table here and see the difference in quality when it comes to Affiliate Marketing Training. Which one is best do you think?

My Final Advice

Although I give 5000 From Scratch a big thumbs down, I do want you to understand that the process of Affiliate Marketing in itself is not a scam. In fact, Affiliate Marketing is a very popular way to utilize affiliate programs and set up your own online business.

It is a successful business model, and should you wish to learn more about it and get your own business up and running, just let me know. I would love to hear from you. Great training and assistance will see you reach the heights you are looking for.

Reach out to me in the comments with any questions or experiences you have and I will get back to you.

create a legitimate online business here

5000 From Scratch


Free Trial











  • Training Is Relatively OK
  • Good For Starter Level
  • Cheap To Start
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Very Basic Tuition
  • No Support Or Live Help
  • Training Can Be Found For Free
  • Not As Straight Forward As It Says
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2 thoughts on “The 5000 From Scratch Program By Ewen Chia”

  1. Thank you for your honest comprehension review of $5000 from Scratch.  Its interesting to note that there are many programmes out there that promise so much yet you get very little in return. I am glad to know that with Wealthy Affiliate you can make your own steady, genuine and passive income online.

    • Thanks for reading Rutz.

      With these Make Money Online offers it is essential to do some research first. There are many offers out there which will take your cash and offer you very little to make good headway. There are of course good ones too such as The Wealthy Affiliate University. Doing some initial research and investigation can save a lot of time (and money) later down the road.



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