The Affiliate Marketing Basics

When people here the term “Affiliate Marketing” they very often think it is something extremely complex and maybe something they cannot learn. Maybe they believe it is too technical and they do not have what it takes to get to grips with it all. Here, I want to walk you through the Affiliate Marketing basics in a way that is not confusing and I hope it will offer you some solid simple facts which will allow you to get started with a little more confidence.

So, have you been left in the dark when it comes to Affiliate Marketing? Do you believe that you do not have what it takes to become successful with an online business? Keep reading, and i will reveal just how simple the actual process is.

The Initial Hurdle

Affiliate Marketing Definition - The Affiliate Marketing Basics
The Definition Of Affiliate Marketing

Maybe this is not the first piece of information you are reading on this subject, and if you have done any prior research then you may have some questions onwhat it is all about.

Very often you will find people trying to explain things to you in a way that blows your mind and which leaves you walking away with doubts. You can also find yourself swamped within various sources of conflicting information. So, the first hurdle I am going to help you overcome is a simple one, I AM GOING TO KEEP THINGS SIMPLE!

How Affiliate Marketing Works

In a nutshell, an Affiliate Marketer (potentially you) would make your business centered around promoting and selling other peoples products and earning a percentage (a commission).

This is no reason for you to panic however, the process itself is extremely simple if you follow simple steps. Look at the diagram here!

Affiliate Marketing Process - The Affiliate Marketing Basics
The Simple Process Of Affiliate Marketing

First of all you would build a website (of course with the required training and tuition), which would be helpful and informative to customers within a chosen niche (subject) which you feel comfortable in. Once your website is established and you have visitors to your hard work, you will then be recommending products and services from other advertisers.

Once your visitors are satisfied you are offering them the help and information they need, they will then purchase the required products via your website by using affiliate links and/or banners. In return for this, you are given a percentage of the earnings back from the advertiser for advertising their product on your website.

Here are the steps in simple form.

1. Choose a Niche (Subject) that you are interested in and build a helpful and informative website. (Training Provided)

2. Write reviews of different products related to your subject that offer advice and assistance to your readers.

3. Get visitors and send your readers to buy these products using special affiliate links to the relevant advertisers.

4. Earn a commission on all sales when customers by products recommended from your website.

The process really is as simple as that! There is nothing more complicated.

The Process - The Affiliate Marketing Basics
The 4 Simple Steps To Success

Is It Really So Simple? What’s The Catch?

I want to be honest with you here. Yes, the process really is that simple. There is nothing more complicated than following these steps.

The reality of building a business online though is like building a regular brick and mortar establishment. Would you expect to open a furniture store and be a millionaire within a week? Or course you would’t. The problem is (and very often can be) is that most people are impatient.

They build a website and sit spitting and cursing because it is not working, yet they only allow themselves a week or two before they get fed up and throw in the towel while calling it all a load of BS.

Also, if you went into your local high street and wanted to open a shop, would you expect to do it for FREE? Again, of course you would’t. Online though, people do expect that (for some crazy reason).

If you want to be an Affiliate Marketer (and a successful one) you have to go into it with the frame of mind of building a business. Lay the foundations, get your website built using all of the training, follow the rules, work hard and give it some time to build up.

I have known people become good online business owners that have started making a nice income in a few months. I also know many that are making a lot more money as they have continued to grow and expand.

If you have the commitment and patience to do what it takes, then you can become successful online. The steps are quite simple, and very often the hurdle you have to overcome, is yourself.

Can I Do This Full Time?

Yes, you can become an Affiliate Marketer on a full time basis, just like I do. Again though, you need to put in the effort and allow your business to expand andFull Time or Part Time - The Affiliate Marketing Basics

gain recognition. You will not be doing this full time within a few days. Start off on a part time basis and do what you can to get the ball rolling first.

I for example, I started off slow as I did not have a great deal of money in the beginning. I took my membership for the training I needed and it took me around 9 months to say I was making some good money. It was after 2 years that I had made enough money and had a sustainable income to do it full time.

Do Not Run Before You Can Walk!

Work at a good pace and be thorough with your tuition and website building. Do not cut corners. Doing things correctly and building up your business slowly will see you achieve great results down the line!

What Are The Risks?

Since the internet started, naturally over time it has become extremely popular with billions of users online every day globally. Over time too, the information super highway has expanded covering many topics and areas of interest.

Unfortunately, when it comes to building a business online, the subject has a stigma attached to it. I imagine you will be able to figure out where I am going with this, but if not I can explain it very easily. It takes only one word and that is SCAM!

There are countless reports that have come to light over the years of people losing their money by signing up to so called schemes promising you a better income. Thankfully, Google and the other search engines have been clamping down on these Scam websites and people are also more cautious these days (thankfully).

Let me just tell you briefly, if people are offering you a way to build a business that will earn you thousands (or millions) in a short time, they are talking garbage and they are trying to take you for a ride.

Nothing in life is completely free, and earning money online is certainly not as easy as people tell you. If it was, we would all be doing it.

So, forget all of the flashing lights and false promises. If you want to become a successful online marketer, you need to put the work in and you need to invest time and a little money, end of story.

Watch the Video To See The Basics Of How Affiliate Marketing Works

How & Where To Go To Get Started?

When it comes to getting started you have a lot of options to be honest. For example, if you go on YouTube you will see a lot of video presentations on Affiliate Marketing, what it is and ways to go about it.

Also, if you dive into Google, there are numerous resources available (normally at a price) to get the ball rolling.

Personally, I use a service which I stand by. I have made some mistakes in the past by joining various other programs which amounted to nothing. These are not mistakes I will make again!

If you are serious about getting started and want to build an affiliate marketing business online then click the button below. It will offer you more information on the service and training package I used to become a full time Affiliate Marketer and create a full time income.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me in the comments below and I will be happy to help you out getting started with your free trial.

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22 thoughts on “The Affiliate Marketing Basics”

  1. I must confess that your article really dealt with Affiliate marketing explicitly. When a newbie reads this they will give him/her self very good prior knowledge on what it entails. Even the video you dropped is top notch. I also love the fact that you stated the risks involved which is opposed to what most bloggers do, (they state only the advantages, neglecting the risks involved). 

    I have bookmarked this page and i hope to get more educative posts like this from you subsequently. Cheers!

    • Thank you for reading. I believe it is always best to offer people the truth. Saying what is good about something is fine, but it is important readers have a view from all angles.

      Appreciate your visit.


  2. Hello Chris,

    I too am in affiliate marketing. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made! I am degree qualified in a completely different profession and decided that I wanted to learn something new. I stumbled across affiliate marketing and have never looked back! 

    It allows me to be creative (which I could never be in my job), and I’ve learnt a whole new set of skills. I had no experience when I started, and no technical expertise whatsoever. Now I’ve got my own profitable websites and I can hardly believe that this is what I do now!! I really enjoy it and could not be happier that I found it. 

    I still have a part time job as my websites are yet to reach the same earnings as my profession, but over time I am earning more and more through my websites, and relying on my job less. I hope to soon transition out of paid employment and do my sites full time. I would recommend this to anyone! 

    • Really excellent to learn Melissa.

      It is a good point you make as a lot of people that venture online to pursue an income expecting it to be plain sailing. It does take time, but with commitment and hard work (as you have displayed) it can be done. 

      Affiliate Marketing is actually a job and you do need to learn the skills to be able to do it, but hey, it really is fun to do isn’t it? 🙂

      Keep it going Melissa, and soon you will be rid of that day job!



  3. Thanks a lot for this interesting article on how to get started with Affiliate Marketing. Everything you have just outlined here is exactly true. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of hard work, patience and consistency. 

    Most of these website just try to rip people off by mouthwatering them with fake lies. I just felt like chipping in some comments based on the quality of the article. Thanks once more. Cheer’s

    • Thanks Tony and thanks for your input.

      I agree, there is a lot of BS out there and too many people are taken in by false promises and crappy offers. Affiliate Marketing is the way to go when it comes to building a business, but it is important you know what it entails.

      Appreciate you reading.

      Thanks Again!


  4. I totally agree with you that building a business is never about creating miracles in days. I started affiliate marketing a few years ago and learned through the toughest way. In fact, before I found the right program that has helped me quit my day job, I was told that making money online can be quick and easy but it’s never the case. 

    It really takes a lot of effort and hard work to see results. With so many scams out there, I decided to write product reviews to warn people to stay away from such scams. Thanks to the program called Wealthy Affiliate that I truly able to achieve real freedom by making affiliate commission. 

    • Great news Florence. You can achieve success in Affiliate Marketing if you are willing to put the effort in. It goes for most things in life to be honest doesn’t it? The harder you try the more results you will see.

      Great to learn that you have being able to do it full time. There is nothing quite like working for yourself 🙂

      Well done and all the best to you


  5. I have to say this, the process behind affiliate marketing is really straight forward and easy to understand. It is not rocket science and anyone can understand it but if you are to build an online business you have to be willing to learn and be willing to put in some real work so you can see success. 

    You cannot expect to get rich overnight. You need to be willing to put in a lot of work before you can start to see success and when success starts to come you would feel really proud of yourself that your effort is beginning to pay off.

    I always believe anyone starting online should never go in alone. Always have someone that guides you which is the reason I like Wealthy Affiliate as one can get a lot of help there that can help you build your business from scratch to become a more successful business.

    • Agreed Jay.

      Having the support of the community inside of WA is vital to peoples success. Knowing there is help only seconds away gives you the opportunity to move forward.

      I do help people too as much as I can inside the community and also on my website, it is a great feeling to be able to learn the skills which you can pass on to others.

      Hope things are going good for you Jay!

      Thanks for your comment here!


  6. Unique explanation up there. Affiliate marketing has always looked like a great obstacle to me not until recently, things just started going smoothly. There are some cons in it anyways as you have mentioned in your article and the solutions mentioned up there are not hard to approach. Thanks again for writing this fabulous article. It’s the best so far. 

  7. Affiliate marketing is marketing that is so unique and can guarantee a huge success after a series of hard work and applying some strategies that could trigger success. Not every platform can give you all you need to be successful but the one I love most is Wealthy Affiliates when it comes to affiliate marketing business. 

    • Yes i agree sir. Success does come with hard work and being dedicated, but it is always important to have the correct tools and help at hand. Wealthy Affiliate does offer this without doubt.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  8. Nice post. I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program a month ago with the sole aim of building my own website and earning steady and consistent income through affiliate marketing. I have a friend who join the platform last year, he is now a full time affiliate marketer. 

    I wanted to follow his foot steps and he introduced me to the wealthy program. Though I have not started making any income yet but I am happy with the progress I am making through the various training I am getting. Thank you for this post. 

    • if you have only been in the program a month you will not be expecting results just yet. Keep following the training step by step and as your website develops and increases in authority it will start to come together for you.

      This is one of the mistakes people make as many expect results ‘yesterday’. Keep at it, and work at it like it is your job, and you will see the financial gains start to come once you are established.

      Good luck, and if you need any help reach out to me here or within Wealthy Affiliate. I will be happy to help you out.


  9. I did a search “basics of affiliate marketing” and ended up on your website.  I have to say that this was a clear and concise explanation and the video was very well done and easy to understand.  What really made it clear for me was the example of your other website about the island of Rhodes, and how you manage to monetize it with hotel bookings, car rentals and even books about the island.  

    From what I understand about affiliate marketing now is that the starting point is to choose some subject that I would passionate about and know a lot about and to tell people about it on my own website. Then I would find products and/or services related to that subject that have some kind of affiliate program attached to it and incorporate them on my website.  

    Like you, I have joined many different programs and they were all mistakes and I decided to click on your link at the end of your article. I do have a question about Wealthy Affiliate though. Is the membership price an entry fee, or should I say, are there any upsells like the programs I have joined before, and if so what are the prices of those upsells?


    • Hey Denis. thanks for reading and for your questions. I am happy to answer them for you.

      Once you join up for free, you are given access to all of the tools for 7 days. You can build a free website and host it free with Wealthy Affiliate and you will not be asked to pay antything

      If you decide to stay and want to make a go of it, you will pay $19 which is a first month discounted price. After that, if you really decide it is for you, then this will increase to $49 per month. You can also opt for the 6 month and yearly membership plans which offer a great discounted deal.

      As you develop, it is only natural that you will want your own internet property, IE your domain name. This is also an extra charge but it is small. At $14 for the year, it is more than manageable.

      Also, as an optional extra you can sign up to the premium Jaaxy Keyword Tool Offer to help with your research. This is not essential though.

      It is like anything, you get what you pay for. People go out there looking for cheap or free offers and finally they just end up losing interest and often their money.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers all of the tools and training you need. For these prices you will find it very reasonable and with hard work and effort you will soon see your investments come back to you.

      I hope this offers clarity, and if you need something more just reach out to me.

      Thanks Denis


  10. Thank you for sharing this information. I enjoyed reading it. About 2 years ago, I started working in the Affiliate Marketing industry and found that my patience was getting tested. One of the hardest things for me wasn’t the content writing, it was choosing of my niche. 

    I must have changed my niche several times before I figured it out. There is a lot of work, but the payout is great. I am now finding it easier to work in the Affiliate Market field, as long as I do it every day. Thank you for creating and sharing your Affiliate Marketing information with us.

    • Thanks LeNard.

      Choosing your niche is an important step and again there are resources out there to guide you. Once you do this then you have a good platform to work from.

      I am happy to learn you are finding things much easier the more you progress. The more you work at it the easier it becomes.

      Nice to hear from you


  11. Hello Chris, thanks for sharing this article on affiliate marketing, I am one of those few people out there whose belief is that I can’t do affiliate marketing or I can’t make it through it, but your article has just cleared that mentality.

    I actually joined Wealthy Affiliate and I have created my niche website but I always find it hard difficult to start, but reading your article has given me a lot ways to start and also how to be successful in the affiliate marketing 

    • Ok great news. It is great I was able to clarify some things here and help you out.

      Let me know if you need anything as you move forward.




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