The K Money Mastery Review

Here I want to give you my personal take and experience on this product and make sure you are armed with the information you need in order to decide whether this offer is for you or not. The information on this post, The K Money Mastery Review, will guide you through my personal findings and I hope it offers you the details you need for you to make your decision.

I know a lot of you out there are looking for opportunities to make money online and of course when it comes to searching for offers they are not too difficult to find. A couple of simple searches can leave you confronted with so many offers you can often be confused as to where to go next.

I will be honest here and say some of these offers are quite legitimate and some are a waste of time, so where does this K Money Mastery Program fit into this?

If you are looking to earn an income online there is a correct path to take, and there is the path which will waste your time and money.

Let’s get started shall we.

K Money Mastery (Kindle Money Mastery In Full)The K Money Mastery Review

Product Name : K Money Mastery

Product Owner : Stefan James Pylarinos

Product Price : $97 + Up Sells

Product Website :

My Overall Score : 4/10


The K Money Mastery offer claims you can be involved in the creation, publishing and distribution of E-Books on the Amazon Platform even if you are not a good writer. The ‘K’ stands for Kindle and you will be making money on Amazon by selling these E-Books by reaching out to millions of its users and utilizing Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP facility.

It also tells you that should you be a complete newbie, you will not even have to write the books yourself. Somebody else can go ahead and do this for you. This of course will involve you having to outsource the work. In actual fact, a lot of the work you would be involved in is in the marketing and promotional areas to bring in your pay days.

Sounds fine doesn’t it? Basically you will be selling E-books online after you have had other people do most of the hard work for you. Once you find your way, you will be going on to make a monthly recurring income generating thousands of dollars as you progress. To me, it sounds like an offer too good to be true and it is certainly worth some attention. Do you agree?

I want to be honest with you here. I took this program more seriously than others as it involves the Amazon platform. This is very well respected and operates worldwide and for me, it gave this program a little more of a shine. Many offers will claim to make you this kind of money but a lot of them turn out to be nothing more than words.

With this one having Amazon on its side, I had to look into it more closely.

Who Is K Money Mastery For?

I would say this program is suitable for people who are looking to make some legitimate money online without the need to put in the heavy work.

Of course, Amazon operates internationally and for those wanting a slice of the pie you can make some money with this program. Although I bought into this system in order to make this review, i will be the first to confess I have not tried it myself 100% yet. I do have initial concerns though as to the potential earning figures.

Although I would say this program is a legitimate way of making some money, you have to keep in mind that Kindle books sell at a very cheap price. With each book costing between a few cents and a couple of bucks (as an average), you will need a very successful marketing campaign to reach the earnings mentioned with K Money Mastery.

For those wanting to try it though, I think it offers very good training for those of you new on the scene and you can make a few bucks too.

Personally, I find Affiliate Marketing the way forward when it comes to building a successful and evergreen online business. If you want to see where I built this website and my own full time business online just click the button.

build your successful and legitimate online business here

Pros & Cons Of K Money Mastery


  • Quite A Reasonable Price To Get Started
  • Excellent And Relatively Thorough Course And Training Modules
  • Money Back Guarantee (with ClickBank)


  • Some Of The Course Material Needs Freshening Up (out-of-date)
  • The Initial Course Is More Aimed At Marketing And Not E-Book Creation. This involves you having to outsource the work at a cost. If you want to learn how to write the E-Books yourself, you need to buy one of the Up Sells offered.
  • Lack Of Customer Help And Support
The Lessons - The K Money Mastery Review
See Below For More Lesson Information

A Course Breakdown

Like I have said, I personally find the courses extremely good for the price you pay and if you are a beginner, these will certainly educate you in important areas when it comes to marketing. While a lot of the work in the creation of the E-Books can be outsourced, the marketing strategy is of course paramount when it comes to being successful.

Here I just want to touch briefly on what is covered within the 21 Lessons included with your purchase. You will also be pleased to know a lot of the tuition is in video format, although some areas are in need of updating.

Lesson 1 – Finding A Profitable Niche

Everything starts with a niche (or subject) of what your Books will be about. This first lesson details what you need to be looking at to come up with a niche!

Lesson 2 – Keyword Research

An important aspect of the marketing campaigns is to understand if people are looking for what your E-Books will be about. This sections will guide you through the keyword research needed to see if your ideas will be profitable down the line.

Lesson 3 – Creating A Title That Sells

This is a great lesson and it teaches you the skills to come up with excellent titles for your books without breaching trademark and copyright issues.

Lesson 4 – Designing A Cover That Sells

Covers to go with your books are of course important and this lesson shows you where to go to get them. It uses a service called which means you will find someone who can do the work for you for a small fee.

Lesson 5 – Kindle Book Creation

This section discusses the creation of Kindle books and what is expected. Although it does not actually teach you how to create the book itself, it sets out some guidelines and details what people are expecting from a product.

Lesson 6 – Preparing Your Book For Publishing

Although the chances are you will have outsourced your work when it comes to the creation of your E-Books, this lesson will explain the editing, formatting and getting your books ready for publishing.

Lesson 7 – Creating A KDP Account

This is a step required to be able to sell your products on Amazon. KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. A simple process but you need to have this account with Amazon in place before you can sell your products.

Lesson 8 – Publishing Your Book On Kindle

A self-explanatory lesson which will guide you through what is needed to publish your books!

Lesson 9 – Viewing Your Kindle Book

This lesson will tell you the steps for viewing your books in the Kindle store after you have published them.

Lesson 10 – Getting Amazon Reviews

In my opinion this section is somewhat vague and the videos are out-of-date. It touches on social media and how to get reviews from there onto your Amazon account. A lot of the tactics used here are old news. Definitely an update to the videos needed here.

Lesson 11 – Marketing Your Book On KDP Select

This lesson discusses marketing your book on the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform for free. Personally I am not sure of the benefits to this and even after watching the videos numerous times I am lost as to the reason for it. For me it serves no purpose at all!

Lesson 12 – Using Twitter & Facebook To Promote Your Book

This of course speaks for itself but marketing on social media is not as easy as it seems. To be taken seriously on Facebook and Twitter you need to have a following and you need to be trusted. Unfortunately, this lesson tells you the bare minimum and does not go into detail on how to create effective campaigns.

Step By Step System - The K Money Mastery Review

Lesson 13 – Additional Book Promotion Strategies

This section briefly allows you to open your mind a little and consider other areas for promoting your books. Blogging, Email Marketing, Other Social Media Platforms etc. Basic enough information here but again, it does not really tell you a strategy to get the best out of them!

Lesson 14 – Boosting Your Amazon Keyword Rankings

I personally saw no benefit in this lesson and it is not really titled correctly when you look at the material. While it talks about Keywords and Rankings in the title, in actual fact it is more to do with getting people to add your books to their so called ‘Wish List’. A bit of a waste of time for me this one!

Lesson 15 – Setting Up Your Amazon Author Central Account

A straight forward lesson, not really a need for me to dive any further in on this one. Basically you will be setting up your Author Pen Name!

Lesson 16 – Monetizing Your Kindle Book

This section touches briefly (very briefly in fact) on creating alternative versions of your books. For example also creating them as Audio Books. It also mentions a couple of marketing strategies to get your books out there.

Lesson 17 – Creating A Series Of Books & Monetizing The Back End

This lesson explains (in brief) the advantage of creating a series of books and referencing them to each other. For me, this one was a waste of time too. There is no real benefit to this lesson in my opinion.

Lesson 18 – Dealing With Negative Reviews

No matter what you do online you are always going to have conflicting opinions from people. Learning how to deal with them is important and this section is quite a nice overview on how to do just that!

Lesson 19 – Scaling Up Your Kindle Books & Making More Money

This is a straight forward lesson which simply explains the more books you have, the better success rate you will have. Pretty obvious I think!!

Lesson 20 – How To Make Your Books Profitable Long Term

A wasted lesson simply to promote other products to get further training at additional costs. This is an Up Sell opportunity at best.

Lesson 21 – How To Track, Manage & Optimize Your Kindle Books

This lesson does what it says in the title. Again it is somewhat brief and does not really go into any nitty gritty details.

Be Your Own Author - The K Money Mastery Review

My Opinion On The Overall Course

For me, I will admit the Lessons which make up the overall course are not too bad. For a beginner they are pretty good in fact and you can take away some solid advice from them.

There are good points and weak points and to get the most from the training you will need to take advantage of the Up Sells which are offered along the way!

So, not the best but not terrible either.


While the initial price of $97 (a one time fee) offers you a relatively good course which I would say is pretty much worth the money, there are Up Sells which you need to be aware of.

I will list them here with further details so you can make your own mind up if they are worth it for you or not!

Up Sell 1 – The Full Disclosure Membership

There is a $47 monthly membership fee for this Up Sell and for me it is not worth it. With this package you will be offered further advanced training and yes, it is OK but it is not worth the money you spend in my honest opinion.

At best and should you be tempted, then there is no harm taking advantage of it for a month and soaking up the information which is there. To pay $47 every month though for me seems a little excessive.

When it comes to the support side of the program, again there is nothing going on even after parting with more money. There should be at least a customer support HUB here for people to get help and ask questions but there is nothing happening whatsoever.

Up Sell 2 – The Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program

Personally I do not see the value of this program and certainly not at a one time cost of $197. Although virtual assistants can offer a wide range of help, there are other places you can go to hire a virtual assistant a lot cheaper.

I think the information within this package is good, but it is far from worth the price which is being asked.

Up Sell 3 – Write A Book In 24 Hours

For the price of $17 I would say this is the only Up Sell here worth the money.

In the initial training, a lot of the book creation is put to outsourcing on platforms such as but if you consider yourself a relatively good writer, then this course will benefit you.

Writing the content yourself of course will save you the money you are spending for someone else to do it for you, but I would remain skeptical about the 24-hour period.

Even the best writers in the world I would say take longer which 24 hours to write a complete book from start to finish. That being said, the material within this course is pretty good and it will be money well spent should you want to go down the road of writing your own material!

Is K Money Mastery A Scam?

Absolutely Not.

I would never say this program is a scam but as with most programs which offer huge amounts of money in a short time, you need to take them with a grain of salt.

To make the kind of money which is being said here, you will need to put the work in the same as you do with any other business (online or offline).

While the training is quite basic and easy to follow, it will get you started on the right path. The hard work is up to you though and I would personally recommend getting to grips with writing your own content as opposed to outsourcing it. Overtime these outsourcing jobs can mount up, so when it comes to your finances, be on the lookout there.

This is a legitimate program but it will take time to get noticed and be an authority in what you are doing. It is not a program which will make you rich fast, but you will make some money! In the event you are not satisfied there is a money back guarantee put in place via Clickbank!

Money Back Guarantee - The K Money Mastery Review


it is important for you to know the creator of this program, Stefan Pylarinos, has a lot of respect in the online world. He has thousands of videos uploaded to his YouTube Channel and has a following of over 700 thousand people. So believe me, this guy is doing something. He also has his own blog called Product Life Mastery should you wish to go and take a look.

This offer is the real deal but it is important you keep your feet on the ground and build your business up slowly. Do not expect huge results straight away as it simply will not happen

Overall this is a good course although it does lack clarity in areas with some sections being very brief. A great effort though!

My Final Advice

Although creating E-Books and selling them on Amazon is not the route I have taken online to secure my own successful business, it is legitimate.

Personally I prefer the Affiliate Marketing concept and I like having my own online space in the form of my website where I have full control of what is going on 24 hours a day.

See the comparison table here to see the full effect of what is offered between the two concepts.

If you start to outsource work and rely on other platforms to build your business, I feel they you relinquish some of the control and very often you do not get what you want out of it. For me, having my own website allows me to be extremely flexible and I have the full say in what is going on.

If you are interested in setting up your own online business, please do let me know. I would love to hear from you and if i can help you out, I will gladly do so. Get hold of me in the comments below if you have any questions on this product or building your own online business and I will get right back to you.

build your successful and legitimate online business here

K Money Mastery











  • Good Starting Price
  • Relatively Thorough Training
  • Well Organised Modules
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Some Of The Training Needs Updating
  • Lack Of Support And Assistance
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8 thoughts on “The K Money Mastery Review”

  1. This system may be just the thing to get people started with a new online venture for themselves now while they have the time and if they have the funds to invest, it is always a good idea to learn how to make yourself a side income online, even if you already have a full-time job.

    If they don’t have the funds, I am sure that your recommendation is a bit more affordable for them, and as far as I know, that course also teaches people to work for themselves online.

    In these uncertain times it is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.

    • Yes I agree Michel. Today’s world is quite cut throat and you never know how long your 9 – 5 job is safe for. It is always nice to have a backup in place should you need some cover later on.

      This K Money Mastery Course is not too bad in all honesty although I will admit it is not a road I would go down. I much prefer building my own material here and remain in full control of what I do and when i do it.

      I think this offer is great for those maybe starting out and having something as a sideline like you mention, but for me Affiliate Marketing And Website Construction are by far the best and most profitable. More enjoyable too in fact 🙂

      Thanks Michel. Nice to hear from you.


  2. Thank you for your honest review on “K Money Mastery Program”, I stumbled upon this program and have been doing my research on this product by listening to the opinions of other reviewers.

    Your review and opinion is by far the superior and has given me a ground to make a firm decision. By the way, your review on Wealthy affiliate is eye opening too!


  3. Hello.Thank you for this review concerning K money.

    It’s a good program especially to those people who love writing and it can help them generate revenue. However i find it quiet challenging considering the amount of work an individual puts in and the minimal returns one gets. It’s not suitable for newbies who are striving to establish themselves in online business.

    Personally i would not recommend it.

    Best wishes.

    • Yes Alex, when it comes to the revenue side it is indeed a hard slog to get out of it what you put in.

      Considering E-Books are selling online for a couple of bucks on average (sometimes cents only) you really need to be putting a hell of a lot of work into it before you see any kind of reasonable reward.

      Although not a scam in any way, I think it is important for people to know what they are getting into before they sign up. Affiliate Marketing is by far a better model to work with and this is the way I went.

      I appreciate you leaving your opinion Alex.

      Many Thanks

  4. Thank you very much for this awesome review right here. The K Money Mastery seems real so that is a relief considering the high number of fake platforms that we have around us. i believe that the success of any platform like this is dependent on the provision made for customer support. That is a major key.

    • Thanks for reading Smoochi

      Yes i agree and unfortunately in this case the customer support and assistance is not really there. I think if this was to be put in place things could be better, but who knows!



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