The Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Welcome to the Paid Social Media Jobs review where I will be discussing with you the offer made from this company. This seems like a very attractive pitch at first because lets face it, a lot of us are quite active when it comes to Social Media arn’t we? I cannot remember the last time I met someone that did not have a Facebook, Twitter and/or other social media accounts.

Are we using them to their full potential though? Can we really make $700 per week like this company is saying we can simply by ‘Playing Around’ on these social media channels?

Are you looking to make additional income on the internet and looking for programs to help you earn money? Have you tried affiliate marketing, surveys and other options online and are still waiting to see results?

Here I will take you through this Paid Social Media Jobs program and highlight the important areas. From there you will be armed with enough knowledge to judge for yourself if it is for you or not, so lets get started shall we?

Paid Social Media Jobs

Product Name : Paid Social Media Jobs

Product Owner : Annie Jones

Product Price : $27

Product Website :

My Overall Score : 6/10


Basically if you purchase this offer, you will be taken through the steps needed to become a freelancer to assist various companies in developing and marketing their social media accounts such as on Facebook and Twitter. That is the overall pitch at least.

If you are not fully in the know, a freelancer is someone that is self-employed and does not have a long term commitment to a specific company or business model. Freelancers are more commonly used for writing, editing and sometimes even designing projects.

So, lets take for example a business Facebook account that would need skills to get it up to scratch for potential visitors.

You would be tasked with jobs such as:

  • Getting Likes and Shares on the said Facebook Accounts
  • Obtaining more Followers and Subscribers to the PagePaid Social Media Jobs Logo
  • Making Regular Relevant and Engaging Posts for the said Businesses
  • Creating Interaction and Interest On Facebook
  • Communicating with the Facebook Page Visitors
  • Setting up Other Accounts for Businesses such as Twitter, YouTube & Others

Well to be honest, with the exception of the last one mentioned, I would imagine that most people are undertaking these activities on their own Facebook profiles on a regular basis. Would you agree with me? People are always posting what they are doing or something they are interested in with the hope of interaction from friends and family. They want more likes, comments and followers etc. Here, the tasks are no different with the exception that you will be doing it for other people. Or is there more to it?

Do Companies Really Want This?

It goes without saying that Social Media has really taken off over the last few years. There are millions upon millions of Social Media users all over the world across many platforms and these numbers are growing all the time.

Even if you sit and watch the television you will see business commercials that offer a Facebook or Twitter page for you to see, Newsreaders have their own Twitter accounts where you can send messages directly to them with your thoughts and opinions. Big name music bands also have massive followings on Social Media (take Lady Gaga for example who has just short of 80 Million followers on Twitter).

The followings and reach that businesses get from Social Media is important for their business model, but is it so easy to put in place?

In my opinion, no it is not. There is a huge difference between knowing what something is and actually using it for practical purposes. I can pick up a saxophone, but I cannot play the thing!

For me Social Media has the same principle. I myself have a business page for this website on Facebook, but I do not know the full potential or the workings of it to make it effective for my business. Somebody built it for me, they will market it for me and they will generate interest for me (of course an expert). I know how to look at my profile and like peoples photos and posts, and I can do a little myself. This is where my skills (and interest to be fair) ends.

So yes, businesses are looking to reach out across a massive potential audience using Social Media, but you have to know what you are doing (and be able to do it well) to be considered the go to person for companies looking to expand on social platforms.

Who Is Paid Social Media Jobs For?

I know what you want me to say here, you want me to sit here and tell you that this offer is perfect and it is for anyone who knows how to use Facebook and/or Twitter and wants a full time job for $700 per week.

Well, slow down as I want to just make you aware of something before you go jumping in.

This offer is Legitimate, but you have to know what you are doing. If you consider yourself quite a Dab Hand on Social Media then you can make some money without doubt. I suppose the $700 said target will depend on your skills and how much effort you are willing to put in.


In my opinion (and it is only my opinion), after looking through the courses Paid Social media Jobs offers, I would say it is more of a beginners pack. This is really great too if you are looking at going down this path and want a nice taste of what it is all about!

If you are completely new on the scene, I would say this offer is not for making a good amount of money online or securing work with these companies that need it, but it is a nice place to start.

If you are someone that has good knowledge of Social Media and has the skills needed, then I would say you need not buy this course at all as it will not teach you anything new. There I would consider creating some gigs on (or other similar platforms) and getting your face out there that way. This way you can make some nice money in the process.

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Pros & Cons


  • Offers a good Overview of what Social Media Marketing Entails
  • Simple To Read And Understand
  • It Is A Legitimate Offer, Not A Scam
  • Low Affordable Price
  • Money Back Guarantee With Clickbank


  • It Is Not Thorough Enough To Make Good Headway
  • You will Struggle to Find Work with Clients Using Only this Training
  • You are Hit With An Upsell As The Course Progresses.
  • Not An All In One Package

The Tuition Packages

Here I just want to break down the tuition packages for you, so should you decide to go with this program you will know what to expect in advance. There are 4 sections, all of which I will talk about here.

Section 1 – Introduction

Although there is no actual practical education in this first section, it does cover the basic introduction on what it is all about and how to go about things.

It will inform you what you need to do to become a good freelancer using Social Media and how to set yourself up to get the exposure you need for companies to put their trust in you and hire you to do their work. It also discusses the importance of Freelance Marketers and how they are needed in businesses today and what is expected of them!

Actually, it is a damn good introduction and there are 3 videos which lay it all out in simplistic format.

Section 2 – Getting Started

In this section, I found it was a little vague and there was little to do in the way of actually making progress. When I take a course, I like to see things build as the steps move forward but here, it was more of a further discussion of why Marketers on Social Media are so important.

Also discussed, is the importance of developing your own website so you can really leverage the internet and prove you are serious. Creating a freelance blog is talked about and how important it is in the eyes of potential businesses looking to hire. Unfortunately, there is no training to actually cover this, it is words only. For those who have no idea where to start to build a website or blog this could be a major stumbling block.

So far the course is OK, but it does have that one drawback as you can imagine!

Fifty Dollar Bonus - The Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Section 3 – Attracting Potential Clients

This course is said to teach you how to find clients that need Social Media Managers and how to attract them. Again, I saw little in the way of actions within this section and it was more talk.

There are further discussions taking place here on how you can get out there and find your own clients that are in search of a Social Media Freelancer or Manager.

Little in the way of practical progress still at this point of the training.

Section 4 – Advanced Tuition?

Although section 4 has the title of ‘Advanced’ written all over it, I am not so sure about that.

Again here there are further talks about Freelancers and Social Media Managers and what an important role they play within companies and their marketing. Why companies go out and find Social Media experts to do their work for them and not simply undertake the work themselves is also mentioned and then there is a little training on Facebook Marketing in form of an E book entitled ‘Unstoppable Facebook Traffic’. This E book is probably the only informative and practical part of the overall course.

Nothing to really rave about either here though to be honest.

Later on, you are also offered an up sell for another product offering you further tuition, which means everything is not included in the initial order. For another $37 you can get access to another E book called ‘Social Media Arbitrage’, but I will be honest, I did not go that far and spend more unnecessary money to review this product.

For me, the initial courses are good for someone who is completely new on the scene that would like to acquire some information on what Social Media Marketing is all about. It does not deliver practical training for you to learn the trade!


The offer you get is for $27. This is a good price for what you get in my opinion and it will tell you that you will receive the product at 50% off from the normal price of $54.Discount Price - The Paid Social Media Jobs Review

The sneaky part which made me smile, is when you go to close the window to shy away from this offer, a nice big flag appears of the country you are in telling you that because there is such a demand for Social Media workers, you can have it at a further $10 discount. $17 all in all. Not bad.

As I work online, and I have contacts in many countries (and I am not stupid) I had to take a self test to satisfy my curiosity. I contacted one of my acquaintances in Canada, another in the UK and one in Australia. I gave them all the same link to check the offer. They were all presented with their own country flag telling them that there was a demand for Social Media Workers and the same $10 discount was offered.

There really is a worldwide demand for it eh? 🙂

It also kindly lets you know that you will receive a $50 bonus once you get your first paid job which takes care of the initial cost you will pay signing up. That being said, it is not clear exactly how this bonus is paid to you.

Good price all the same, but enough said!


I will openly and honestly say that this product is not a scam. It does offer some value but maybe just not what it says on the tin. For someone who is just starting out and is interested in going into Social Media Marketing, I will say that there is some useful information here.

I think too, that should you complete the course (the mentioned E books) you will be able to go on to make a little money, although probably not what is offered here. The competition in this field is massive and you need a lot of practice and experience to be taken seriously by potential clients.

So yes, not bad, but not overly great either.

My Final Advice

I want you to be aware, that I have tried many offers and courses over the years. I have been bitten by a few too and lost some money, but it made me realize that to build a successful business online needs many factors to be considered.

Correct training, assistance, strategies and tuition need to be followed and they need to be acted on. If you want to know more about how I built my own online business and you are looking to do the same, I would love to hear from you.

Hit me up in the comments below with any questions or thoughts you have and I will get right back to you.

I hope this review has helped you with the information you needed in regard to this product!

Paid Social Media Jobs Logo

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Paid Social Media Jobs






Power Of Program


Genuine Offer


Ability To Earn Money





  • Simple To Read And Understand
  • Legitimate Offer
  • Low Affordable Price
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • You are Hit With An Upsell
  • Not An All In One Package
  • Tt Is Not Very Thorough
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14 thoughts on “The Paid Social Media Jobs Review”

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. Paid Social Media Jobs seemed like a joke to me probably because I knew very little about it. Your explicit review has brought to light things that were unknown to me and now I have more understanding and ability to choose wisely

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to write your review on the Paid Social Media Jobs program, your review may save some people a lot of hassle not to mention money!

    Your review is thorough and honest and I like how you have split your audience into two, those that have no experience of Social Media and those that do. It seems that the fee of $27 could be well spent for someone who has no experience of Social Media promotion but a waste of time and money for the opposite.

    It would seem to be a legitimate offering, the price isn’t expensive so on the whole it could be of benefit to some.

    Well done,


    • Absolutely Fintan. For those who have a good understanding in place of Social Media networks, i would say there is not much on offer here.

      For those that have no clue about it, then I would say that there is some useful information and some relatively good opportunities to get on the right path!

      Social Media promotion is a big business and to be up there with the best of them and make a good living will require lots of effort and training.

      Thanks for reading and for getting in touch! It is nice to hear from you.


  3. Hey, Your Paid Social Media Jobs Review is awesome for everyone. Here the earnings depends on our own efforts. I found that Paid Social Media Jobs are not a scam in any way. Your detailed review is very helpful for everyone. Now I know how to make money online. I found your first recommendation, It will 100% work for everyone to run their online business. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Parveen. As you have mentioned you found it not to be a scam like I pointed out, I assume you have tried it and made good headway?

      I would love to know more!



  4. Thanks you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business a while ago now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities.

    Here comes your article with something I never thought about, “The Paid Social Media Jobs”. I will definitely consider such jobs to earn extra money. I particularly like your Final Advice “I want you to be aware, that I have tried many offers and courses over the years. I have been bitten by a few too and lost some money, but it made me realize that to build a successful business online needs many factors to be considered”

    I will certainly follow your advise and carry out appropriate training to move forward with my business. It is kind of you sharing this valuable information with us.

  5. Thanks for the review! I have been looking into social marketing and other ways to make money online and this helps to clarify things. I like reading honest reviews that let me know what I am getting into instead of jumping in immediately.

    I have checked out Fiverr and the competition is high.  I am working on building a portfolio on my website so that I am able to establish credibility. I just need to find opportunities that allow a starter up to do this.  I definitely appreciate the information!

    • Your welcome Jennie. Fiverr does have a high competition rate yes and you naturally need to establish a good name as you would in all areas of business to be successful.

      Credibility comes with time and effort and engaging positively with your audience. Keep at it and you will get there for sure.



  6. Hi Chris and thank you for your in depth review. You cover all the pro’s and cons but I think learning Facebook advertising is not so difficult, there is just a target audience setting that you can target who you want but the most difficult is finding a niche and/or a product. If you have these then you already know who is the potential buyer, if someone wants to be successful in online business then he/she should join Wealthy Affiliate program.

    • Hi there and to a point I will agree with you. Of course it is important to have a product or a niche to target people, and yes, you can make your advertising specific, but there is more to it than that!

      It is one thing knowing who your audience is, and another being able to effectively engage with them once you target them. What do you think?

  7. Hello Chris. Thank you for sharing this helpful review of the Paid Social Media Jobs. I think I am skilled in Social Media to some really nice level because I have been using it for a while, even with my YouTube channel. So I think this package will not offer me something new. Thanks for the enlightenment…


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