Things You Need To Know About Starting An Online Business

Whether you are new on the scene or you are a veteran blogger, considerations need to be born in mind and there are
things you need to know about starting an online business.

If you venture onto search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo and do a search for something you are interested in, you will be presented with the best results these engines can find for you. Now, these websites that you are presented with did not get to the top of the listings by luck!

These websites have been thought about, designed well and a lot of effort has been put into them for them to be as good as they are. The people running them behind the scenes have taken their time to ensure they developed a plan and strategy before they started developing out.

As the famous saying goes, to build a house you need to lay the foundations first. Do you agree?

I remember (and I will openly admit) many years ago on my first attempt to build a business online, I failed miserably. Of course the more you do something the better you get at it, but I was missing core elements in my work. The fact I had not taken time to really understand crucial aspects of what an online business involved before starting out was a huge mistake on my part.

Are you looking to build your own business online? Have you thought about what it entails before you go jumping in with excitement? Please read on as I want to highlight some very important aspects of what you need to be looking into before you start off.

Being armed with this knowledge will get you moving in a positive direction without making the mistakes I made and having to start again.

So let’s work through these areas’s step by step!

Education For Starting An Online Business

Choosing A Niche

When you build your own online business it is always advisable to base it upon a niche (or subject) that you are familiar with and something which you enjoy. There are millions of websites out there spanning thousands of niches so you will understand from here that you can build your website or blog based on anything you like.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to get involved with something they know little about and have no interest in simply because they deem it profitable. Do not do this. Niches are only profitable if you put in the time and effort to make them successful. If you do not like something, you will find you will put very little effort in and you will soon become disinterested.

This is a huge and important step. So much so I dedicated a full post based on this subject. Make sure you read the information here on How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche.

Select A Domain Name

The correct domain name for your online business is also a very important aspect to consider. You want to put some thought into this and you want it to be right. Do not jump in blind and with little in the way of planning.

Once again, this is a crucial step and I have a piece of content covering this in more detail. Visit the How To Find A Domain Name For A Website post for a full briefing.

When selecting a domain name you need to think simple yet be creative and always try and capture the .com as opposed to the other TLD’s (Top Level Domains) such as .net and/or .org.

Please Note

Once you purchase a domain name you cannot change it. Should you not like it later and want to use a different domain name, you would need to purchase another domain and transfer your existing work across. This can cause unwanted delays and a headache.

You can always use a free domain should you choose to. This way when you purchase your chosen domain name later, you can simply move your current information with ease. You can check out the university platform I use which will offer you this service complete with hosting.

Select A Theme For Your Business Website

Choose A Suitable Theme For Your Website

All websites have a theme and this depicts the way the information looks to someone visiting. This website has a theme and you too can choose your own.

Sometimes this needs a little luck and some knowledge of themes is needed to know how to get what it is you want, but at this stage you do not need to dwell on it too much. Themes can be changed later down the line.

For starting out, just try and select one that suits what you are doing. Once again, if you check where I built my site in the university, you will be entitled to free themes with the starter package. Later you are welcome to select themes from the premium package should you wish too.

So look at it this way, should you wish to set up a free website, with a domain name, free hosting and use of a theme then you can do so with no initial cost. All of the training is also provided for you to get up and running. Click here for further information and access to the university.

Constructing Killer Content

These days, high quality content is a huge factor when it comes to finding success. If you are starting out and looking to build your own website or blog, know in advance that you are going to be creating content.

Nobody is asking you to be a professional writer here. You do not need to be a Shakespeare or a Dickens. You do need to be able to communicate though and you have to be confident in putting your message across to potential visitors that come to your website.

People go online because they are looking for something. They want information, they need advice or they want to clarify something. Often people are coming because they are looking to make a purchase and want further information.

You need to be ready to provide this information within your chosen niche and you must be at the ready to help those that need it.

Without good quality relevant content, you will not achieve very much online!

You Must Write Killer Content

Formulate A Plan

Building a business needs planning whether it is online or not. It is important that you have a schedule and you know what it is you want to achieve and when.

Personally i have my diary filled out one month in advance and I know what I need to be doing on a daily basis in order to reach my targets. This does not mean you need to be sat in front of your computer 12 hours a day, however you do need to be able to set time aside to work on your business.

I know when I need to write content, I know the times I need to address social media, I know when I have time set aside to deal with layout and presentation of my website and I know when I have classes/tuition to partake in.

As you develop, you will see and understand the jobs that need to be completed. Keep yourself in order and ensure your tasks are taken care of on a monthly basis (or weekly if you prefer).

You Are Nothing Without Your Visitors

Always ensure you have time to deal with your readers thoughts and questions. Be ready to engage with them and help as much as you can.

Too many people build websites not understanding that without visitors, they are worth nothing. If you think you can simply build a website, sit back and relax while the money rolls in, forget it.

You need to be ready to work at it and dealing with your potential customers is of paramount importance.

Always have this in your mind. You are creating your website and online business for real people that are going to read what you have to say! You are not writing for robots!

Be Ready To Help Your Customers

Be Patient

For some reason, when people hear about building a business online they are under the assumption it is free and easy.

‘I will build a website for nothing, do very little work and then sit there waiting for lots of money. If I do not get any money in 1 or 2 weeks then it must be a scam!’


Know from the start that building an online business takes time and a lot of effort. On top of all that you need to have patience! It is not as straight forward as many think and for that reason there is a high level of failure. It is sad, but people fail because they cannot be bothered to put the effort in and/or they want success NOW!!

Well I’ll tell you what, go and open a store in your local mall and see how much time that takes and get ready to dig deep into your pockets to cover the expenses. Let me know how you get on!!

Patience is a virtue here. Put the work in, follow your plan, do your courses and tuition packages and never give up. You will get there.

Be Ready To Spend A Little

Another problem that people have understanding the concept of building an online business is having to spend a little money. Once again, this is a reason for failure and a reason a lot of people never even try to start.

If I was to say that you can have your own successful business in a shop and it will cost you only $80 or $90 per month all in, would you take it? Probably yes, it isLearn All the Skills Needed To Run An Online Business

quite cheap I think and a damn good offer.

If I was to say you can build your own online business with all of the tuition included, website tools, again all in? People then say WHAT?? 80$, that is a little expensive! In reality though a high street shop costs thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) to get set up, an online business does not!

It all depends on what you want to achieve here. Personally I see $80 or $90 cheap because I have put in the effort which sees my money return. Nothing in life that is worth anything at all is completely free.

Setting up an online business is actually very cheap when you look at the expenses needed (and I understand people’s financial difficulties, I have been there too) but please know in advance if you want to be a success online, you will need to spend a little money!

If you see my post on ‘is there a way to make money online for free?‘ you will get the full picture.


I hope this post clarifies some issues that you may be having about getting started online. There are a few home truths here when it comes to spending a little money and the effort needed to be successful and this is just the way that it is.

Having your own domain name is important, tuition is important and tools are crucial for you to build a business. Yes you can start for free to see if you think it is for you and there are good offers out there, but in the long run you will need to invest in a good strategy, the correct tools and tuition and be ready to put the work in if you want to be successful.

My Final Advice

Setting up your own online business is not actually that hard. It is a lot less complicated than a lot of people think.

With the correct tuition and instructors, the help at hand along with the required tools you can have the success you want.

You just have to want it enough.

For those that really want to do it, they will have the courage to try and be willing to put in the effort. If you are serious, come and read more on the university I attended to learn all the skills needed to become successful on the internet.

Of course if you have any questions on this information (or any other area’s for that matter) just let me know in the comments below and I will get right back to you.

click for step by step tuition and create your own online business

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12 thoughts on “Things You Need To Know About Starting An Online Business”

  1. Great article. I really like how you explained building your business online. My first website was also unsuccessful because I chose a niche that I didn’t know much about and wasn’t something I was very interested in and had nothing to share with my readers. My other website is still being built, and I enjoy watching it grow slowly, with more and more visitors getting more money each month. It’s great that you offer a tutorial because every step is vital if you want to have successful online businesses.

  2. Thank you for this great post about starting an online business. I agree with patience when someone decides to start an online business. It actually took me four months to start earning some money online. On the point of content, any blog site is nothing without unique high quality and well written content. Also, consistency is another point.

  3. Thanks to the detailed job description on the internet. I have noticed that it is very difficult to choose a domain name and when I create a blog I am not sure if it will be accepted by people. Looks like talent is everywhere important in every business. If you aren’t created for something you can’t do it.

    • You need to be aware of important aspects before diving in. Many people think they cannot do something online, but with correct training and a positive attitude I think more people can do it than they may think.

      Like yourself, you struggle to find domain names that you think will be accepted by readers. If you look around though, there is a lot of good advice and tuition on this subject matter that will iron out any problems you are having.

      On this website alone I have spoken about domain names and how to get the best out of them!

      Hope it helps you!


  4. Hello Chris, Thank you for writing on Things You Need To Know About Starting An Online Business. I learned a lot of things from your awesome guide on starting an online business. Now I understand it is not hard to start but we must have patience to grow it step by step. It require our efforts to write quality content. I understand content is the key to success in online business. I will go with your top recommendation.  

  5. Amazing! This is an awesome article and a complete guide I need to follow strictly even as I am preparing to build my website. I had a domain name before now but I am considering changing it. I want to get another one that is shorter and easy to type and even print on surfaces for local advertisement.

    I’m considering the MMO (Make Money Online) Niche because I have some knowledge about it and of course that’s what I have been researching for years while I have been looking for ways to make money online.

    Thanks for sharing this useful content.

  6. Hi Chris – Great post on starting an online business.  It is very thorough, straight forward, and easy to follow.  Your links are well placed and very helpful.  Since I am with Wealthy Affiliate already, I can concur with all you wrote about.  I am a newbie since March and have been working on quality content that has been indexed with Google but not ranking higher than 35 at present.  I would like to get involved in social media as one of your pages suggested.  Can you inform me of a source on how to get started?  I’m completely green on the subject.

    Thanks for the opportunity to view your post and Happy New Year!

    • Hey Nathaniel and yes I am happy to help you out on this.

      As you are already a member of the WA University, you will have access to all of the live training modules and replays.

      If you check out the broadcast entitled Social Media Breakdown within the WA platform you will find this a good place to get started.

      Hope it helps you and let me know if you need anything else.



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