Top Reasons People Fail To Make Money Online

Why is it some people can generate huge success stories on the internet yet others really struggle and get nowhere at all? What are the top reasons people fail to make money online despite giving what they think are their best efforts?

Where do you fall on this? Have you built your own online business and now reaping the rewards for your hard work or are you struggling to make headway? Have you even tried at all?

There are rules to follow when it comes to developing your own website or blog and very often people can lose sight of what is actually needed to generate something worthwhile.

Here I want to talk to you about the reasons people do not make the cut on the world wide web and I hope it will serve as a good reference for you should you be thinking of tackling your own online adventure.

A lot of the reasons which cause people to fail actually comes down to personalities and not necessarily their abilities to do what is needed. Technical and educational attributes can be addressed but someone’s character to actually complete the project can be another story.

So, let’s get started!

Have Patience - Top Reasons People Fail To Make Money Online

Having Insufficient Patience

Whatever people’s reasons can be, there are many that simply do not have the patience to see the job through. There seems to be a myth online and if an idea or business venture is not successful in a matter of weeks then it is all a scam! They want their website or blog built as fast as possible and they expect to see it in the first position in the rankings in a very limited amount of time.

After a month or two (sometimes three) people get fed up as little is happening and they throw in the towel feeling they have been conned somehow!

The problem here is, there are many offers on the internet (some of them good and some of them not) and they proclaim to offer huge money making opportunities within a short period. A lot of the time these do not work and take it from me, if you are working towards something legitimate then it will take time and effort.

There are aspects to online business that need to be learned and put into action. Genuine courses are there to help and guide you but you have to be willing to follow them. You do not start a college or university course one day and expect to take your certificate the following week do you? Well working and building a business online is no different. You need to study and apply the techniques that you learn and over time you will develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.

Not having enough patience is one of the top reasons people fail and stop trying. I have seen many with really good websites and abilities, yet lack of patience has led them to throw it all away despite being so close to really doing something special.

Patience really is a virtue.

Suffering a Knock Back

If you are just starting off with your online journey it is important to know something. Your first idea, your first website or blog and your first effort may amount to nothing. Hey, this is OK and it should not be a reason for you to give up.

If I am honest with you, I have built a few websites over the years which did nothing for me at all. It happens trust me, but a knock back such as this should not throw you off course and prevent you from trying again!

In the beginning, you have to allow yourself time to learn. Developing an online business is a learning curve after all and you will make mistakes. I have beenDeal With Knock Backs - Top Reasons People Fail To Make Money Online

there. I remember working on one project some years ago and I simply could not make headway. I was not getting rankings, I was not getting visitors and I felt it was all a waste of time.

I remember contacting my coach and owner of the university I was using online to undertake my studies and he said to me:

‘Hey Chris, this one just isn’t working. I do not know the reasons why but if you want my opinion your work is very good. I recommend you use the skills and abilities you have acquired and start something else from fresh.’

Now, after all the work, time and effort I had put into it, I wanted to cry. It was deflated and a real kick in the guts. I deleted the website in anger and spent a few days trying to figure out if I was really cut out for this online game!

Once I calmed myself down and started to see straight again, I understood my abilities. I was very knowledgeable when it came to developing websites and I guess I was just unlucky the first time around. I had made mistakes and understood that should I start again I would not repeat these mistakes.

This was the moment I knew I had to keep trying. I could have equally quit that day but this is not my character.

Just because you get a knock back and fail the first time, consider it a learning curve. Dust yourself off, dry your eyes and try again. At the end of the day, the easiest thing to do is quit, anyone can do that!!

It is not so often people hit the jackpot on the first effort so knuckle down and keep at it.

Lack Of Focus

Another reason people go off course is not committing to one project. I know in the beginning that building a new website is exciting. There are hopes and dreams and you cannot wait to get going every day, I know that is how I felt at least.

As a few weeks pass though, and you are still waiting to see any kind of results the mind starts to wonder. It is not uncommon for people to start browsing the internet looking for reasons as to why things are moving slowly and they get taken in by other opportunities.

Rather than keeping focus on the one project they start to take on extra dreams and hopes, thus not committing themselves in the direction they need to go.

Before it is realized people have 3 and 4 ideas on the go and fail to give adequate time and effort to any of them. From there, things move even more slowly, the frustration sets in and eventually this leads to a lack of patience as already discussed.

Stay focused on one online venture and do not be tempted to start biting off more than you can chew. If you shift focus and take on other projects this will really hinder your progress.

Once you have a website up and running and it is doing well, then by all means look at other areas – but not before.

Stay Focused - Top Reasons People Fail To Make Money Online
Stay Focused

Not Utilizing A Tuition Platform

Nobody is born an expert at anything. Do you agree with me? This is the reason when we are young we are encouraged to go to school. We need to learn skills that will take us forward in life. People need to learn Mathematics, Languages and other subjects and as we continue into adulthood we hopefully possess a certain level of education.

Finding and training to do a job is no different. If you start a new job, more often that not there is someone there on your first day to show you what you need to do. If you join the military you need to be trained, if you want to be a doctor you need to study.

Nobody is born an expert at anything and anyone that tells you so is a liar. Of course people are born with different abilities but that is not the point I am making here.

Learning to build an online business is no different. You need to learn what it is you need to be doing in order to be successful. If you attempt to go it alone with little in the way of knowledge then you will more than likely fail or have a damn tough time seeing it through.

Choosing a good training platform is essential and it is vital you follow the tuition packages offered and ask for help when you need it. This website I have built is the result of learning what to do and applying the skills I have been taught.

You see, with time and effort it is possible. I too could have said ‘I can’t be bothered’ and called it all a scam if I wanted to – but I didn’t.

Selecting a solid tuition package and platform is essential to making good headway, trust me.

An Incorrect Frame Of Mind

When it comes to building your own online business (or a standard brick and mortar business to be honest) you need to have a positive attitude and dedicate yourself to achieving what you want to achieve.

Like anything in life, there are ups and downs, good days and bad days but you need to be ready and willing to power through. If you let upsets get the better of you then you will not succeed.

As one of my teachers always used to say to me, there are no problems, only solutions. I guess I was brought up and educated in this way. If I ever had an issue or a problem that was fine, but come and discuss it along with an idea or suggestion to fix it.

Staying positive and having a good frame of mind will go along way on your road to success. If you want something badly enough you will go out and get it and problems along the way will just allow you to become better as you solve them and move on.

Failing To Follow A Schedule

I know we all have lives. There are things that need to be taken care of on a daily basis and we all have to go about our routines. There are jobs to go to, shopping to do, cleaning to fight through, maybe you have children and possibly you have health issues. These are just some examples of course and they can be listed in their thousands.

The important point I want to make here is, you need to try and follow a schedule to operate a good business. Of course you should try and follow a schedule that is suitable for you and stick to it as best as you can.

Maybe you can only manage 1 hour each day? Fine, but stick to it. Have a diary and list what needs to be done and try to complete the tasks set out. If you need to write content then do only that. If you need to reply to visitors comments, do that.

One of the problems I see, is people swamp themselves and they lose direction of where they are heading. A lot of the time people come and sit at their computer with no idea of what they need to do that day!

Follow A Schedule - Top Reasons People Fail To Make Money Online
Follow A Schedule

Having a set program will allow you to work far more efficiently and you will feel better too. There is nothing worse than trying to build your website and online business with no plan! If you work blind you will find yourself going off on tangents and actually achieving very little.

Listening To Bad Vibes And Opinions

Very often people can be influenced negatively by others who have no idea what they are talking about. If you want something badly enough then you should not be worrying about what others think! Let’s face it, no matter where you stand in the world there is always someone only a few meters away who is an expert at everything and think they know better.

I will be honest, when I started working online I dedicated a lot of time to it (and I mean a lot). Friends were calling me to go out and I made my excuses. My Father even called me a recluse and got angry as I was always at the computer and locked away in my bedroom working.

Should I have listened to them, they would have deterred me from what I wanted to achieve. Now, my Father is envious and if I do choose to go out and drink a beer with my friends, I can do it without worrying about finances and I do not have to get my ass out of bed to go to a rubbish job the next day like they do. Who wins?

Do not let people influence your decision to achieve and go out there and get what you want. Building your own online business will free up your life later and for the better. Put in the effort and it will be worth it in the end – again, trust me!


Doing something for yourself online takes patience, dedication and a lot of effort. If you can address the points I have made here you will be well on your way.

Do your training, follow a plan and be committed in what you are doing and do not allow yourself to become sidetracked. Stay focused and have your goals and be ready to work towards them. A half effort will not cut the mustard.

You do not need to be a wizard or a computer geek to find success online. Just believe in yourself and you will get there.

My Final Advice

Having a solid training package, assistance and support is vital however this alone though is not enough. You need to be ready to take action. You can learn as much as there is to learn but if you do not take action and put things into practice all of your education will be in vain.

Come and see where I learned how to build a successful business online. Hit the button below for more information and as always, if you need anything or you have any questions just let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

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  1. I absolutely agree with everything you’ve written here. My first attempts at making money online with a website failed for these very reasons. Without a good solid training programme to follow, I became disheartened too quickly and gave up.

    Since joining Wealthy Affiliate ten months ago things have been very different: I’ve persevered with it and my site is now making a small but growing income. Good article, thanks for sharing.


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