What Are Black Hat SEO Tactics?

If you are new to the online world you may have come across the term Black Hat SEO! Of course if you are experienced at website construction and blogging you will have most definitely heard of it. Do you know what it means and the tactics used to implement it? What Are Black Hat SEO Tactics anyway and why would you want to consider using them in the first place?

Well in short, you would not want to use them and in this post I will be explaining the tactics used to carry it out and how they can actually harm your efforts to become successful online.

I strongly recommend you absorb the information here, as if you are considering shortcuts and ways to beat the system through frustration and waiting for rankings, this will highlight the penalty you will pay!

What Is Black Hat SEO?

The term Black Hat SEO is used for tactics and practices which are implemented to try and manipulate the search engines in order to achieve better rankings and traffic for a website or blog. Unlike White Hat SEO techniques, these are deliberately in place to sidestep the guidelines given to us all by the search engines.

If you remember many years ago, the online world was very different to what it is today and it was not uncommon to find websites at the top of the listings (Search Engine Result Pages or SERPS) which offered little to no value. There was nothing in the way of quality being presented to users and this was the result of people using Black Hat techniques to achieve these rankings.

Thankfully and as time has gone by, these tactics have been addressed and it is now a lot more of a challenge to get a website or blog ranked high in the search engines. Nowadays you need to present quality if you want to achieve success but unfortunately these Black Hat Pushers are still out there trying their best to con the system.

Why People Fall For Black Hat SEO Offers

When people are first starting out, there is a strong will to do well. People want to achieve online but as they progress they find it is not as easy as they first thought.

To build a successful business website and/or blog in these modern times takes effort and time. Unfortunately a lot of people do not have patience and after a few months frustration sets in and they get hacked off because little is happening to reward them for their efforts.

Avoid Black hat SEO - What Are Black Hat SEO Tactics
Avoid Black Hat SEO

The next step is to start to search for reasons why they are not doing so well and this is when they find themselves confronted with offers to help. These offers come in the form of so called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts that claim they can achieve great rankings for you at a cost. Tempting right?

Well yes it is, but underneath the surface techniques are being used to purposely try and cheat the system and violate the guidelines of good SEO. Of course there are legitimate offers out there but a lot of them are there simply to take your money! Should you select an offer that is not as transparent as it appears, you will lose your hard-earned cash and risk killing your website too.

Black Hat SEO Is An Old School Tactic

While you will always have those that want to try and manipulate the search engines to achieve results, it is important to know that technology has caught up with them. Actually, Black Hat SEO is a thing of the past even though there are some that choose to continue trying to get away with it. Very often though, the results are short-lived.

It is essential you understand that Empires such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have really tightened the noose on these tactics and the technology in place soon weeds out the rubble. If you go down the road of trying to cheat and stray away from the guidelines put in place, you will effectively destroy your website and you will lose the chance to ever be successful. Do you still think it is worth it? I don’t personally!

What To Look Out For!!

There are many of you reading this that may not even know what these tactics are. How will you know what to avoid and how can you distinguish if a technique is Black Hat or not?

Here I want to go over the common practices of Black Hat SEO and what you should be looking to avoid.Avoid The Tempation - What Are Black Hat SEO Tactics

  • Duplicate Content (Plagiarism)
  • Spinning Content (Automatic Spinning/Content Constructor Software)
  • Buying Back Links
  • Link Farms
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Spamming
  • Doorway Pages

Duplicate Content

Plagiarism is to be avoided at all costs. Simply going to other peoples websites or taking material directly from another source and putting it on your own website or blog is frowned upn. It is a Black Hat technique and you will be penalized for it. Always ensure your content is original and of your own making.

Spinning Content/Content Automation

This is another technique used and in my opinion it is for people that are either lazy or do not have time to write their own material. Reusing content and spinning it into something else or using constructor software will see you getting penalized. I have given an example of a content constructor software here so you can read more on what to look out for. Once again, always put in the effort to come up with your own unique quality content and do not take these short cuts.

Buying Back Links & Link Farms

This is a very common tactic and one that needs to be avoided. If you see my post on SEO Backlinks you can learn more. In the old days it was important to obtain backlinks and the more you had pointing back to your site the better. People were going out and buying them in their thousands and rising to the top of the rankings because of it.

Link Farms were also offering these backlinks and all involved were building backlinks between themselves.

Nowadays, it is important to have backlinks but they need to be of quality. There is no sense in having ten thousand backlinks pointing to your website from low quality and non relevant sources. They will offer you no value and the search engines will know what you are trying to do. You will get banned, so do not do it.

Very often people are still tempted by these offers but please trust me, avoid them at all cost. i have done it myself during my early years and online ventures and I know the consequences.

Keyword Stuffing

This is another subject I touched on in my post about how to get a higher ranking on Google. I have seen it millions of times and it is still common today for people to ram their keywords they want to rank for into their content. Very often the keywords are stuffed in so consistently that the content is irritating to read and it actually doesn’t make any sense.

Please, target one keyword for each post and write naturally. Ramming your chosen keywords into your content at every opportunity is a Black Hat SEO technique and you will be penalized. Do not do it.


This is another one that people seem to love to do. How often are you on your social media accounts and some idiot you have never heard of before throws a link in your face to go and check something out. More often than not it is a complete pile of garbage too. Irritating as hell do you agree?

If you start throwing links back to your website across different platforms at random you will get picked up on.

It is also common for people to browse the internet and find other websites/blogs and leave comments on them with a link back to their own website. Sometimes these websites are not even relevant to the work they are doing themselves and the comment they leave is little to do with any other content either.

Again, you will be spotted. It is another Black Hat tactic and you will get kicked for it.

Do Not Create Spam - What Are Black Hat SEO Tactics

Doorway Pages

This tactic is used to send readers to different places when they are not expecting it. Very often in the past websites had been optimized and ranked for certain keywords and a user that comes to this site is then diverted off somewhere else without prior knowledge. These are also known as Bridge Pages.

Once more, this is a Black Hat tactic and should be avoided. The search engines have been really hitting out to defeat this one.

Of course there are many more and to list them all here would be insane. These I have mentioned are some of the most common and ones to be on the lookout for.

avoid black hat seo and create a legitimate online business here

Avoid Black Hat SEO At All Cost

If you have been considering utilizing Black Hat SEO I hope this post has deterred you somewhat. Like I say, there are still operators out there making money using this tactic but believe me, they will not last long.

There will always be those out there that try to cheat the system and although you may have some results in the early days, you will soon be tracked down and stamped on. If you are thinking of being a smart ass, then don’t 🙂 Eventually you will be caught and face the consequences.

The search engines are very robust these days and any results you obtain will only be temporary. it is not worth the risk!

Follow The Rules

If you are serious about running a business online then be serious with your practices.

Building an online business takes time, effort and patience. It will not happen overnight but the hard work you put in now will pay off down the road. Follow the correct SEO guidelines, stay on track and do not be temped with these so called beneficial offers.

I know the temptation can be there when you are putting so much work in and little is coming back, but it will if you keep at it. A surefire way to destroy all of your chances to succeed will be by using Black Hat SEO!

My Final Advice

If you want to know more about how to get a successful business up and running by using all of the techniques laid out in the official guidelines then please let me know. Come and get your free website, hosting and legitimate SEO training and learn how to be successful by following the rules. It is far better to do things correctly from the start and learn the genuine strategies needed to be successful!

The platform I use is a step by step training and educational university that will ensure you stay on the right path to success.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or thoughts and will happily get back to you.

avoid black hat seo and create a legitimate online business here

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6 thoughts on “What Are Black Hat SEO Tactics?”

  1. Chris – Thank you for this informative post about Black Hat SEO. I have been searching for the best way to start a website and I am aware there is a lot to learn. I was somewhat concerned about certain rules and regulations and sometimes it is impossible to find out what is the right and wrong way to approach things.

    I finally feel at ease now that I have come across your site and am ready to pull the trigger. 

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Chris! This has been a very useful post. I had obviously heard the term black hat SEO but I hadn’t gotten acquainted with the things done in it! Yes, I have avoided that type of thing up until this day. It’s good to be able to recognize them when somebody comes along offering these things.

    I went to a site that showed my page rank a few days ago and among the ads on the site was an offer for backlinks from sites with 4-7 of page rank. I’ve discovered today that’s called black hat.

    • Yes, never purchase links Ann. More often than not you will be taking a risk! Although links back to your site are an important factor when it comes to rankings, they should be acquired naturally.

      If you go out purchasing cheap and useless backlinks in the hope they will see you rise through the ranks, eventually you will pay the price as many have done in the past.

      Thanks for reading.


  3. Hi Chris! This has been a very useful post. Yes, I have avoided that type of thing up until this day. It’s good to be able to recognize them when somebody comes along offering these things. I was somewhat concerned about certain rules and regulations and sometimes it is impossible to find out what is the right and wrong way to approach things.

    • Absolutely Lalita.

      Sometimes offers are really tempting and if you do not do your research it can lead to costly mistakes. You will find many of these offers especially when it comes to offering back linking services.

      Be aware of them and always dig deeper before making decisions.




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