What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About?

If you have been considering (or have already got to the research stage) of building an online business then you may have heard of funnels. Funnels are a means of capturing an audience and then turning them into customers (in a nutshell) but you really need to know what you are doing.

Funnels are a great tool to have in your arsenal and there are reputable companies (and some not) which will offer you the chance to get into it properly. One is called The One Funnel Away Challenge also known as the OFA Challenge and the 30 Day Challenge – have you heard of it? What is the one funnel away challenge about exactly and what can it do for you?

If you are interested in becoming successful online then please read on as this program can really carve out a direction and get you moving off to a good start.

Here I will tell you how you can get started and get into the training which will potentially provide you with a full time income.

One Funnel Away Challenge (AKA The OFA Challenge And The 30 Day Challenge)

  • Product Name : The One Way Funnel ChallengeWhat Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - The 30 Day Challenge
  • Product Owner : Russel Brunson
  • Product Price : $100
  • My Overall Score : 10/10


This course is provided for you to follow and should you do so (step by step) it will lead you to building your first funnel over a 30-day period. The course is created and coached by Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian. You will also find that Russell Brunson is the Co-Founder of this product and he is a very reputable name within his field and online.

Over the 30 days you will be taught by Russell, Stephen and Julie on the strategy of funnels and how they work. You will learn then how to apply the training and put things into practice to start building your own funnel. The initial week takes the time to get you into the correct frame of mind so you are ready to undertake the 30-day tuition with confidence.

Once you are signed up and committed to doing this program, you will be given the tasks to do every day for 30 days via your email that you provide. You will be guided by the hand and shown exactly what to do in order to get your funnel up and running, attract visitors, turn them into customers and generate revenue.

Within the modules you are sent, you will also find training videos which will give you an ‘over the shoulder’ view so you do not miss out on anything. Be sure to follow all of the daily tasks which are sent to you and in order. Complete all of the training each day as you will find it all builds the pieces together in an organized format. You will also be given some homework to do which will solidify your knowledge.

You will also be able to join in live group calls held by Stephen where you will find his motivational approach and expertise more than helpful. The community is also there and you can communicate with other people undertaking the challenge too. This is a great way to get involved and you can really encourage one another during the challenge.


Russell Brunson is your Strategist. He explains the how’s and the why’s.

Julie Stoian is your Training Instructor. She will teach you to apply the strategies taught by Russell.

Stephen Larsen is your Coach. He will keep you in check and keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.

More information below on The Training Staff!

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - 100 Bucks

Who Is The 30 Day Challenge For?

I want to be honest with you here and ask you a couple of questions too.

If you are looking to build a business online, work from home and earn a decent living then you need to put in the effort to get your rewards. Like anything that is worth anything, it takes dedication, effort, commitment and yes, you need to invest something.

The one thing that is all too common is people asking how they can achieve everything they want with absolutely no effort and for free.

Well, nothing is free in this life and the things you have or want, you need to work for. This of course is unless you are born into wealth and security. Let’s face it though, if you were loaded with money and had everything you wanted I am pretty sure you would not be here or cruising the internet looking how to make some money online. Am I right?

So, are you committed and willing to put in the effort to make the challenge successful?

Are you able and willing to dedicate 1 hour (and a little more) of your time every day?

Are you willing to invest the $100 to pay for the training, tuition and access the tools?

If you answer YES to all of these questions then you are more than ready to get started.

If NO then you can leave, no hard feelings.

Pros & Cons

It is always important from my point of view to be completely open and honest. No matter what you look for when it comes to building an online business there are ups and downs, goods and bads.

Although personally I found this program to be really worth it, there are a couple of points I would like to make you aware of. Here are my pros and cons.


  • Relatively Small Investment Of $100 To Get Started
  • Step By Step Tuition Sent To Your Inbox Each Day For The Challenge Duration
  • Over The Shoulder Training Videos
  • Community Available Where You Can Find And Offer Assistance
  • Personal Coaching
  • Option To Receive The Challenge Kit (More On This Below)
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Although not explained in full on the general sales page, you may need more than just one funnel to make the amount of money you actually want. On saying that, if you can make one successful funnel, you can do it again for a second, third or one hundredth time. As many as you like to be comfortable. Just something you need to be aware of, but not really a downside to the program. The training and tools work!

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - 30 Day Challenge Kit

The 30 Day One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

This is one of the best products online for building a business and what I like is the opportunity to actually receive the tuition products in the post in physical form.

I agree that doing things online has mainly become automated where you receive literature in E-Book format and so forth. While this is great and certainly a time saver, there is nothing like having the actual materials in your hand.

While you can pay the $100 straight and do this course from start to finish, you can also opt to pay $20 more (or $30 for international shipping) and you can have the actual products delivered to your door. More on this in a while.

So, what is included in the One Funnel Away Challenge Kit?

Let me walk you through it so you know exactly what you will be getting.

The 30 Days Hardback Book

What would you do if you suddenly lost everything? This book explains how you could start a business from Day 1 to Day 30 if you were suddenly to lose everything. Packed with 550 pages this is a real eye-opener and what you should read from back to front.

MP3 Player

Of course an MP3 player is an MP3 player. Some are great and some are cheap and cheerful. While the MP3 player you receive may not be top of the market, it is certainly adequate and user-friendly. It comes pre-installed with all the audio files you need with the training from Russell Brunson and Stephen Larsen. These will accompany the course challenge workbook and it is great for those of you that need to be on the move.

Over all there are 40 hours of audio tuition spread over 51 Recordings.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - Challenge MP3 Player

The Challenge Workbook

This is exactly what it says, This workbook will keep you organized and focused and it runs inline with the 30 Days training. You will also find included check sheets so you can mark off your progress so you do not miss anything out. This book is spiral bound and is an excellent accompaniment for the modules you need to digest.

You will also find all the resource and video links you need included so you can locate the training easily. There is also a brainstorming area within the book where you can bash your ideas around and get the best out of the training and exercises.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - 30 Day Challenge Workbook

More On The Training Staff And Coaches

Russell Brunson

Russell is taken pretty seriously when it comes to working online, creating funnels and affiliate marketing. Over the years he has made a name for himself as a reputable source of quality information and tuition.What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - Russell

He is the owner of the software call Clickfunnels which is expanding all the time. The Affiliate Bootcamp is another one of his products which has been taken very seriously by online marketers.

Throughout the 30 Day Challenge you are about to undertake, Russel assumes the role of The Strategist.

All with video tuition, he is going to give you all the groundwork you need so all the elements and fundamentals of the challenge are clear and concise. You will come to understand what you are actually doing and why you are doing it and how it all makes sense when the 30-day period is to be completed.

Julie Stoian

Julie is also taken very seriously when it comes to business. Company owners have taken advantage of her expertise and knowledge in sales and marketing fromWhat Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - Julie

all around the world and she is also the mastermind behind many companies in their business development and strategies.

During the 30 Day Challenge she is going to be your instructor. She is going to take all the strategies taught to you by Russel and show you how to transform them into working funnels and get you moving in the right direction from the beginning.

This is the very reason she is also known as The Transformer.

Stephen Larsen

Stephen plays a very important role for you during the 30-Day Challenge. How often have you been trying to get your head around something, looked for help and never found it?What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - Stephen

During the challenge it is only normal you are going to have questions or need clarity as you move forward. Stephen is going to be there for you all the way and he is you ‘go to’ guy to keep you focused and ensure you get what you need.

Stephen is also known as The Executioner and he is going to ensure you get the job done. With his live group calls you will be able to ask the questions you need and get the answers to keep you moving. He is there to ensure you complete the daily tasks which are presented to you for study and completion.

From start to finish, have peace of mind knowing that he will be there for you every step of the way!

Challenge Pricing

Like I mentioned to you above, to accept this challenge you need to invest something. Nothing in life is free that is worth anything.

To partake in the challenge it will set you back a mere $100. This is for the digital course where you will take part over the 30 days completely online. There is also the Challenge Kit (mentioned above) that you can register for which will cost you just under $20 for postage (or a little under $30 for international posting outside the United States) and you will receive the full kit in the post.

If you choose the digital version only, you pay the $100 and you will not receive the kit.

In all honest it depends on what you like. Some people are happy studying online while others prefer to sit with the actual books. I prefer the latter which is why I chose to receive the challenge kit.

Once you sign up you will get all the training modules and included bonuses which are worth over $3000 if you were to try and get them separately.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - 30 Day Book

Money Back Guarantee

Can you get your money back if you find the course is finally not for you? The answer is YES.

I want to say something on this though if you will permit me to do so. If you are looking to be serious online then you have to expect to lay out a little when it comes to money. Like I said, nothing is free in this life and if it is, it is usually worth very little.

Aside from this, you need to be in a good mindset knowing you are going to give it your best shot and commit to the training. Anyone can purchase this product, then throw a mediocre attempt at it, call it crap and ask for their money back. Just because you ask for you money back doesn’t make something bad. Maybe it just isn’t for you or you simply could not be bothered to take it seriously?

if you give it your best, and follow all of the training which is set out for you, and you apply all of the techniques shown, then I seriously doubt you will be seeking a refund. The course is strong and the tools are there for you to succeed. The rest is up to you.

However, yes you can get a full refund if you are not happy with your purchase within 30 days.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

How many times have you heard me say that nothing in life is free? This is indeed true, but this does not mean you cannot earn your money back right?

What about signing up for the challenge, then earning your money back by promoting the challenge yourself?

The 30 Day Challenge also has an affiliate program that pays you 100% commissions to you. You can also make up to 40% commissions on the other products from ClickFunnels.

Completely free to join, you have the perfect opportunity to get your money back almost straight away. Use your Social Media outlets or if you have your own blog or website why not advertise there? Simply invite a friend to join you on the challenge, and you will earn your money back long before your own challenge and funnel is complete.

My Final Thoughts And Advice

I believe in honesty and I do not like to think I am a person to pull the wool over peoples eyes. I do not want to be thought of that way either.

So my final advice to you is this.

If you are looking to earn a quick dollar and plan to do so with no effort, then leave. If you are not committed to the challenge and you are not willing to put in the effort and take it seriously, then you will fail. It really is as simple as that.

A good mindset, confidence and a damn good effort is what is needed for you to be successful. This does not only apply here, it applies in all areas of your life.

All the tools are provided for you. You simply have to learn and apply the methods shown. The instructors are there to teach and guide you. Follow all of the advice and apply what is taught, and you will do fine.

So, are you ready to take the challenge? I hope so, now let’s do this!

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About - ready to take the challenge get started here

One Funnel Away Challenge




Genuine Offers


Ability To Earn Money



  • Relatively Small Startup Fee
  • Step By Step Tuition
  • Over The Shoulder Coaching
  • Personal Coaching
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • NO Cons - But Effort Needed To Work
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4 thoughts on “What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge About?”

  1. Hey Chris, great review here! I have personally been through the One Funnel Challenge and can say that it is definitely one of the better programs out there, especially for beginners! I also ordered the physical box because of the workbook and other stuff, and am glad that I got it! 

    I also managed to get a funnel at the end of the challenge, so it was really a win-win overall. Hopefully more people would sign up for this challenge because it can really help anyone progress in their online business. Like what Russell always says, you’re just one funnel away!

    • That is great to know Terence. The program really does work if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

      I also took part in the physical challenge so had the items in the box delivered to me. A little extra money well spent and it help me focus more rather than being sat solely at the computer.

      Great to learn of your success sir!



  2. The program was really awesome. Even though you don’t make your money right back, you can apply the strategies you’ll learn and try over and over. 100 bucks for that content is ridiculously low.
    I found it hard to follow though because of the time commitment. but it was really worth it to stick to it.
    great article 🙂


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